Writing Challenge “Darkness”

“In the end, people will not be judged by the darkness they lived in, but by the light they rejected.” Anthony Liccione

This writing challenge is all about… DARKNESS. I decided to continue a short story I posted last week: A box full of darkness
If you’d like to participate, there’s only one rule – write a fiction about darkness. 

x x x

There was something strange about Luxemburg that morning. They all could see me.  People… Deep beneath my mascara and leather sneakers is hiding a ‘black soul’.
Look, a mother dragged her toddler son to her left side. Away from my smile. She thought I was deceived. But I knew the truth. She was taking her child as far away from me as possible. I tried to catch her eyes, to show that I couldn’t be put down, but she avoided it. She used the distance as a shield.

I let her win this battle.
I had bigger lambs to grill.

I was on my way to aunt Jane’s apartment when someone called from the office. They wanted a coroners report – “darn what a stressful past couple weeks, Kape”. I held my jacket and remaining little shards of my self- esteem close to me. I had another flashback to the night. But instead of the dead guy, I saw the face of aunt Jane. Part of her eyes had been eaten. Blood. Marrow. The hair straightened behind my neck. “Am I growing insane?” – I rounded Mrs. Bostocks pet store.

It had been 2 years since I last came to Luxemburg. Today, something was different. Maybe a chilly wind? It caressed my hair and reminded me of when I was the light.
“Hey ma’am. You dropped your book” a husky voice behind me. I had no idea that I had nearly reached the intersection leading to aunt Janes house. “I don’t have any bo…” I began as I turned around to see him. My eyes glimpsed a broken upper tooth and leather jacket. 

Alarm bells.

x x x

I felt a splash of water on my face. “Why did you kill him?” asked the crooked smile. His breath reminded me of warm timber. This time around, I realized that he had a healing facial scar, curling around his lower lip and making his face strong like tea bags. 

It was love at second sight.
He had won my hear…

“Kape, why did you kill him?” his voice thundered again, jolting me back to reality.
“I don’t know, Matt… I don’t know”.

“How did I know his name”, I thought to myself. “He said Kape. He knew my name.”

But I didn’t care. All that mattered to me was the look of pain on his face. I was disappointing my new soul mate. My head dropped and I began to sob – chest heaving to the rhythm of an ancient accordion. Death was twiddling the strings. 

“I hate you bitch,” said Matt before leaving through the dusty door. I looked around the warehouse for the first time. It smelled of mold mixed with frenzy. I pictured having a tea party here.

“I could make his dick whistle a different kind of song”, I thought.  

 I had another flashback to that night. All the images seemed to be rushing into like a horde of demons. I saw the bath full of blood and my own forehead, marked with the number 28.

“It’s time to go see Nick,” Matt said, bursting in. I glanced at my fake Chanel bag – something ain’t right! I said good bye to aunt Jane and left the tea room. 

x x x

Nick and I had been friends for as long as I remember. He had been the model, the ideal – always killing rodents for me. He was also the first to teach me how to kill a ghost. You see, one morning I’d spotted him through a slit in the door. His head was covered with a grey dust, matching the lungs of the girl. I never seen ghosts before. And maybe she wasn’t one. Nick said she had tried to stab him with a shard of bones.

He had to kill her.
To kill a ghost is not a big deal, right?
A ghost is not a human.

Nick was the closest person to me. We shared so many secrets…
He taught me that killing the spirit was the most fulfilling part of killing. Taught me that a death was a waste, if a ghost didn’t shiver in his last moments.

I don’t remember my dad very well. One day he left and just never came back. I was 5 years old. My mum didn’t care. She had been battling with depression even before dad went wayward. I’ve not seen her since Nick died that night.

“So why did you kill him?” asked Matt again.
I paused for what seemed like an eternity.
“I don’t know.”
“Did he shiver?”

to be continued (tomorrow)…

Next post – Writing Challenge “Darkness” part 2 

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  1. Quite sure the ‘Young Adult’ will be the best seller! Stories with the ‘sex’ interwoven will be most popular! Very good ‘Dark’ read today………………..

    • I have no doubt in it…:) about young adult and sex-woven stories.
      About “dark”, thx Kinky…I already scheduled ending for tomorrow.

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