“Writers Block” as a trend or blank page syndrome

There are only 3 reasons why you are experiencing Writer’s Block. Don’t look any further – in this post you’ll find all the answers you need. 

Reason 1. You are Lazy or so called “BUT”

There’re thousands of ideas and opportunities, BUT:

A) you doesn’t have time for any of them, because you stuck at the bar (on the bed, under the car, in the middle of the river, add any appropriate location) with doesn’t-matter-who-is-that-but-you-are-planning-to-blame-him/her-afterwards;
B) writers block is the only way to become a better, more-skilled writer. Or so they say;

Mmmm…who are they, those awesome unknown peeps?

C) you wanna belong to the “we have Writers Block and you should too”-Community;
D) you want something bigger! 10 books? 100? Publishing deal? Freelancing job? No way!!! Only trillions of published books (or bucks?) can satisfy you, because you feel like – I am Fitzgerald or Nothing. If anything goes wrong – you can always blame that “stupid writers block” who, literally, have pushed you from the cliff of becoming-the-best-writer-ever and killed that shiny God-truly-exists career opportunity.
E) ‘whatever’ …you are chilling now. You are in the middle of your personal “Writers Block” and so it will be.

Go away, people! Let it rain! And leave the pages blank!

Reason 2. Tired and Lost

Here’s my very old post ‘The Generation Of Tired’. I’m not going to explain (AGAIN!) why we are tired all the time. Have fun -> it was posted in February 2017

You are a product of this world!

Get a break! Go to Hawaii! Yes, right…this is the name of the nearest kiosk where your neighbor Ted sales the hot dogs 🌭.

Reason 3. Envy

Mr. Ouch Double-Sucks got 345 comments and you, Mr Classics-Kissed-My-Arse-SO-You-Should-Too (I know, I know: too long…too beautiful, but so YOU) – only 12!

Where’s my writers block, ffs??? – your envy is starting to boil. Bring it to me right now, before I’ll become absolutely green! Add vodka and chili!


Keep Calm…Writers Block is on the way!

This is also became some kind of a TREND – to post, to talk or to write (isn’t it funny?) about “writers block”. Seems like everybody is ‘having’ it. Is it contagious?

The typical opinions on the WordPress:

#1 What??? You never had Writers Block? What is wrong with you? Go and Get IT! Yeah, like right now! DO NOT GO BACK TO WordPress without it!

#2 I’m going to blog about Writers Block today. Why? Because then we can discuss it for HOURS: how to destroy Writers Block? what’s the new strategy? the right way to struggle with Writers Block? and how to plan ahead for the next one.
Are you excited about it? Awww, you should be…

#3 I’m in the middle of Writers Block now, guys. Yeah, it feels so-so depressing. But I’m slowly recovering by sharing my blank-journey with the world.

And #4, special one. Mr TooFamous is in the middle of “Writers Block”. Ahh…You never had one of those. Envy is ‘squeaking’ at the bottom of your heart. You make a quick decision: let’s follow the footsteps of the amazing Mr TooFamous and show to the world that you can “block” your own ideas too.

To suffer is a GREAT HONOR. To suffer from Writers Block is almost like getting the Nobel Prize for the best Block-Suffering! 

No doubt, you can DO THAT much much BETTER than Mr TooFamous. And SO you are starting…



What can I say at the end? My wonderful “stuck on the blank page” blogger…

Fighting with what isn’t done yet or suffering from something that doesn’t exist yet – is some kind of madness.

I see…you wanna be mad too. Because it’s the latest trend as well. Rrrright.
And so it spins around. Just like the Earth.


Advice: unless you’re one of those rare folks who always write no matter what, you will experience times in your life when it is impossible to keep to a writing schedule. People get sick, take a second job, kids or parents need extra attention. Instead of feeling like a failed writer, be patient and kind toward yourself until the situation changes. That’s all ✌️😁

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