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Crime comedy 

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Year: 2015
Place: Amsterdam

A detective with a phobia and a clever, obsessed killer clash in a crime comedy involving an influencer’s murder, an annoying journalist, an amorous aging bookseller, and a wealthy couple with a connection to the royal family of the Netherlands.

Nael King, a ruthless young detective, has only one problem: catoptrophobia, or fear of mirrors. The phobia worsened after the death of his younger sister, Remi. He is haunted by memories and panic attacks when an unusual serial killer strikes Amsterdam.

The killer, a person with a troubled past who feels insecure about his face and appearance, chooses his victims randomly. He (or she) tortures them by a crude means of racking, but what surprises the police is not the tortures but the missing eyebrows on the victims’ faces. Nael thinks it bears special meaning to the murderer. Together with his partner, a divorced, direct, unpretentious man of Angolan origin who spends most of his free time with a bottle of rum, he goes on a hunt for the dangerous criminal who holds Amsterdam in constant dread.

Eyebrow Killer is a crime comedy mixing humor with pathos, filled with quirky characters and often hilarious dialogue, leading to an unexpected conclusion that’s not soon forgotten.


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