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Why Bradbury?


If I’d choose a message to introduce myself, it would be: “I HEAR THE FLOWERS TALKING IN THE DAWN” – Amy Lowell 

Ray is me – 9 years of school, 4 years of college, 6 years of university, 3 marriages, 2 dogs, visited more than 50 countries, bad gram english – but “my english is englisher than yours”, my ‘passions’ are changing every year. What else? Pictures or videos I post here are my own (you can see me, my family or friends there). Everybody loves me. Always happy. A guru.

I know you are wondering – why Bradbury?

Here they are, The Reasons:

  1. Bradbury is a master of the written word. (If you want you can call me The Master Ray, I won’t take offense. Haha). Ps. I’m totally OK if you’ll call me Ray.
  2. He wrote every day. He believed that a person should write EVERY SINGLE DAY of his or her life. (Trying to write 3 times a week. I love number 3, so I think I’ll stick to it).
  3. He never learned how to drive a car. (My car is afraid of me too).
  4. One of his books he wrote over a 55 year period. (I’m definitely gonna write longer than 55 years and… beat you, Ray).
  5. Was a strong skeptic of e-books. And internet in general. (I can’t imagine a day without wifi. I’m too attached to unreal life on the other virtual side. Do I need some help? Lol).

So, don’t you see, how similar we are?…Haha.

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