“When an empty person sits on an empty chair, the chair will still remain empty!” M. M. Ildan

Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt for #SoCS
Rules are here: Linda G Hill Blog
The word: empty/hollow 


He wrote to her: 

My life is empty,
Like a broken washtub,
Filled with the rainwater.

Show me, how to face it –
The hollow cold truth,
That ‘no man is an island’.

She wrote back:

The greater your island – the brighter my love to you, darling.
Waiting for the tickets 😻💋💃💅 Is it Ibiza????


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  1. As I was walking down the stair,
    I met a man who wasn’t there.
    He wasn’t there again, today.
    I wish that man would go away…

  2. RNB,

    You merged the melancholic with the hopes and dreams that never really die. And as for the quote . . . it’s perfect!

    Peace and prose

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