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Weekly Teaser

Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation,
and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Someone said that the food of life is MUSIC. But I’m telling you – “The food of LIFE is An Idea”.

My weekly Brain-Teaser for the common week:

(June 11 – June 19):

      • Ayurveda/Mindfulness ‘Pranayama practice’
      • Book Review ‘Sleeping Giants’, Sylvain Neuvel (sci-fi)
      • Book Review 2 in 1: ‘The Children Act’, Ian McEwan + ‘I just want to win’, Ljubomir Vranjes (quite short but interesting books)
      • Psycho – Logical Tale ‘Key Point’
      • The Future Of Genetics – article
      • Book Review ‘Ripples on the Pond’, Sebnem E. Sanders 
      • ATTENTION: The comments on the posts are disabled for the summer, until 1 September. Then it will be re-opened again.

‘Who Am I’ activity: knotty-writing-style, “short stories with a touch of absurd” (sad, comical, or erotical), book-reviews, also mindfulness/ayurvedapoetry, personal ramblings, photography from my travels, adult humor fiction and more.

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Cheers! Stay Happy!

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