Weekly Brainteaser

Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation,
and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Let’s stretch our brain, people! Here is the page dedicated to the new ideas, thoughts, maybe even quotes, comments, photos…because this is what gives us ‘the food’. Someone said that the food of life is MUSIC. But I’m telling you – “The food of LIFE is An Idea”.

My weekly Brain-Teaser for the common week:

(March 19 – March 26 ):

      • Psycho-logical tale “Freedom”
      • Ayurveda/Mindfulness “Healthy Food – Healthy Spirit”
      • “Peak. How all of us can achieve extraordinary things”, Anders Ericsson & Robert Pool. #essay
      • Riga Photo-Session
      • Follow my second blog about Luke Copyright (18+ only): LUKE COPYRIGHT NEW BLOG

“Who Am I’ writing activity: “short stories with a touch of absurd” (sad, comical, or erotical), book-reviews, also mindfulness/ayurvedapoetry, personal ramblings, photography from my travels, adult humor fiction and more.

If you are interested in working together or maybe would like to guest-post with the story, poem, drawing, sketch, caricature on my blog (its free) – please contact me via mail: vickanohlsson@gmail.com

SecondHand Giveaway (sends internationally):

1. “Since we fell” Dennis Lehane
2. “Begging to be black” Antjie Krog
3. “What’s next? Even scientists cant’ predict the future” Jim Al -Khalili
4. “The Satanic Mechanic” Sally Andrew
5. “What you don’t remember” Joann Chaney
6. “Your conscious mind”
7. “You are a Badass” Jen Sincero
8. “Hot Milk” Deborah Levy
9. “Changing my mind” Zade Smith
10. “Wind Pinball” Haruki Murakami
11. “Dark Town” Thomas Mullen
12. “Peak” Anders Ericsson

You can get any book I read and reviewed.
All you have to do: get the book -> read the book -> write your own review or the post/essay/any thougths about this book and link it to any of my posts (notice: not to the page, but to any post)
With the time I’ll add new books to the list. Check once a month. 

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Cheers! Stay Happy!