We deserve better…

Carbon dioxide levels are higher than they’ve been at any point in the last 3.6 million years. We have witnessed a rise of 2.6 ppm from 2020, the most significant increase since they began measuring atmospheric CO2 levels 64 years ago. I believe the whole world is experiencing that change, but we are nowhere close in improving the situation.

This reminds me of the problem with violence. Each year, over 1.6 million people (aged 15-44 years) worldwide lose their lives to violence, especially women. Somewhere in the world, the woman is beaten every two minutes. In Papua New Guinea, it’s happening every 30 seconds. Of course, you are going to ask, “Why should I care about Papua New Guinea?” Because just as with greenhouse gases, we are nowhere yet to improve the situation, while Human Rights has raised this issue for many years.


What does it tell you about our elite, politicians and governments? They don’t care. This is because to care is a long process for them. Let me explain. First, they need a plan of action. After the documents with that ‘perplexing’ plan have been written and accepted, they have to recommend steps for the further urgent motion. This is why they are starting to work on the national plan, to make it work on the ‘higher’ level (how many levels are there, I wonder). The next problem—as always—is to find the money. When the money is in the bank, they must create a specific system to ensure to everyone (and themselves) that the system works. Finally, it’s time to make a committee, then double-check the process and the system as a whole. During that activity, the money is gone. Do you remember how Cher asked in her song?

When the money’s gone
Will you be my friend
Float a small rowboat till our ship comes in
When the winter nights chill us to the soul
Will you feed the fire
Spin the straw to gold
When the money’s gone

The answer is obvious – nope.

Therefore, the only thing left to do is find more money. Then write more papers because it should be well-documented. This way, no one will ever find out what really happened with it or the plans, actions, reports, or recommendations. Life goes on… 

Suddenly, new numbers on the level of carbon dioxide arise, meaning the governments must create new, unique kinds of committees (yo-ho-ho! – which in general also need money). Then they have to meet each other at some point to catch up: “Hey! What’s going on, friends? Is the carbon dioxide is still around because I don’t see it? I mean on a daily basis…”; or to listen about the local problems and carry out a serious/crucial plan with more tough recommendations for the future. 

As you can guess, everything is done as quickly as possible, from 8 am to 5 pm, because it is a paid job and there are rules. The rules mean more paperwork; more paperwork mean more delays; more delays mean more money, more violence, destroyed rainforest, and more greenhouse gases.

Everything is happening, but still, we are nowhere near the result. How, what, and most importantly, when will the government or the world’s elites make any changes. This time is still UNKNOWN!

That tells me a lot about our care, humanity, compassion, love for each other and the Earth. This shows me a lot about our politics, which leads us to a life where these leaders feel confident with no change. The governments that teach us to shrug off the problems which are genuinely “epidemic”!

Andre Malraux once said: “I don’t argue with my enemies; I explain to their children.” The new generation. Let’s hope they are the ones who will bring the long-awaited change to the issues I mentioned above. However, so far, we are screwed.

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