Happy Valentine Story, 18+ “Venus de Milo”

x x x

“I wonder if Shana realized I came home yesterday almost in the morning,” remarked Kif. He was sitting in his best friend, Matt, unkempt living room on one of his ‘drinking’ visits.
“Your wife is legit tired of your ass. I’m sure she knows. You need to get a grip,” replied Matt, stirring his cold beer with his finger before taking a sip.
“Says the man who has naked robots around the house,” scoffed Kif.
“At least I don’t fuckin’ have to worry about my drunk ass keeping someone awake all night in worry,” Matt replied, grabbing the remote-control device. The super bowl was showing on the living room TV. After a pause he continued: “A horny dude is gotta survive, Kif… Remember when you put Billy Graham in the middle of my sex playlist? I’m never gonna forgive you for that shit.”

They both laughed.

“By the way where’s your precious Polly? That’s what she’s called, right?” queried Kif.
“Fuck Polly! I’ve returned her. I got Venus de Milo instead,” answered Matt. He whistled her name, and a hot, angelic looking diva in a long white skirt cat-walked into the living room.
“My goodness! She’s what? F-cup?!” gasped Kif.

“Yep, F-cup. Like I always wanted!” Matt went to the half-naked woman. He tilted robot’s head back and brushed his thumb across her lips. He also sucked on her boob, while winking to his friend. Kif was dazzled with lust and desire. And only then he noticed…

“But why without hands? How’s she gonna take care of cooking and cleaning?”
“I don’t need her hands, Kif.” Matt spanked Venus’ ass, smiling. “BPSC-company, that designed the robot, get remote information about their product. They’ve discovered that all I do is fuckin’ my robots 24/7. I guess Venus de Milo is custom-made for my lifestyle”.
“Way to go! I really envy you man!” said Kif.
“You’re also gonna get a taste of Venus,” answered Matt. A wry smile broke his haze, and he said to Venus. “Turn around. Lift your ass girl, Kif wanna slide his finger up that ancient skirt. Ha ha.”
“Wha…t?” Kif almost spilled his drink. “You want me to fuck your robot here? In your presence? That’s gross, Matt!”
“Relax, just kidding. But I actually need your help. You know how religious my sister, Nancy can be? She’s coming over with her kids this weekend,” Matt moved closer to the sofa again.

“Holy Fuck! What’s the plan?” Kif felt like something in his pants already growing thicker, fuller, longer.
“I want you to take Venus to your home.”
“But I have a wife… What’s Shana gonna say?”
“C’mon. I could even talk to Shana myself. I’m sure she’ll understand”. Said Matt while looking at Venus, who lifted the back of her skirt and opened her legs.

x x x

“You know I’m tired…” Shana spat, as Kif’s hands drifted to her upper thighs for the umpteenth time that night.
“Is something wrong?” Kif pulled the duvet closer to himself and backed his wife. This was his customary defiant move, but Shana didn’t care.

His mind raced to Venus, who lay alone in the darkness. He remembered heaving her into the closet, as her juicy body rubbed on his abdomen, leaving him exhausted. It had been difficult for him to resist looking down her plunging neck lines to see those cute elephant-sized-nipples. He knew he wanted nothing more than to pull his jeans off and spread Venus’ body on the table top.

Kif’s hand gripped the duvet harder as his ‘hunger’ throbbed with longing. Shana was asleep, slightly snoring. His desire seemed to have a mind of its own, and soon he was being led by his stiffened 17-inch rod (or so he thought), toward the dusty closet.

Within minutes of a careful tip toe, Kif was at the door. He bent in an attempt to quietly switch Venus on, when he seemed to hear a shuffling sound.

“Don’t even dare to touch it!” Shana stood behind him, still in her pajamas, with a whip in her hand.

Kif froze.

“Touch what? Shit, how did I get here? I must’ve been sleepwalking,” he replied.
“You’re a pig, Kif. You know I can’t have sex tonight because I’m going to your friend’s house early in the morning, to help prepare the meals against his sisters arrival. Go to bed!” Shana commanded.
“Okay. I’ll just check to make sure I switched her off…”
“Go to bed this minute!!!!” shouted his wife. 

x x x

Kif woke up feeling excited. He knew why. It was a sick and twisted reason. Shana would be leaving the house soon. Hurrah! He just might finally get a chance with Venus. In truth, the armless robot had never left his thoughts, and he spent most of his night aching with longing, aware that Shana would kill him if she ever saw him near the closet again.

When Shana left he hurried to the closet. Venus’ F-cup looked even better in sunlight. Her skirt fell, invitingly exposing a lovely pink lagoon with a soft dark hills. His tongue made its way inside…

Five long hours… He finally pressed Venus against the door frame, and watched as she moaned, back arching forward. Her nano skin swelled in response. It was obvious she had never had a real man inside of her before. He stripped off his boxers and pushed his dreadful giant all the way in. Slowly.

…another moan, this time – louder. Something seemed wrong. Instead of pleasure Kif felt only pain. He looked at Venus. Her eyes were red.

Blood splattered everywhere.

x x x

“Matt, sweetie… Are you sure it’s done?” Shana said, looking in the mirror, noticing how her breasts moved under the dress with no bra to restrain them.
“C’mon love. I designed it myself. She would rip his heart out, and by heart, I also mean dick.”
They both laughed. Shana hugged her lover, burying her tits in the centre of his back. 


There’s chaos outside of Shana’s and Kif’s apartment. The perimeter is restricted by police tapes and sirens blow ceaselessly. The colorless body of Kif is seen in the sunlight. A twisted, disembodied robotic body is also lying close by.
An inspector looks at Venus’ insides with a magnifying glass. He reads the words, some kind of instruction, “Wait till he bleeds out, then self-destruct”.

Happy VALENTINE! 😱🤪❤️☕️

Next post – “The Pearl Territory”, chapter 9 – Cash


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28 Responses

  1. This was a laugh out loud Valentine, Victoria Ray

  2. kinkyacres says:

    Almost a good sales pitch for these “robots”!

  3. Baffledmum says:

    What a great ending! Nice one! 👍

  4. 🙂 A Valentine tale with a twist I loved it, and as for the elephant sized nipples!!! Yum yum 😉

  5. iScriblr says:

    Brilliant! The kinda stories that I like! 😉

  6. Sorryless says:


    A whole new take on that “Oh shit what have I done?” feeling the morning after . . LOL

  7. Fiery says:

    Great piece Ms. Ray

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and many hugs

  8. I loved this ray….the twist was fantastic

  9. masercot says:

    Never trust a robot…

  10. InspiresN says:

    Good one Ray, Happy Valentines day!

  11. Twisted ! Never trust a bot 🙂

  12. K E Garland says:

    OMGosh lol that’s insane!

  13. You nailed this VR. lol
    Perfectly done.

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