Unsolved Puzzle – from ‘The Ascent Of Gravity’, Marcus Chown

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It’s embracing that we’re in the XXI century and we don’t even know what makes gravity work. Woody Norris

Gravitational waves are bombarding The Earth from all sides at all times. But you don’t know about it. Or maybe you know, but don’t care. Or simply – do not feel it. More likely. 

Ray is going to ask you to stop for a moment today, and listen. 

What can I say, folks…the book ‘The Ascent Of Gravity’ is FASCINATING! It is also The Science Book of the Year 2017. I picked it only because this is the book about ‘Gravity’. I believe if we’ll understand this amazing ‘force’ – we’ll understand everything: 

  • How and most important why the world was created?
  • What is time? 
  • What is space? 
  • What is Universe?
  • Where did the Universe come from?

5 things you may not know about gravity

  1. Gravity creates a force of attraction between you and the coins in your pocket. Between you and a person passing you on the street. You are connected (by gravity).
  2. Gravity is so weak, that if you hold your hand out, the gravity of the whole Earth can not overcome the strength of your muscles.
  3. Despite the weakness, gravity is so irresistible on the large scale that it controls the EVOLUTION and FATE of the entire Universe. To put it simply, Gravity is your God.
  4. If there’s no gravity = there’s no time. If it hadn’t ‘switched on’ after the Big Bang, time would NOT have a direction.
  5. Sound is a wave of vibration that we normally hear passing through the air, under water or through solids. Gravitational waves are waves of stretching and shrinking space. So in other words, those waves are the Voice Of Space. 

And it’s probably talking to you. But you like a real badass says: ‘You know what, Voice Of Space, I have no time for riddles, wrapped in a mystery inside of enigma things. I have 4 mouths to feed, 133 errands to run, and that’s my only duty today: #DOorDIE!’ 
Ahh, I still hope there’s another Newton or Einstein somewhere out there, waiting to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, into a coherent whole. 

x x x 

Let’s get back to the past, to check on our old friend Einstein…and here’s for you:


If a bird-watching physicist falls of the cliff, he doesn’t worry about his binoculars; they fall with him.’ Hermann Bondi

A falling person do not feel their weight! This theory became the foundation on which Einstein built the theory of gravity. The story behind the event is hilarious and horrific.

Imagine => Einstein in his room, in Switzerland, writing ‘you-will-never-understand’ formulas. Suddenly, the scream jolts him like an electric shock. He’s running to the window and sees the roofer falling down the tiled roof of the building across the street.


Brian Martin Image

‘What a lucky day!’ – Einstein says and runs to his table to write down the amazing or crazy theory of gravity. He imagines what it would be like – to fall down to the street. And what if it were possible to fall FOR EVER?

Anyone wanna fall for ever?
Hands Up in the air!

He also imagines falling in a place where there’s no air or wind to slow him down. He’s falling through space and time and stars and sky…and everything. He is falling until he forgets he is falling. 

Wow! The happiest moment of his life!

Because Einstein understood that:
#1 ALL things fall at the same rate under gravity (the force of gravity appears to ADJUST itself so it is greater to the bigger mass) = Gravity is Smart
#2 All bodies accelerate at the same rate under gravityGravity is acceleration!

So if gravity and acceleration are identical, then there’s no need for gravity to ADJUST itself so that all bodies, no matter what their mass, fall at the same rate.
Because Gravity is an illusion. It is caused by us accelerating and not realizing it. And this is actually the foundation stone of Einsteins theory:

Gravity and Acceleration are indistinguishable.

Don’t understand shit? I am with you… but Einstein called it the happiest moment of his life, so don’t make him sad. Continue reading! 

So why do we mistake acceleration for gravity? (for example, when falling)
Because, as Einstein said, we have a limited perception. And that limited perception does not permit us to see the reality as it IS.

Entrance forbidden! 🚫 

The thing is that the reality we are living in – is warped space-time. It is distorted. By whom or what? That’s the question. 

x x x 

The end? Nope.
Do NOT forget about gravitational waves!
 I picked the book because I wanted to find out what is it for ‘dissonance’ or sound I’m hearing time to time. Out from no-fkn-where! 

I always thought this is some kind of Sound of the Earth or Nature or Space. Lately I had the idea that it is probably ‘space’. I bought this book and read about gravitational waves and… I simply googled it: Can we hear gravitational waves? 

THIS ARTICLE popped up (thank u again, Google-buddy) and I could finally listen to my sound there. The sound I can hear. I know, it took 50 years of technology development before people had enough sensitivity to measure these waves. But I BELIEVE some people can hear it. I call it ‘dissonance’, because it sounds so weird, like a screaming shrinking air.

Wrap up: So if anyone will ever say to you, that you CAN NOT hear gravitational waves – send them to Ray. Ray knows what to do with those non-believers.  

Because we can hear that sound: This is What Gravitational Waves Sound Like

The Universe speaks to Us. Listen! 

Next post – 5 things I can’t live without 


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24 Responses

  1. Scarpoe says:

    Outstanding my friend! You always amaze. Thanks.

  2. Ry Summers says:

    Someone did once tell me you couldn’t hear gravitational waves (or any other sound source) because sound can’t be perceived through a vacuum. I argued with thos gey for about two or three hours before giving up.

    Years later, this scientist giving a TEDx talk, tells us all how one can actually hear sounds through space, given the proper technology. She concludes her talk, and all I can think about is finding this guy, just so I can say “I TOLD YOU!”

    Man, I LOVE this post. And now I’m going to devote even more hours to listening to physicists trying to help laypeople understand black holes.

    • Ry Summers says:

      *This guy… apparently, I was too excited to check my grammar…

    • yes, got it :))…the thing is – we don’t know really what is possible and what is impossible. Today they say – no way you can hear those waves, tomorrow – hm, who knows, scientist change their minds all the time haha I think more ppl can hear the Sound of Space, but maybe they are too busy (our lives are too stressful) and it can be some way ‘indistinct/obscure’ low sound.
      Cool you liked it 💕✌️😉

  3. A.I. Alex says:

    Wonderful facts (not to mention you put them out for us to read in the most exciting fashion). I actually feel a sense of pride since I already knew some of the info about gravity from high school, stuff I studied for the baccalaureate, but seeing this whole cluster of info was an amazing experience <3 and who would have thought that gravitational waves actually make some noise… wow o_o

    • Cool if you know = remember from your studies 🙂
      I’m glad it was not so boring to read haha I tried my best, but thankfully to the book- it was easy :)) yeah, space talking to us, dummies 😂😉✌️

    • & I have guest this week, so I scheduled this post 3 days ago …couldn’t answer at once ✌️💃

      • A.I. Alex says:

        Have no worries, i’m glad you did make the post at all, it was a really good read! Have fun with your guest 😁

  4. “Ahh, I still hope there’s another Newton or Einstein somewhere out there”
    I hear you Ray, I’m working on it, will find out unified theory soon.. 😁🐼 don’t tell anyone else my true identity, I’m part Einstein and part Newton. 😂😂

  5. ortensia says:

    Only you can teach scientific facts in a such fun way😉🤩