To really listen… #coolprompts

Here you can read my own example for ‘Cool Prompt’.
The word – Carpe Diem, rules
I used the phrase ‘To really listen’ also (from the photo below).
And the word ‘temper‘ for Fandango’s One Word prompt, rules 


To really listen…

Is NOT for everybody. 

How many times 
have you played this game –
Dropping the words from the throat
Without even noticing 
the scale of being somewhere else?

To really listen…

Is to SHAKE yourself out of the dream.

To admit the comfort 
and the presence
Of being on the surface of the Earth,
Here and Now, 
Into horizon of a Carpe Diem,
Singing, from the depths of Infinite
The song of No-Singing.

To really listen…
Is to GET UP and pour a glass of water.

And just sit there,
On the edge of
‘Looking for a clues’-moment.
How the pain is disappearing, 
Flying away, 
Without explanation.

To really listen…
Is to become a GUARDIAN.

And to seal each bad memory

With the help of your temper,
Or boots…
Or kindness.


Go ahead, you have a week to write and post your writing 🙂 I’d like to read! 😁✌️


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