To create a story is to liberate the mind

“Science fiction is the most important literature in the history of the world, because it’s the history of ideas, the history of our civilization birthing itself. …Science fiction is central to everything we’ve ever done, and people who make fun of science fiction writers don’t know what they’re talking about.” Ray Bradbury

A lot of people will tell you how to write a great sci-fi novel in 5/7/or 12 EASY steps. I don’t know how to write in easy or ‘complicated’ steps, because I don’t have:

  • an idea
  • a situation
  • ego (okay…maybe this one, haha)
  • time to actually write it
  • research 
  • characters

But here you can read my blurb ( or pitch ) for a sci-fi story I’m planning to write and post on this blog during 2019:  

Mars, 2718.

After humanity had been wiped off from Earth by an unexpected gamma X-ray, people built their lives on Mars, inside of the colony they call “Netericus.” There were 1,700 original survivors.

With time, modern technology divided the new colony into ‘primitive’ and ‘advanced’ humans. Any part of the body could now be replaced by non-organic material. The soul lost power over the body, making death a fun experience.

“Netericus” has 19,347 strict and 6,980 flexible rules. Loneliness is spreading between members of the community. The list of rules grows, as does the fear.  

A team of scientists finally makes a long-awaited breakthrough about the location of the Pearl, the 9th planet. A hope to start a new life and to finally be able to breathe outside awakes in many hearts again.

Pain Berchpull, a former pilot and one of ‘the primitive’ has been sent on a mission—to the enigmatic Pearl. Her team has been in the most dangerous and scariest places in the Galaxy, and they have done things that would make your skin crawl, but the arrival on the Pearl is the beginning of The End.

Green tunnels.
Broken souls.
New weapons.
Missing friends.
And no mercy.

Pain Berchpull is thrown into a hydrous (aquatic) land where ‘pain’ is not the name.

x x x

What is The Pearl?
The land of devotion and acceptance?
Or the land of suffering and violence?
The answers are in the chapters of my new story.

The first chapter of “The Pearl Territory” was born a month ago. I re-edited it (up to 1000 words) – Chapter 1 /private journal/. I’ll post chapter a week (mix of “journal-logs” and dialogue-scenes). 
I’m also going to review the book of a fellow blogger and writer Jina S Bazzar, “Heir Of Ashes”. I’m planning to post my review next week. 
The tale “Discovery”, 18+ is on the way. Hopefully will be posted Friday evening.

So what are you up to?
Hugs from Ray (do NOT forget who I really am, haha). 


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  1. Thanks for giving me the motivation to pick up the fictional story I started writing a year ago but ended up dropping it because I didn’t have an idea of where the story was headed. I still don’t know but maybe if I continue struggling while I write something might come out of it.

    • I’m glad. I’d advice you to re-think and continue writing your story. To tell you honestly, I wrote this blurb without any ‘story’ behind. In general, I have no idea what I’m talking about haha but I think if I’ll start writing – maybe.. MAYBE I’ll create something people will enjoy to read 🙂
      Good luck :))

      • agreed 🙂 that’s the way Ray does alllll the time haha
        Of course, its nice with the idea. But often I just pick a word or first line – and I’m starting my journey :))

      • I could easily write a short summary for a fictional story but then feeling the framework of the summary with a fleshed out story is were I run into difficulties.
        For example a few blog posts back I wrote a summary for
        “Carebears in Al Queda”
        It would be about the Carebears who have had enough of the modern world and the anxieties that come with it. Overwhelmed by a
        disintegrating environment, rampant political corruption, a methamphetamine epidemic and rocketing rates of depression.
        The carebears decide to leave all earthly possessions behind as well a multimillion television deal to provide humanitarian aid in war-stricken city , Al Queda.
        Each day has been bringing them happiness and fulfillment as they slowly heal the hearts of al Queda’s residents.
        Suddenly Isis invades and rumors spread through the city that the carebears are a pansexual quartet.
        Will they be able to traverse the nuanced culture of al Queda while coercing isis into laying down their weapons and bring peace to the land or will they be stoned to death in the pansexualphobic country of Iraq never to be seen again?

        but if I were to sit down and start writing the story , I’m not sure I’d be able to write out a compelling story with character development and how each character interact with other characters while filling the world with enough information so that it becomes a live in the reader’s imagination but with not too much so that it becomes word syrup

      • First question to ask: what is your strongest side* in writing? Descriptions, creating heroes, building worlds, philosophizing, dialogues & so on?
        Focus on your strongest ability.
        Next – your blurb looks a bit like a literary, probably metaphorical fiction. That means – not everyone will understand.
        What to do?
        I’d say: style & hero.
        Hero shouldn’t be “flat” – & best if he/she/they suffer. A lot. Hero should be described- created as a real person. Or at least “present”. Style is your flow, and what make you stand out from the crowd of thousands of similar writings.
        If you feel you can’t write a compelling story/develop plot & characters = write in short chunks. It’s a thing now. Then you put 5-7 not-connected (directly) chunks in one chapter. Read. Think how it feels. Maybe you can build a new form of writing…
        To create a real world on the pages of the book is difficult. But nobody said you have to 🙂 go against the rules!

  2. Oh I just loved the flow of the piece you have written. I really look forward to reading more and immerse myself into the world of Mars❤🙌

    • 😂 truly, ALOT.
      Slow down might be a break before a real revolution in the writing:) I feel it. Do you feel it?:))
      But about my plans: absurd short stories r already in the editing process ( ops! I do not edit myself so I’m free 😅🤓). Dulcinea – is on the way to edit/improvement & fix lol (I’m not doing that as well…so yeah, kinda free of that too 😂🕺). And Pearl – I’m planning to write as posts – during 2019…
      And still I understand you bcz I have assignments to write (8-10 pages usually, psychology), plus blog, reviews, short stories, and my Japanese teacher just sent me email that I have to be prepared to write in Japanese this Thursday…🤨🤪🙀🙀

    • Yes I wanted a partner (in the beginning, cuz I am lazy arse), but I never posted that post haha. Not really. I kinda scheduled it (unedited) and then I missed it – and as result I deleted it (very quickly, but I remember I got 4 likes lol) and I posted a new one, without “invitation” haha

  3. This is actually great stuff Trooper Ray. Just go for it and if you get totally lost and don’t know what to do just write some bizarre sex scenes using some of those inorganic non-biomass parts the people have installed on their bodies. People will love it and nobody will remember who E. L. James is. Move over Ron L. Hubbard, Ray is in town.

    • haha, the thing is I CAN’T write erotica…only if it is totally bizarre erotica or make me laugh 🙂 but def never “50 shades of grey”. Btw I hadn’t read it and I never seen the movie. Ouch I know…bad girl :))
      and yep, I can always add a sex scene ..or TWO 😂😂 but I’m going to focus on the dialogues and heroes mostly 🙂 thats my key to success lol
      and thank you, Mr Kindness…

      • Well, don’t tell anybody I said this but, I can’t write erotica either and I never read 50 shades or saw the movie because I don’t want to learn something that might get me cut up with a kitchen knife. 😬. Just do what you do best and we will love it 🥰

      • Thank you Victoria. Yes, I do want people to feel the sensuality of the characters, good and bad. But when it comes to the erotica, well a good writer needs to practice this to get a balance if in fact the story is enhanced by it. You do a great job of making it entertaining and fun.

      • Yes agreed about the balance 🙂
        Btw I don’t see myself as erotical author. I read erotical stories last time when I was 16. Of course I read your posts, but I don’t see you as erotical author either. I mean maybe 50/50 but not 100

      • I prefer stories that engage all the senses and make me feel something. My message in my writing is about how we desire to love and be loved and all the things that can go wrong with that. Sensuality is an important part but not always the most important part. This is just my opinion and style.

    • Hype! I challenge you to write a synopsis as good for Alexandra. I’ll do it if you will! After that, how about chapter outlines? Then mail it all off to a publisher! Those are the steps…

      • By Golly Bro, I hadn’t thought about it but you have a good point and a great challenge. V-Ray always has the most interesting stories and uniquely her own style.

      • LoL, thinking a story through with true organizational thought processes might give me an aneurism or flatulence at the least. But hey, that sounds challenging. We can ask Ray for guidance.

      • Outline is flexible part 🙂 but it’s depends. If you have great memory – u def don’t need it. I don’t remember shit – I have to write who is who & what’s gonna happen haha otherwise I’ll mix them lol

      • LoL 😆 that’s me. I feel proud of myself if I finish a chapter and I understand what I wrote. Sometimes when I review, I have a WTF moment.

      • Hm I always understand what I wrote. That’s the difference between us. I can’t just write, I do not have this kind of flow…so Im building* it 🙂 literally.
        But it’s good some way, ur WTF MOMENT – that means U r inside of the story & forgetting the world 🙂

      • Yes indeed. I get deep into the story and forget the world. And I edit like a madman after my first draft which is always a stream of consciousness approach. I have already the theme to cover and notes but it is always like the story is told to me by my head elves and I just type what they tell me. Building is probably a more concise way but I understand how hard it must be for non-native English speakers to do. I always have the highest respect for people who can do this.

      • Yeah, but coincidentally I had been thinking it’s time for me to take this next step and get serious about the story, and taking my writing past the blog phase. And since I don’t “believe” in coincidences…

      • I do things in an unorthodox way that usually sends my writerly friends into a cringe fest. I use Google Docs. I create folders for images, notes, chapters, post formats, and I do chapter synopsis’. This is how I write for posting on WP. When it’s book manuscript time, I transfer the files to Scrivener and go into deep dive mode to create the book format, front, and back matter along with a table of contents. I can export the manuscript in several formats for ebook or printbook format. Scrivener is an excellent program for creating your work.

      • omg.. its very complicated. Well I still have to learn all that. I’m writing in pages – and then I edit and post on my blog.
        The book – written in scrivener at once, because I can outline there. Then – all story to WordPress – then doc. file to editor/edit and to improve.

      • I don’t think so…I know how Hemingway worked with editing :)) and I’d like to do so, but I don’t have time/+guts to re-read my texts 1000 times over and over from the beginning 🙂 Not sure about Nora Roberts. I think I have never read her books. She’s writing romantic stories about love..or?

      • I think He,ingway drank buorbon straight and smoked cigars while editing. You would look really cool doing that 😎. Nora Roberts has written hundreds of novels so I bet she has a lot of editing and rewrite experience. 😲

      • Hemingway always started his editing from the page 1…even if he edited it yesterday or a day before, or a month ago.
        Kinda like a “wheel”, it is very time consuming, because you have to read the full damn story again and again,I have tried.
        Nora Roberts – agreed, a lot of books, and I heard they are awesome. But its a bit difficult reading for me.

      • I think if I did it the Hemingway method, my head elves would jump out of my ears and run away. No need to read difficult writing. Read what you like and write what you love. It will all fall into place with a little effort and a lot of coffee.

      • Wow, that’s totally deep. I’m taking notes. I may at least post a “cast of characters” on Thursday…but it won’t be news to you. You know all my characters. But it might be good for me if I use that to start a synopsis. It’s a holiday. Happy Thanksgiving–unless your a Native American Indian–and I’ll be looking forward to more of Alexandra—oh, when you get around to it. Cya!

      • I don’t think I can advise someone so advanced as yourself other than say do what helps you get to your objective. Alexandra will make the scene very soon and I suspect her dark past will be quite helpful. But for now, a little joy and sunshine is in order. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

      • Style? Because I’m not a native English & my vocabulary is very low 🤪🙀 so I have to create “something readable” with the help of words I know 🙂
        😅😅 that’s all uniqueness

      • Thank you 🙂 bcz Im kinda the architect lol I’m building text – like bricks 🧱 in the house. That’s why. I never just go …& think & imagine & sit & write. I can’t. 😂
        😂😂 but it is fun- we r different and that means we can provide diff “text”/emotional service

      • Synopsis is the easiest part 🙂 but a #must. Chapter outlines is important (kinda…u can always correct it). About publisher. Traditional publisher is not interested in outline-reading lol 😂 but a good plot (preferably flawless) & interesting hero & your drive & ability to write more, more, more, becoming “bestseller” 🙂
        Of coz if it is non fiction you don’t need to write the whole book just 3 chapters & synopsis is enough 🙂
        Anyway, nobody’s waiting for out stories/novels. I doubt those agents read them at all 😂 maybe 20%. We’d be lucky to get in, in those 20 🙂
        With this sweet attitude lol I’m planning to self publish my 1 & 2d book and plus send around it. If anyone would be interested- I maybe say welcome but at least my book already be outta there, for ppl to read 🙂

      • I probably could translate to Swedish & def (80% sure) publish traditionally in Sweden. It’s more easy here. At least as I heard. But I can wait. No rush…bcz translating will cost me at least 1000€ sigh (in best case 😂)

      • If you write your story based on this synopsis, I’m elevating you to “must read” status, along with Hype and Dracul–(who cracks me up to no end…) and I will listen, follow, learn…emulate. Looking forward to see what you produce!!

  4. Hey, that’s a great synopsis and I look forward to reading the story…(Maybe I should write a fricken synopsis…)

  5. Someone must have slipped a gimme gamma gummy into my tasty beverage this evening, because I totally get the code to your giddy . . . ap.

    Well played as per usual, Miss Sci-Fi. 🙂

  6. Love your little parenthesis comment at the end. Made me giggle.

    This all sounds fascinating and I think it will be fab.
    You have much talent

    • I’m going to publish 2 books next year 🙂 & I can’t take “Bradbury” as pen name so I created new one, but only for writing ✍️…u all still can call me Ray 🕺🕺😎

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