Through hundreds of drafts?

When you print out your manuscript and read it, marking up with a pen, it sometimes feels like a criminal returning to the scene of a crime. Don Roff

1. No matter how many times an author finishes the first draft of a novel, they know this is only the beginning of the writing process… My first draft of The Secrets of A-Ria is a (handwritten) manuscript, in Russian. I’m going to type it in English and call it – the second draft. 😂 Starting: 20th of July. 

This book has been written: a) without any plot; b) in third person point of view.
I added new heroes and killed two from the previous book (behind the scenes). 
The novel is a young adult urban fantasy, metaphysical, absurdist.
The third draft is usually a final. 😶 Then beta and proofreading. 

2. My new interview is HERE

Thanks a lot to I.M. Redwright-author for this opportunity. 📚☕️

3. Book recommendations, July – HERE 

4. Well, below, you can see an excerpt from email (real author, real books). My question is – how is it even possible?🙀

“My publishing schedule is a new release approximately every three to four weeks.”


Next post – Book Review 


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28 Responses

  1. alexraphael says:

    “I can’t count unless it is cash” hahaha

  2. Sneha Jaiswal says:

    Wow, it’s awesome that you actually had a hand-written draft!

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      💚💚 thank you 🙂 i prefer to write by hand (for bigger pieces); short stories – only sketch of idea

  3. masercot says:

    Your new book arrived, yesterday. I’m looking forward to reading it, Ray…

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Nooo haha 😂

      Well, any review from 3 star to 5 is fine 😬😬😬. If 2 – expecting a full constructive feedback 🤔🤨😅

  4. It would be every 5 years for me at my current rate 🙄🙁 I need to stop monkeying around and get busy! 🙈🐒

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      I think you could do 1 book a year 🙂 or at least 1 in 2. I’m going to slow down in 2021-2022: 1 or 2 books a year.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Killed previous two? You crack me up.

    I love that quote. Guilty as charged.

  6. I’m at a book a year and that seems fine to me. I wish I could have read your iterview but when I clicked on the link I got to the site and then a huge book promotion page came up and the close icon was out of reach. Everytime I tried to close it I ended up at Amazon. I’m sure it was good too.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Yes I think a book a year is fine too.
      About interview, it happened to me as well, I think it worked only from the computer but not from my phone… anyway, it’s all same old Ray, you know 😅😂

    • Immanuel R. says:

      Oh hi! that book promotion page can be closed after 3 seconds (the X button appears then!), I just checked it on my phone and it can be closed, but tell me if you try again and are not able to close it, I will disable the pop up then so you can read the interview 🙂

      • I went back and I can see the X but it remains out of reach to click. Don’t worry about this time but I would certainly try to fix that. Thanks for the information. 😊

  7. Sorryless says:


    You are kicking ass and taking names. 🙂

  8. Eilene Lyon says:

    I love that you write longhand, V. I also prefer drafting my longer works with pen and paper.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      💚💚👋📚 yes, I love writing long hand. Thank you, & have a great summer!

  9. Simon says:

    You’re so busy… ow do you fit it all in?

  10. Jerry Laiche says:

    Hey Vickan, Glad to see you are back – if you ever left? It seems like you did. Also glad to see that A-Ria is back in production. You know I always love your “stream-of-consciousness” writing! or is it “stream-of-UNconsciousness” 🤪 Loved your interview you are – next to my wife – my ultimate FREE WOMAN. As always keep doing what you do – you really do make a lot of folk happy !!!!✌✍👍

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Thank you 🙂 I left for summer vacation- I’ll show 2 times a month, think it’s ok.

      Yeah, I still have to type it in English on my laptop 😅😫😫

      But I believe book 2 will be more fun 🙂 I added magic society + the black creeper 👀 + life code 🤓🧐

  11. I think it’s wonderful that you write it that way. Because your writing is brilliant it clearly works.

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