The wall of Narcissism


It destroys everything around, except itself.
It satisfy own needs before anything else.
It is on the mission, do not try to distract.
It fears the reality, so it builds a new one.
It is God-a-like, emotionless and non-sexual.
Or over-sexual?
It grows a Genius that feeds on its own importance.
It is in the constant hunger to become a perfect reflection.
Of the World?
It is a mediocre confidence that no-one is enough, but me.
It is the centre of the Universe, that never satisfied.
It shines with the arrogance on the forehead.
Especially when smiling.
It does whatever it takes to feel ‘absolute’. 
It is shallow and false, addictive and aggressive.
Or simply stupid?
It is his own Creator, filled with envy and emptiness.


I do feel fkn sad about this kinda love…
Hope, you too.

For daily prompt – Narcissism



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  1. Omg, I love this. The guy next to me on my seat back from Amsterdam reached rudely right in front of my face with his phone and took a selfie (showing of course that he was in an airplane seat). Then later, when I was dozing off before landing, he reached across me to open the window shade, then closed it when I woke up abruptly while his arm was in my space. I gave him a look, but was unable to articulate how rude that seemed. Is that narcissism? Or just clueless-ness about basic social graces? Not sure. But it seems epidemic to me.

    • It is both…narcissism + behavior. And sorry…just imagining that scene made me laugh 🤭
      Great word to describe it – epidemic 👍👍👌

  2. Perfectly described…the danger with a narcissist is they’re hard to recognize until it’s too late…you’re already involved with them…and you will never find love or peace because, as you say…they are…”the centre of the Universe, that never satisfied.”

  3. Another good post Ray. This is also a prevalent personality trait here in the U.S. that grows each year. As long as we have a smartphone and Facebook memes, we can survive. 😏

  4. Kill Batman? No… wipe off the makeup. Never met a narcissist so i can’t comment on the rest of the post. I suppose its true… i will take your word for it. Seems i am blessed not to have met this person, Narcissist.

  5. If you don’t love yourself, you will never be able to give healthy love to others. You may love them in the best way you know how, but the relationship will be marred by inadvertently bringing your baggage (fears, trauma, unresolved BS) into the relationship.

    You will be looking for things that your partner can not provide, namely affirmation of your worth and the love that you long for because you haven’t given it to yourself. You will feel emotionally raw and angry regularly, because your needs are not being met- never knowing that the only person that can meet these needs is yourself.

    If you don’t love yourself, you may think you love somebody else, but more than anything, you will be desperately seeking their approval and validation so that you can accept yourself.

    Problem is, nobody’s approval will ever truly teach one that they are worthy of their own love.

    It’s a bloody big mess.

    Cheers Vicky!

    Leave a note on the below blog post to prove my self worth!


    • You are right.. and I agreed but depends on the amount of “self-love” too. Someone said – to love others you’ve got to love yourself, but if you love yourself too much – there’s no place for others :))
      I’ll check the link and thank you for awesome share 💕💕

  6. I’m confused by your new blog layout. There are posts up on top, horizontally arranged and they say “posted 4 days ago”.
    When you scroll lower, there are blogs positioned vertically entitled “latest”. And the top one was posted 5 days ago. Why aren’t the top ones from 4 days ago the latest ones?

    As to this piece. It was really perspective. Well done.

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