The taste of fear

Inspired by “The Coffin Path”, Katherine Clements

I decided to skip ‘review’ for this book, because it is simply ‘not my cup of tea’ (maybe toooo many lambs and I can’t relate to the heroes), but very well written. This is my ‘reflection’ on the book.

Chapter 1

No matter
How many times
I tell myself
It was nothing
Just fear…

No matter
How empty the road
I search
But don’t dare
To look.

Deep down
I feel it again
Every night
In the darkness –
Raw panic.






Chapter 2 

All I know
Is that ‘fear’ should appear
And maybe
It scares you.

Or not at all. 

Chapter 3 

I am drowning
In silence,

Made by you.

I can’t.
I won’t.

Chapter 4

He put a hand on my back, silencing my song again, poisoning my body from the core.
“What are you doing out here in the cold?”

Raising heartbeat makes a low growl. The fog burns my vision. The blood in my veins does not move, and I feel his breath on my neck.
“Fear breeds fear, darling.” He whispers.
I nod.
He crushes my soul in his palm. Intensely. Deeply. Passionately. Fully-ly-y-y. 

Chapter 5

That is why

It feels
Like ‘fear’ knows my name.

Chapter 6

I do not expect you to understand.
And you don’t.


Next post – Book Review “In the Calyx”, Libre Paley


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  1. robertcday says:

    I did not expect you to understand me. But you did.

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