The Stress Epidemic

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From the book of ‘Balance Hormones, Balance Your Life’, Dr Claudia Welch 

I’ve finished this book yesterday and it is a great read for women (30 + and up), but I’d advice it even for those who are younger (I can’t say I’d be so interested in hormones or the balance in my 25yo as I do now). Very well-written, easy to understand how hormones works in the body (probably even your doctor do not understand that properly lol). There’s no weird or difficult terminology, very straight-to-the-point, helpful (a lot of appendix, webs, books you can check and find more help). I won’t post any review, but I’ll post two more excerpts about the food and duality of hormones (balance in the female body). The book is focused on the women only and it is really awesome!

If you ever took a pill, if your doctor have prescribed to take hormones because something wrong with your estrogen-levels, if you are too tired and falling apart,  if you know nothing about duality inside of your body and if you dont know where to start and whom to listen and how to CHANGE life-course – this book is FOR YOU.


“We know, that when we experience stress our bodies releases extra stress hormones (throwing off our hormonal balance) until the danger resolves itself. When our whole lives are stressful, this imbalance becomes chronic. Healing begins when we start to live the life we really want to be living, when we’ll have less stress, because only then we experience the REAL WELL-BEING that comes, in general, from having balanced hormones,” – says Dr Claudia Welch in her book.


Many modern women mistake the feeling of being under stress for having energy. She starts running at dawn and doesn’t rest until late evening (recognize yourself?). Perhaps she grabs some fast food, a doughnut, or even healthy food, but she bolts it down to ground her so she can continue running.

She is the human equivalent of Energizer Bunny.
She is driven by the need (or ambition) to do it ALL.

But from the perspective of Eastern medicine, her health is becoming fragile, maybe even ‘Weak‘. The Eastern concept of energy (by Eastern I mean Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda mostly) is quite different from that of our Western Energizer Bunny. Life energy called qi (spelled chi) or ‘prana’ and if you seen someone practicing tai chi or qi gong you know how economically and efficiently they use the life force (in movement).

Let’s get back to Bunny aka You!

It is one thing to go through stress one day or week, or month (we might even be able to tolerate it for a year or two), but we are living ‘on credit‘, borrowing from our reserves of good health. At the end all that mess can lead to the breakdown of bones, skin, muscles and brain tissue. While there’s always hope that we can regain our health, it can be an uphill climb. It is far easier to maintain our health than regain it.

Eastern medicine teaches us that our bodies are microcosms
that reflects the state of the world around us.

When a woman is stressed, her body releases stress hormones. These hormones makes her hyper-vigilant, she begins to experience even benign events as critical situations. This stimulates the release of even more stress hormones. The woman’s desire to meet all of her family needs, her boss’s needs, her friends needs, and her own expectations lead to a disaster (hormonal imbalance). The thing is…it becomes habitual. And as all habits (think about sugar, smoking etc) – we stop noticing we are doing it.

We become so chronically stressed –
we may not even realize it is NOT our natural state

Maybe you (who is reading now) hear these pleas from your body, but don’t know how to stop running, pushing, overreaching yourself. Our lovers will leave us. Oh-ah! Our families will collapse. Oh-ah! Our personal worlds will come crushing down around our ears. Aaaaaaa!
we keep going,



going… and our hormonal balance becomes the victim.


  • Do you jump when the phone rings?
  • Do you feel anxiety about checking your mailbox?
  • Do you dwell on the many things that could go wrong later today, later this week, month, year?
  • Do you commonly feel anxiety, stress or worry for any reason?
  • Do you have panic attacks?
  • Do you experience any of the following (for women: with your menstrual cycle): headaches, mood swings, acne, bloating, constipation, painful cramping, heavy or scanty bleeding?
  • Do you use synthetic hormone therapy of any kind?
  • Do you have hot flashes, insomnia, heart palpitations, accelerated heartbeat, thyroid trouble of any kind, low immunity, osteoporosis, diabetes, adrenal burnout or endocrine disorders?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, it is likely your hormonal balance is affected. 

THINK: to continue running doesn’t usually require courage. What really takes courage is to stop running, stop pushing, stop trying to please everyone, stop outspending our reserves. Just stop. Stop and begin to live the life we really want to be living. 

If we take little steps to slow our pace and have more time, we find life becomes more enjoyable, even easier: and we begin to gain the confidence to slow things down further. The downward cycle becomes an upward spiral:

More Joy than Stress
More Meaning than Emptiness
More Health than Disorder


Step 1. To achieve hormonal balance – understand it. Most people, including doctors, are confused about hormones. There’s a simple way to grasp it: hormones can be separated in 2 categories – yin and yang. 

Step 2. What is the cure? – u’ll ask. The secret is, there’s no big secret. The secrets are always in basics. There’re only 3 pillars that supports our health and happiness. 

OUR LIFESTYLE (including exercise)

When there’s a crack in any of these pillars, disease can creep in and take root! Of course changing our habits or balance the diet isn’t piece of cake, but it is not complicated to learn and it is really worth it (one of the benefits – you’ll avoid drug your body and surgery in the future).

Our health-care system really pays more attention to disease than to health. Most of the money are used to treat disease, but not to prevent it. But you CAN prevent…that’s why you should read the book.

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct, medicine is of no need. 
Ayurvedic proverb

Next post – Book Review “Negroland” Margo Jefferson, the plan for the week – Check here


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33 Responses

  1. masercot says:

    I guess I haven’t studied medicine in a while because I thought all female problems came from an imbalance in their humours possibly from a malevolent dwarf living in her stomach…

    • lol now you know it is from too much STRESS :))

      • masercot says:

        I like to think that I add to that stress…

      • in general all our problems from too much rush-rush (stress), food and lifestyle ( doesn’t matter men or women ), but the book was for women tho. I am the woman so I’m looking for all possible books/info to learn more about myself, plus on the way to grave lol cant escape it but don’t wanna get sick and die before 100yo lol

      • masercot says:

        The trick is to try not to do anything you are ashamed of, so you are always proud of your legacy. Sounds corny but that’s my philosophy… and that of the bison…

      • Lol gosh it sounds like something my mum would say :)) I have to agree, but I done lots of crazy things… and still dancing like bison haha

  2. charlypriest says:

    So you want do boogie with me?

    I can comment about stress after we boggie.. stress if you know how to magage it will keep you on alert, doesn’t have to overwhelm you, and you learn that, well, some people are more predesposed to it and others can’t handle, but you can train for it, that’s what I learned form my time in the army.
    We boogie?

  3. Unoma B says:

    Ohh😱😱😱 this is so educative. Bin long I read sth like this. Read thrice(had 2 make sure aom things sink inside me well enof). You talking 2 me specifically ryt?? Cos that’s wht I notice. U mentioned pple at 30 & above in d early part, I’m nt even up to dat and I feel so directed to. This is serious o.😕😕
    Thanx a truck for sharing this.🙏

  4. oh sh*t, i don’t know what to say. i nodded along all the way to the end. it’s hard to put a stop and just ignore everything else, i suppose every women has some level of routine stress to their days.

    • Smalls steps do wonders too…sometimes we have to prioritize our health & well being 🙂 but I do understand u.. stress became our routine 😣

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good read for everyone, not just female! Stress can be a ‘killer’ and is present in most people. Thank you for trying to educate!!

  6. Going to say I’m not a fan of the read about it – fix it approach to life – but do relate to the push yourself to far and there will be consequences line of thought – my body rebelled big time a while ago – for no apparent reason auto rejecting an organ I kind of needed – it was scary touch and go stuff – years later you’d hardly know it had happen – a long story – but I got better from about the time I started writing – weird things happen to men too.

  7. When I was a prisoner of organized commerce I was known to never exhibit stress. Now I have the luxury of showing every sign. Good post, Ray.

  8. ortensia says:

    40 + have still time to read or by the end of the book their hormones will be already running in the wild?

  9. InspiresN says:

    we are indeed living in stressful times and this would be something I would definitely love to read.Thanks for sharing!

  10. Joseph Beech says:

    Our lives are much more complex than they use to be, but exersice and diet go a long way towards managing stress.

  11. aarzoorose says:

    It seems a very helpful book indeed. I really need to read it now. Thanks for sharing the resource and such an important health point that we all girls so easily ignore!

  12. floatinggold says:

    Great post. We live in constant stress, and it needs to change. It’s just not worth it.

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