The Planet of YOLO

“The right thing and the easy thing are never the same.” Kami Garcia

We are forced to live YOLO. By whom? And why? Not by my mom for sure. Because she belongs to the generation who doesn’t need any (by the way she doesn’t know what the word means). 
But we are craving YOLO! We are consuming YOLO in a huge quantities and still craving for more. We don’t feel bloated or overweighted by it, because the media, our parents, the books and religion as well makes us believe we are following the Right Path.
We can’t breathe without it. The magical “You-Live-Only-Once” belongs to us! And we could proudly call ourselves “Overachievers”.
The collective grief of the modern world is due to the loss of our “understanding” how to live in the present moment and I’d say the world is in the middle of a spiritual breakdown. The life purpose is messed up UP UUUUPPPP – to the fullest (and values as well).

Are you YOLO-enough?
Ask your fears.
Ask your reckless heart.
Ask the revolutionist inside of your brain.
Ask the moment. Is it a very last carpe-diem? Again?
Ask a dirty desires and wishes.
Ask the swag drowning in tears.
Ask the cool superhero you are. Am I in trouble?

We all aware that the last day of our lives is happening right now, simply because…hey, we know everything – The Past and The Future Are in Our Present”. Yo! Thats HOW we roll! We give it all in the present moment without any care how it will reflect on us or on the next generation.

Yolo became a good business-strategy as well. Just DO it and you are “popular”, “awesome friend”, “fun to be with”…you belong to this Planet, you can make your dreams come true. Too many dreams? Don’t you worry, child. Drown yourself in YOLO!

Of course there’re different kinds of “living-only-once”, but the younger generation is so brain-washed by the pictures of “the great achievements” from “you-live-once” on each media that they doesnt realise they are lost or bewildered so far off the Path that they don’t even know how to wake up without a YOLO anymore.

Someone said: “There’s no such thing as ruining your life. Life’s a pretty resilient thing, it turns out.” What if it don’t?

Yes, I’d say…DO NOT BE AFRAID to try. Stay open, forever and ever, until the day you die, but don’t forget to be happy, don’t forget to look around and do not become over-greedy by the catching of the “perfect YOLO-moment”.
YOLO of your life is happening each day with or without your participation.

“Now and then it’s good to pause and just be happy.” Guillaume Apollinaire

Here is a couple of Haiku’s:

1. Why bother? Live On!
Your next life as a worm
Is YOLO-full as well.

2.Being a YOLO –
To boil your heart as an egg
In each swing of thought.

3.Giraffe is flying.
It doesn’t matter how slow.
Pooping. Meant to be.

The next post – 1 or 2 January. 

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And a happy NEW Year!  


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  1. As usual I loved the punchline at the start…. 🙂
    Seems that to realize the type of proper YOLO is very important…well said…
    Some very deep and thoughtful lines in there…well written Ray… 🙂

    PS : going to keep a note of ur opening lines of posts

  2. Interesting philosophical stand and explanation of the modern society. I like your point of view. It says a lot about the current situation in the younger generations. You are very observative. Thanks for sharing this. I learned a thing of two. 😀

    • The current situation is almost YOOOOLLOOOO 🙂 new year celebration on the way 😂 but in the post I said what bothered me during long time…we sucked in, totally, in the Yolo-consciousness

  3. I love that beginning quote, it is so true that the right thing is not always what you want to do, or the best option. Life is so complex, I am glad that there are others that understand this perspective. If you;d like check out my poetry on a similar view of complexity about the world,

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