The Pearl Territory

Mars, 2718.

After humanity had been wiped off from Earth by an unexpected gamma X-ray, people built their lives on Mars, inside of the colony they call “Netericus.” There were 1,700 original survivors.

With time, modern technology divided the new colony into ‘primitive’ and ‘advanced’ humans. Any part of the body could now be replaced by non-organic material. The soul lost power over the body, making death a fun experience.

“Netericus” has 19,347 strict and 6,980 flexible rules. Loneliness is spreading between members of the community. The list of rules grows, as does the fear.  

A team of scientists finally makes a long-awaited breakthrough about the location of the Pearl, the 9thplanet. A hope to start a new life and to finally be able to breathe outside awakes in many hearts again.

Pain Berchpull, a former pilot and one of ‘the primitive’ has been sent on a mission—to the enigmatic Pearl. Her team has been in the most dangerous and scariest places in the Galaxy, and they have done things that would make your skin crawl, but the arrival on the Pearl is the beginning of The End.

Green tunnels.
Broken souls.
New weapons.
Missing friends.
And no mercy.

Pain Berchpull is thrown into a hydrous (aquatic) land where ‘pain’ is not the name.

x x x

What is The Pearl?
The land of devotion and acceptance?
Or the land of suffering and violence?
The answers are in the chapters of my new story.

Mars is divided in 9 “circles” (or regions):

  • Circle SciTech
  • Circle Energy
  • Circle FoodFarm
  • Circle Impro (studying, teaching, learning)
  • Circle BioMed
  • Circle Junk
  • Circle Rulers
  • Circle Casso (artistic)
  • Circle Seeds (kids; keeps separately)

Each circle has a leader. Every week, the leaders gather in the Ellipse Hall. They represent the government and call themselves – “Team Happiness” or HT.
“Soul repository” is the place where you can leave your soul. Being soulless is allowed for 1 Martian year (687 Earth days). It is not allowed to swap or give away your soul. Humans still believe it is a sacred part of life.
Junk Circle – represents prison
Happiness Team – represents political system/or goverment
Advanced Way – the main religion of Mars (has a big influence on politics and economic in Netericus)
Rulers – a new kind of Police/Justice System


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