“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 9 – Cash #privatejournal

I remember her hair – the color of white snow – and vibrant orchid eyes, almost like mosaics, unnaturally beautiful, the mix of forgotten spring and crystalline heaven.

I remember her laugh, bright like a birdsong. It was as if her laugh lifted the dark veil from my heart and allowed me to see the world with different, happy eyes.

A cloudless spring day.
This is what I feel when I think about my sister, Isobel.

She carried some kind of duality inside: one day her face would glow with a powerful light, another day she’d turn into a supernatural being, spreading only scorn and malice.

Every emotion, memory and thought is fleeting. Everything in life is in transition: changing, developing, growing… But there’s always something that lasts longer than that. And in my case, this kind of something is “blood,” “family” and “tribe.”

Isobel was my “tribe”: my best companion, sister, friend, fun and support. Of course, there were times when she got on my nerves a little, but only because I’m flammable and my weak heart has always been strangely accessible for my little sister.

I remember her silly side, too.

Me: I love your shoes. I don’t feel alone when I’m surrounded by thousands of your shoes.
Isobel: Well, they won’t be here next week. They are going to Hawaii to take a break from Cash, who is always punching them.
Me: Finally! The sun is rising on the right side! Time for an extra shot of my strongest brew…
Isobel: Already celebrating?
Me: This is what comes when the battle for space is over.

I remember… she snored often, sometimes spoke with her mouth full and always watched the stars until her eyes were square. I was always surprised by the strength of her vitality. Nine lives? Too few. My sister definitely got 999!
I agree, last month she behaved very strangely. Isobel spent most of her free time helping in the cathedral “Advanced Way,” and she has never been very religious. “It’s almost here. It’s coming. We all die, very soon!” she repeatedly whispered after her service. 
They told me she was dealing Seneca-drug. They told me that Pain, my girlfriend, caught her selling it to the “advanced” fella, right at the bar. I didn’t believe in it. I loved her. She was my only family. We were a team.

That’s why I hate her, Pain Berchpull. She made the decision. She knew that her next step would bring only suffering to my little sister. But she took that step… so easily. The step on the path of Death.

And now I am “advanced” and “alone.” In this damn Netericus-universe!

x x x

Enough memories… Let’s talk about the crystal. My father told me that the crystal cannot be stolen while the Moon is shining. And my task is:

  1. To find the Moon
  2. To find a way to switch off the Moon.

It reminds me of a very old Zen story, that my father once told me. The story about the Moon that cannot be stolen. Here it is – the story.

How did my father know about the crystal? He was a member of a secret society, founded May 1, 1776. Yes, the one and only – Illuminati. Many of the world’s leaders were Illuminati members. My father, Adam Wilner, was Minister of Culture on the Earth (from 2680 until the End) and one of the most famous Illuminati. He believed that the crystal would help to establish a new world order. Before 2637, the Illuminati were known only as an underground organization, with a lot of myths and tales around its existence. But after the MD (Modern Day) revolution in 2640, the movement has taken the world with a storm. 
At first it brought some kind of chaos into society, but after a couple of years, the Illuminati finally became recognized as a powerful organization, with a huge influence in politics and culture.  

Everything I know comes from the journal my father gave me when I left the Earth. He told me to keep it safe because that journal would give me all necessary power and knowledge. If only it could help me bring my sister back…

There’s also another problem. Goe Podge – the last wizard. The amulet on Goe’s neck is not the watch, but the key to Mara’s power. He doesn’t know about it yet. Wizards are dumber than you think. Illuminati? Never.

About Netericus… I’d like to tell you the truth – but next time, my friend. Let me say only this: always look inward, and you’ll find the light you are seeking.

P.S. In case you are wondering about relationships between me and Alma… my advice – focus on the Moon.


Next post – Book Review “The Contract: between heaven and earth,” John W. Howell, Gwen M. Plano 21/2


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  1. Victoria, this is so gorgeous. A pleasure to read 🌸

  2. librepaley says:

    I like the taut writing and simple sentence structure, together with humour. I think it works well with the sci-fi genre.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Thank you 🙂 maybe yes…but even if not – we can always break the rules 🕺💃

  3. Baffledmum says:

    👍👏 ❤

  4. Good one. 😁

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  6. Anonymous says:

    I had too come back and read again the first part “Sister”

  7. This is just stunning work.

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