“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 8 #dialogue

Reminder: A group of six (Pain, Bou, Mimo, Alma, Ichi and Goe) has been send to Pearl, the ninth planet. Humans (both advanced and primitive) hope to find a new planet suitable for living and breathing outside.

The group of ‘advanced’ humans (Cash, Alexis and Ola) is arriving on Pearl. Goe, Ichi and Alma are spending most of the time inside of space shuttle. They are working with samples from the ninth planet (Pearl). 

Pain and Bou are guests in The Kingdom of Mara, deep under the ground.

Mimo is stuck with Shon and Dante in Exodus village. Shon and Dante are the rebels (and mutants) of Ebisu movement (against Mara and her regime).

You can always read previous chapters here – ‘The Pearl Territory’ page

Chapter 8 – 2000 words

x x x

Bou and Pain are sitting in a big dining room. The walls are built of stones varying in size and shape, each one unique. From a distance, the walls look green, but up close they look like a mosaic or a map (of a castle?). The table is 177 feet long and covered with food and drinks.

Bou: This is what I call a “real life!” They could even get my grandma’s chicken fried steak with mushroom gravy. 
Pain: I didn’t know you needed so little to feel satisfied.
Bou: Just try it!
Pain: I am a vegan. We are eating only tomato steaks with vegetable gravy.
Bou: I thought you are gonna say – only human hearts.
Pain: Ha, ha, nicely said, Bou… So, you love this place? Don’t you think it is a bit “supernatural?”
Bou: (chewing) Why should I care? The gravy is real.

A beautiful blonde girl walks in. Her hair is straight and long, pulled back into a high ponytail. Her large, liquid green eyes hold such intelligence and serenity that it is impossible to escape.

Bou: (watching each move of a new guest) And perfect angels, too.
Girl: (to Bou) My nipples are so lonely. Would you like to…?
Pain: Yeah, he would, but let him finish his gravy first. Or…you know what? Place those naughty nipples inside the gravy. Then you’ll make this guy absolutely happy.
Girl: Anything for humanity!

In a split second she throws away her clothes. Her naked body glows in front of Bou.

Bou: (shocked) No shit!

Mara appears in the room. Her voice sounds worried.

Mara: Again playing your silly games, Rai?
Bou: Rai? Whaaatt do you mean?
Girl: Why you always have to destroy my life? I’m falling in love.
Mara: You are always in love… remember Dante?

They are laughing. Rai is changing to his chubby male form.

Bou: (angry) I don’t get it. How is it even possible?
Rai: I’m enjoying dropping my identity from time to time. This place bores me. Ah, if only you could hear the rhythm of your joyful heart when you saw me entering the room!

Mara walks past the table to the window. She opens it and looks at the Moon, which looks like it is hanging between the green branches of the giant tree in the middle of the square.

Pain: Wow. Is it real too?
Mara: Just as I am.
Pain: (after a pause) I still don’t understand how we all see you as a different person, but in the same time.
Rai: (leaning heavily on Pain’s shoulder) I see Mara for what she is. In full beauty.
Pain: She?
Rai: Beauty is she, stupid human. Check the dictionary.
Bou: Careful – you’ll never make friends with this kind of attitude!
Mara: Love. Hatred. And madness. I am all that – everybody sees what he wishes the most.

However this miraculous land worked, it seemed real enough: moon, Mara, Rai… the table full of food.

Mara: There’s so much to see in my kingdom. Upper Mara and Downtown Mara, progressive clubs of sharp pleasure and pain, the House of Happiness and Desire and…
Bou: (interrupting Mara) Let’s start from the last one.
Mara: Don’t rush me, little cat…

x x x

Night. Pain and Bou are alone, in the dark green room, on the bed.

Bou: I guess we’re stuck here for weeks, or months, without sex. Unless you wanna help me out.
Pain: Do I look like someone who wants to help you out? And, you have seen – the Upper Mara is full of hot girls. Choose any.
Bou: I don’t trust them. I’m scared that all of them might be…Rai.

Pain is smiling, staring up at the ceiling.

Bou: (moves closer to Pain) Check it out. High quality product. 100% human all the way down.
Pain: Great promotion. (after a pause) Ok. Let’s do it.
Bou: (surprised) Really?

Rai’s voice inside of the room: What’s up gorgeous people of Mars?

Bou: Well, trying to find my junk to set Pain’s body on fire.

Pain is laughing.  

Rai’s voice: Okay. I’m leaving, but if you need me – I’m right here!
Pain and Bou: (together) Go awaaaayyy, Rai!

(after 2 minutes in complete silence)
Pain: Do you think this freak can see us?

x x x

Somewhere in Gizeh, Egypt, between 2589 and 2504 BC.

A middle-aged man, King Arr, is sitting alone in his chamber. He is talking to himself.

The A: Xeos Kingdom is falling. 85 years of work for nothing!!
First R: You are always worrying too much. Spend the day with your son.

The boy, his son Mara, is silently watching the scene from a dark corner of the chamber.

Second R: Don’t tell me what to do. I am King Arr, the one who survived death!
The A: … and mingling with the gods.

Maata Kheru, the council of Truth and Balance, is knocking on the door.

King Arr: You again?
Maata Kheru: The disease is spreading, my king. I’m asking permission to save the women and children by moving them outside of the dangerous zone.
King Arr: Outside of Xeos? The city that I built with my own blood and tears? Never!
Maata Kheru: People are dying. Look at your son, he is… scared.
King Arr: (mumbling to himself) …his death isn’t born yet. (to Maata ) He’ll stay in the castle with me. Four hundred and eighty-one feet of building, for what?! King Arr refuses to run! Go back and say that to my people!
Maata Kheru: Forgive my boldness, but what about your 135 beautiful wives? They fear for the future.
King Arr: Let them fear. Wait… wait! Bring me a jar of our strongest brew. The big one. Or two. One to my son.

x x x

Cash’s team arrives at the space station near Pearl. The tension between Alexis and Alma is very obvious.

Alma: (to Goe) She is nothing to look at.
Goe: Do you mean, Alexis? Yeah. Her face is quite asymmetrical, a few blue spots on her hands, I guess from fights. Mm, gorgeous eye lashes, a pair of big, coffee brown eyes. I’d say she is lovely and seems – very confident.
Alma: I hate you! When you describe her like that she seems flawless…

x x x

Cash is trying to reach Carnelian Snabb via video-chat.

Cash: Alma, Goe, Ichi, Ola! Let’s share info and details about Pearl, inside of the Amen-room.

They move to the Amen-room.

Ichi: I’ve prepared a report about Pearl’s condition and surface. It is similar in physical characteristics to Uranus and Neptune. The Pearl has a solid shell and atmosphere, mostly consist of water, silicon, oxygen, and magnesium. We have found also hydrogen and helium. Numbers are on the screen.
Alexis: At least someone is working on this team…
Goe: O-o-o, lady!
Alexis: Don’t “O” me, boy! My good mood took a day off.

Ola (advanced, three-eyed) is checking the samples of water and ground.

Cash: Please, Alexis, you are making things difficult. Leave aside your superiority complex! We have work to do!
Alexis: (her face softened) Promise you’ll spend this night with me.
Cash: I can’t!
Ola: (chuckling) I can…
Alexis: Because?
Cash: I have to fuck her. It’s an order, and part of my job.
Ola: (through his teeth) Best job ever…
Alexis: You mean you are not enjoying it, right?
Cash: (annoyed, leaving the Amen-room) You bitches are going to make me wish I killed myself a long time ago.

Alma and Goe are watching (behind the glass, in another room) how Alexis and Ola work with the samples from Pearl’s surface. 

Goe: Cash is cursed.
Alma: Don’t say that. Cash is a great guy.
Goe: How do you know that?
Alma: Knowing is in the eye of the beholder.
Goe: Cut this Advanced Way religious crap! Did you sleep with him? If Pain finds out…
Alma: It was an accident. Please, don’t tell her. I have to…

Ichi is behind them.

Ichi: Here you are! I saw Alexis and Cash in the conference room one hour ago. I think we should let them stay in our biggest tube, because the way he kissed her made me blush…
Alma: (leaving in hurry) Shit!
Ichi: What did I say? What’s wrong?
Goe: Nothing. Relax. Let Alexis kick her ass.

x x x

Dante, Mimo and Shon arrived at Exodus, village of rebels.

Mimo: This place looks like a huge tomb. Where are we?
Dante: Under Mara’s kingdom. You’ll sleep in this hut today. With Shon. When he’s done with you…
Mimo: Excuse me! Am I a prisoner here? Or a sex slave?
Dante: Neither, but it’s me and Shon or the crowd down the hill… your choice!

Mimo is spreading the branches of a hut, looking down. Life “boils” in Exodus: hundreds of men (mostly mutants) are sitting around the fire. Some of them are cooking big snakes, some are training, some are crawling to the hut.

Shon: They know you are here. They have never seen a female human before. Are you ready to meet our best warriors?
Mimo: I don’t like using this word, but… I’m fucked!

x x x

Mars. Circle “Seeds.”
Little boy, 6-years old, is glued to a wall of sparking silver matter. He is in pain. A man, the leader of Advanced Way – the main religion of Netericus – is wearing a long black gown and watching the boy suffer.

David: I do not see anything. It’s too blurry.
Callum Relman: Blurry doesn’t bring you a warm blanket and a peaceful sleep, my child.
Elin: You should let him rest, Callum, at least for a couple of days.
Callum Relman: I don’t have a couple of days. I need the answer now! Where is this damn crystal??
Elin: (shouting) If you lead him into danger, he’ll collapse!

David is in agony. His body is shaking.

Callum Relman: Okay. I’ll give you 19 days. I have to focus on another problem – the Eight from Team Happiness have to choose a new leader of Circle “SciTech.” Mark my words, change is coming…

x x x

Mars. Main Vault of ‘Rulers’.
Advanced policeman, Jacob, is sitting in a dark room of Vault of Memories. His shift has just started. Bruck is going through files for Elin (on the big screen behind Jacob’s back).

Jacob: How is your new partner?
Bruck: Worshipping my soul the best she can… Look, where can I find D34-B88002?
Jacob: I heard about her – she was Callum’s partner, from Advanced Way.
Bruck: No way!
Jacob: Netericus’ damn life, right? (after a pause) And we don’t have this file anymore. Gzero Times picked it, a week ago. I heard he’s died from overdose, Seneca drug.

x x x

Circle “Rulers.”
Bruck arrives home on time, not wanting to be late to his daily sex routine (rule #2089).

Eliza: Five seconds and I’m ready.
Bruck: No problem. I can wait.

Bruck is falling asleep and dreaming about Elin.

Elin is in his room, in a red lingerie. She says, “Just push your tongue as far as you can.” Bruck’s bloated old monster swings into the light. Elin smiles. Bruck deliberately misses Elin’s mouth and slides his loaded gun into Callum’s mouth instead. The face of the man shakes and he yells, “Gently, bitch, or I’ll beat those red little balls right off you.” Elin laughs. “He is so tender down there,” she says.

 Bruck awakes. What a crazy nightmare!

Eliza: (already on top, moving slowly) Didn’t want to wake you up… seems you can’t get hard again, but I feel good anyway.
Bruck: Sorry, too much work lately. Can’t focus.

x x x

Eliza Gebel is knocking on the door of cathedral – “Advanced Way.”

Callum Relman: It’s open, Eliza! I’m waiting for you, my child.
Eliza: Where, Father Callum?

He is in the bubble bath, with a glass of champagne.

Callum Relman: Jump in. Did you bring me what I asked for?
Eliza: Yes, Father.
Callum Relman: Leave it on the table. And prove to me you are worth my daily troubles…

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