“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 7 – Goe #privatejournal

Reminder: A group of six (Pain, Bou, Mimo, Alma, Ichi and Goe) has been send to Pearl, the ninth planet. Humans (both advanced and primitive) hope to find a new planet suitable for living and breathing outside.

The group of ‘advanced’ humans (Cash, Alexis and Ola) is on the way to Pearl. Goe, Ichi and Alma are spending most of the time inside of space shuttle, while waiting the arrival of Cash’s team. 
Pain and Bou are pulled inside of the Pearl, discovering The Kingdom of Mara deep under the ground.
Mimo is stuck with Shon, the rebel and the member of Ebisu movement (against Mara and her regime).

You can always read all chapters here – “The Pearl Territory” page, 1-6


Welcome to my closet. Sit down. Make yourself at home. Too dark? One moment, I’ll fix it. How did you find me? I guess you are wondering why I’m inviting you to my closet, but this is where I’ve been living for the past 13 years.

Because I am a wizard.
And I hate it.
I hate the idea of occultism, alchemy or any exorcism.

What? Would you like to check my backyard? Look, I’ve got thousands of jars with healing stones, magical herbs, palmistry and crystals. Do I see auras? Of course I do. As well as dreams, chakras, souls, sacred trees and your yummy-shaped, hot body. But here’s the thing. Nothing in this world is given to you for free. And even if you do not believe in magic, please, listen to my story…




Weirdly accurate
And a damn real story!

Our universe is the infinite gloom of energy. In 2697, Lewis Maat made a breakthrough by finding an absolutely new kind of energy that made space travel very comfortable and fast. We should call him The Savior of Humanity, because without him, the Netericus colony on Mars would never exist.

Dark energy

Kinetic energy

Solar energy

Magnetic energy


Love energy
Magic… you name it.

And among all that shit is me. Or to be correct, my family. Each of us is connected to the Dead Lake (in Belarus, located on Earth), where the first wizard, Vasil Ptah, was born. We are the Last of Arr, the ninth generation of the oldest and the greatest (or legendary) wizards wearing sacred weapons close to our hearts. Each wizard has a specific element, color and sound to perform his magic. My personal color is yellow, my stone is jasper, my sound is “wind of warbler” and my power is located at the solar plexus.

For a while, I believed that I was on the good side… but after years of studying, I’ve completely changed my views and, frankly speaking, it has also demolished all my “good-guy-white-magic” hopes. We are providing services to a demon called Mara. We are holding his precious amulet in safety – we are liars representing evil.

My father told me that the demon Mara holds in his command 4,601,200 spirits of hell. Those spirits are chanting eternal praise for Mara, who is a supreme monarch of all Dark. Simply, they are nourishing their king with the love and power from the infernal side.

According to The Book of Arr, Mara got his magical abilities from “the plant of life,” which appears to have grown beside a great Dead Lake (right, in no-one-knows-where-Belarus). The place was called “the bread of eternity” and was supposed to have provided food for all dead souls. Poor things have to eat!  Which, in return, would feed Mara with more witchcraft and energy.

My father called Mara “the doomed prince.” I think he felt sorry for the guy… But despite that, he collected all the info he could find: about Arr, Mara, Khu, Vasil Ptah, and his relatives. Different kinds of documents, and especially The Book of Arr, are safely hidden in a special vault of AXA Bank, on Netericus. My father’s biggest hope was that the next generation of “Goe” would discover something extraordinary or new – something that would allow us to break the chain of deadly connection between wizards and the demon.

fragments of historical information,
magical books,
scientific and theological papers,
opinions of witnesses,

are fairly represented in that vault, too. Yeah… I just described the place where I spent most of my free time. Sounds awesome, right?

From The Book of Arr:

“Khu is man’s other Self. When a man’s soul is completely tired of human existence, it tries to destroy itself. Usually the soul turns to Khu, asking for help. Khu sees the opportunity to leave the shadows and to conquer the world. Instead of helping humans, Khu possesses their souls and bodies, creating the mighty spirit of Two that controls unbelievable power of dark…”

It is only a legend. But my family believed that a long time ago, King Arr stepped over the line when he tried to save his only son, Mara. Arr’s desire to bring back his son from the grave created “the wrong and the ugly” we face today.

The most important possession in our family is the watch of Mara. It has an absolutely white clock face. No scratches or cracks. How to activate the amulet? Nobody knows. My father said the watch is the key to Mara’s death. I don’t care. I just wanna find the way out, because right now I’m in the darkness and can’t see shit! It’s also wrong – being on Pain Berchpull’s team and being a magical fairy ass, pretending that I am an absolutely normal human. Do not forget that I’m also gay.

It’s fucking wrong!
Not the last one. Everybody is a little bit gay on Netericus.

“You are very good at hiding, Goe!” you’d say. Ha ha. Maybe. People come and go. Mara stays. And I continue to live, even if only inside the closet. I have to follow the rules, yes… but I can’t stand the idea of hiding – I want to scream that I exist. 
The magical energy that flows through my veins spills out from time to time. It interacts with the world outside. It changes me. I feel it! Or maybe I’m closer to the exit now – to unveiling the truth about Mara.

Or… am I out of balance?
Or, probably, out of my mind?

Fuck, no. I am sensing – something is on the way. I’ll wait. I am patient. My magic will still be there, in the dark closet of my loneliness, behind the silent door that no one can see…

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23 Responses

  1. Hyperion says:

    Wizards and worlds, you can’t go wrong. Looking forward to keeping up with this story.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Yeah i don’t know yet if I’ll let him live or for how long. I have to kill someone lol from the group of 6… :))
      When is time to kill? I mean in the story…

      • Hyperion says:

        Eeeeek! 😬. Oh, the story. That’s true. If nobody kicks the bucket, it turns into a romance novel. We can’t have that. 😆

  2. George F. says:

    Totally diggin’ this…very inspiring…

  3. George F. says:

    …inspiring in the sense that you’ll help me step out of my comfort zone…

  4. Really good. Grabbed my attention.

  5. Tom Darby says:

    This is getting more and more intricate. I love it. My I ask how you develop character names?

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Lol 😂 thx, btw I still don’t have any sheet. I’m too lazy & maybe Mars is too small world. I guess I’ll create hero-sheet after chapter 15/16 or so…
      About names. Again! Always…ALWAYS REMEMBER that I am lazy & have no time for any development 😂 only for writing ✍️. So I’m simply opening my Business Insider app (on phone) & pick names… I mix them (first name from one person, last name from another), but I never think about or bother to think about names. It should sounds “cool” & “simple”. For this particular chapter I used Egyptian myths (I’m reading book right now lol)

      • Tom Darby says:

        Very cool. I’ve always spent too much time trying to come up with a name for a charater. It’s good to know how others do this.

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        Lol don’t waste your time… u should use Business Insider too 😂😂 for example I opened it now & found ->> Kif + deBord there….sounds like a cool guy => Kif deBord Maybe my next hero haha

  6. Baffledmum says:

    How long do I have to wait for the next part!!!!???? X

  7. This is developing into a captivating story. I think you are right it is time for a killing. 😈

  8. Your writing is beautiful

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