“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 6 #dialogue

Reminder: A group of six (Pain, Bou, Mimo, Alma, Ichi and Goe) has been send to Pearl, the Ninth planet. Humans (both advanced and primitive) hope to find a new planet suitable for living and breathing outside.

The group of ‘advanced’ humans (Cash, Alexis and Ola) is on the way to Pearl.
Pain and Bou are pulled under the water, where they are discovering The Kingdom of Mara. 
Mimo is stuck with Shon, the rebel and the member of Ebisu movement (against Mara and her regime).

You can read chapters 1-5 on the page “The Pearl Territory” – click HERE

2200 words

x x x

Bou and Pearl are lying on the bed, intertwined with flowers. Their bodies are naked, muddy and in bruises. The man (fat, with a red curly hair) is entering the room. He is holding dark clothes in his pale chubby hands.

Rai: (bows) My name is Rai and I am assistant of Mara’s House. Every human guest is welcome here. Considering you are our first human guests it is a big honor to serve you.
Bou: No shit. Your ‘hreens’ dragged us through the mud fuck-knows-where and you are calling it ‘welcoming’. I’m wondering what would happen if we’d be the enemies!
Rai: We have certain rules and it was a simple misunderstanding. Mara cares about every citizen and living soul that is passing by.

Pain is trying to cover her breasts.

Rai: (walking around her) I love what I see.
Pain: Touch me and you’ll be in deep shit. I promise you!
Bou: And she’s good at it.
Rai: I can’t help it, ma’am. I am full of testosterone and hardwired for pleasure. Blame my awesome genes. Ha ha! (after pause) Let’s start our journey to Mara’s Castle. Shall we?

Bou and Pain are dressing up and following the man with a red curly hair. They are walking through a couple of long green (moist) tunnels and stepping outside, into the light.

Bou: (shocked by the size and the beauty of Mara’s Kingdom) Jesussss! Impossible!
Pain: How..? (to Rai) Is it some kind of the market down there?
Rai: Follow me. When I was a girl in Lutheran Sunday school, I had a difficult time… (Rai is mumbling the story while walking down to the river. The color of the water is bright teal).

x x x

Three silhouettes are walking down from what seems to be a hill. They are arriving at the edge, near the river. But there’s no bridge over the water. Despite that, a lot of ‘hreens’ (plus creatures in different shapes, forms, languages, clothes) are peacefully walking on some kind of invisible ground.

Pain: Where is the bridge?
Rai: You have to imagine that, darling Pain. Only then you can cross it.
Bou: (laughing like a crazy) I can see it! Pain, look … (he is standing in the middle of the invisible bridge. Bou is running to the left, to the right, waving to Pain) Com’on girl, you can do it!

The bridge is filled with busy locals, chickens with the five-store-long legs, snakes on the leash, rhino with seven horns and so on.

x x x

The market.

Bou: You again said ’no’ to Alma…
Pain: She tried too hard. She should consider herself lucky – look at the mess we got us in.
Bou: Does it mean you don’t trust her?
Pain: I trust her. I have to. She is the part of my team and I picked you guys because you are the best. It’s just… (she stop and look up) she tried toooooo hard. Where the light comes from? (continue her walk through the crowd)
Bou: Maybe she hates you after Venus-trip.
Pain: (sighed) I’d rather be there now. Because I think monsters we met on Venus are nothing considering these… (she is showing around with her hand). And look at my skin and dress.

Bou and Pain are laughing.

Bou: (worried) Hm, I don’t understand how they are paying?
Pain: Maybe something similar to Netericus. We also don’t use any money. It’s all automatic. Netericus knows everything about you – where you are at, what you are buying, and when, sex-position you prefer …
Bou: It’s getting hot. I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to ice-cream right now.
Rai (suddenly stops, turns to them): What kind of flavor would you like?
Bou (sarcastic voice): Right. Okay, pistacchio for me. And you, Pain?
Pain: Strawberry.

Rai walks in into the yellow cabin on the right side of the road and after 2 minutes comes back with 2 ice-creams cones.

Rai: Always remember – everything is possible in Mara’s Kingdom.
Pain (licking her ice-cream): How do you pay for things you are buying on Mara, Rai?
Rai: Do you see that small guy with hanging to the ground ears, in blue pants? He is from the galaxy SG-T564 by the way. Look, he’s placing his hand on the counter before leaving.
Pain and Bou: (together) Yeah…
Rai: It is a blood sample. In exchange of the product they are offering their service. Mara is the only place in the entire universe that has any kind of product, from any century or place. In return we’re asking for a service-pledge. We call it POH – parole of honor.
Bou: And if they’d say “no” to your POH?
Rai: (laughing, holding hands on his fat belly) I assure you, they’d prefer to keep the word.

The eyes of Rai are changing the color to green. Pain and Bou are feeling uncomfortable. Rai is starting to cough, bowing again and they continue their journey to the Mara’s Castle.

x x x

1985. Dead Lake in Belarus. The woman in a long blue dress is sitting on the grass. A blonde boy, 13 years old, is throwing stones into the water.

Mara: So peaceful here.
Vasil: My dad says there’s no fish and the place is haunted. You know, ghosts and such… Demons.
Mara: Do you believe in it?
Vasil: All I know that people are trying to avoid Dead Lake.
Mara: You are a big boy, Vasil. And I want to tell you a story. But you have to promise me one thing.
Vasil: Anything you want aunt Maria.
Mara: The story is about King Arr, the most powerful wizard in the entire universe. His only son, Mara, drowned in this lake. His father was so devasted that he asked the spirit of Dead Lake to give his son a second chance. And so… the demon was created.

She is telling the full story.

Vasil: Freaky. So, what was the gift you were talking about?
Mara: Ha ha. Promise me that you’ll do exactly as I ask.
Vasil: I promise.
Mara: Each son that will be born should be named Goe. Your bloodline will be a keeper of this watch.
Vasil: (looking at the watch-charm) Looks cheap. There’s only white clock face… (he is disappointed) How does it work?
Mara: You’ll know when the time will come. Until then – enjoy your life, Vasil. And as I promised I’ll grant you any wish or desire.
Vasil: I want an apple.
Mara: Of course, silly. Give me your hand…

x x x

Mimo and Shon are in the green room, filled with the water.

Shon: (he doesn’t feel well, delirious) Listen, I need a favor. In case if I’d end up dead…
Mimo: Dead? Do you mean they are going to kill us?
Shon: ‘Hreens’ hates me. We arrived to steal the sacred crystal and we won’t give up.
Mimo: Crystal? What’s kind of the crystal?
Shon: (angry, splashing water with his hands) There’s something wrong with you, humans, fuckin’ jigsaw puzzled “minds”! I told you the story!
Mimo: I thought it was only a fairytale…

x x x

Cash’s team on the way to Pearl.

Alexis: I can’t find them. Pearl has changed its orbit again.
Cash: Try the synthetic stimulation of the universe. And contact Alma, she’ll give you the new coordinates.
Alexis: Her coordinates are “false”. Just as she is.
Cash: Where’s Ola?
Alexis: Jerking off near the window.
Cash: (sarcastically) What he is gonna do with all his cum at the end of this trip?

Alexis got up, went over to Cash, laid her body over the edge of his chair, her feet on the floor, and said “Fuck me.”

x x x

2703. Munich, Germany.

Goe: I got your message, pa. What’s going on?
Father: You are going to Netericus instead of me.
Goe: What? Noooo… Why?
Father: Because you are going to finish the mission.
Goe: I don’t understand.
Father: It’s about that charm I gave you when you were a little boy. Let’s meet tomorrow and I’ll tell you everything I know (after the pause). Keep it safe, the watch.

Goe is looking at the white clock face. His face is puzzled.

x x x

Shon: (opens his eyes) Dante is here.
Mimo: Your leader? How do you know?
Shon: Because I can see what you cannot see. We are connected.

There’s a fight near the door. A group of rebels is entering the room, helping Mimo and Shon escape. 

Dante: I see someone changes his girls regularly, otherwise life gets boring. Right Shon?

Shon smiles.

Mimo: Exuse me!!
Dante: Shut up ‘Human Hole’. Time to run!

Dante, Shon, Mimo and 3 more men are running through the tunnels. The green dust from the walls is turning into creatures with a red body, five horns and 15 eyes…

x x x

The Castle. Mara and Pain in the room.

Mara: It doesn’t work here, isn’t it?
Pain: I don’t understand what do you mean, Mr. Mara.
Mara: Your abilities. To make me suffer for everything I’ve done. To send the enormous amount of pain through my mind and body.

Pain doesn’t answer.

Mara: I know about your uncle too.
Pain: Again. I don’t understand what do you mean.
Mara: He said he loves you. And what did you do?
Pain: Why are we here? I’m sure our team is already contacted Mars. They’ll send more people. And then…
Mara: O-o-o, stop your horses, girl!
Pain: We’ve been dragged down like animals.
Mara (chuckling) Ah, Pain, Pain… don’t be so naive. (after the pause) Admit, they sent you to get the sacred crystal.
Pain: What crystal? We are on the mission to check the Ninth planet. We are looking for a new place to live. The planet where we can breathe outside!
Mara: Whatever. They probably never told you.

The door opens. Bou is entering the room.

Mara: Look at this damn hottie!

Bou’s eyes are sparkling. He sees Mara differently – as the woman.

x x x

On the ship.

Carnelian Snabb: I was sick as parrot last night. I drunk everything I could possibly find, and…
Alma: Sir!
Carnelian Snabb: Yes?
Alma: I understand that you are in a sad, terribly gloomy state right now, but Pain, Bou and Mimo are still missing. Cash is also… fucking gone. He doesn’t answer my messages.
Carnelian Snabb: I’m sure its Alexis. She is ill.
Alma: What do you mean?
Carnelian Snabb: Ugly ill in the wrong place. Ha ha ha!
Alma: Sir! Sir?

x x x

Goe and Ichi are kissing, outside, without helmets.

Ichi: That’s a nice piece of ass.
Goe: Let’s do it here. My way… long strokes.
Alma (inside of helmet): I have an idea what will happen now, but show a little compassion to the girl who can hear all your bullshit.
Ichi: If you had a dick, you’d be in trouble.

Alma is laughing.

x x x

Circle Artistic. The body without head has been found outside of the illegal club “Grace”. The body belongs to Gzero Times.

Richard Daw: No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop him.
Brian Kottler: People who suffer from low self-esteem are especially vulnerable to “Seneca” drug.
Richard Daw: We have to tell to all members what happened.
Brian Kottler: Let me handle this…
Richard Daw: Sure, doc.

Brian Kottler is writing: “…died from Chagas disease, cyclical vomiting syndrome mixed with inner ear disorder and paroxysmal tachycardia. The blood tests showed also pigeon allergy and pyroluria of social anxiety.”

x x x

On the balcony of Mara’s Castle, which connects 8 different towers.

Bou: She is beyond hot. Interesting who’s fucking that Queen?
Pain: Whom?
Bou: Mara. I’m talking about Mara.
Pain (surprised, looking at Bou) Mara is a guy. About 40-ish. Yeah, stylish and hot, but still… a man.
Bou: No, you are wrong! She is a female. Delicious boobs.
Pain: No way! Fuck, Mara is both – man and woman.

x x x

1957. The home-gallery of Marc Chagall, Paris.
A beautiful brunette is sitting in the hall.

Marcel: My goodness, what a dazzling creature! Can I ask what are you doing here, lady…?
Mara: My name is Louise Bonnard and I’m here to see Marc. I’d like to buy one of his paintings.
Marcel: I see. But buying art is not like buying a car or a handbag. Its determined by how the work is perceived in the context of the byers world. Our perception is a complex phenomenon. (after a pause) I know all Marc’s works. I’m his art-dealer and a friend, Marcel Klee.
Mara: (slowly licking her lips) Maybe you’d show me around, Marcel… while we are waiting.
Marcel: With pleasure. What’s the name of the painting?
Mara: “David and Bathsheba”.
Marcel (surprised): But isn’t it biblical? The face of king David and his love.
Mara (placing her hands on Marcel’s hand): Exactly. Show me where is it.

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