“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 18, #dialogue

Mars is divided in 9 “circles” (or regions):

  • Circle SciTech
  • Circle Energy
  • Circle FoodFarm
  • Circle Impro (studying, teaching, learning)
  • Circle BioMed
  • Circle Junk
  • Circle Rulers
  • Circle Casso (artistic)
  • Circle Seeds (kids; keeps separately)

Each circle has a leader. Every week, the leaders gather in the Ellipse Hall. They represent the government and call themselves – “Team Happiness” or HT.
“Soul repository” is the place where you can leave your soul. Being soulless is allowed for 1 Martian year (687 Earth days). It is not allowed to swap or give away your soul. Humans still believe it is a sacred part of life.
Junk Circle – represents prison
Happiness Team – represents political system/or government  Advanced Way – the main religion of Mars (has a big influence on politics and economics in Netericus)
Rulers – a new kind of Police/Justice System

x x x

The Kingdom of Mara.
Pain feels, as if she is being turned around or upside down. The invisible foamy chains abruptly strangle her hands. The Mara’s Palace disappears from the view and she feels like being yanked from side to side, then pulled under the ground and out of the Pearl.

Is there anything else under The Kingdom of Mara?

Pain soars in the space looking at the strange round room below.

 Mr. Time: (from the green couch) Stop screaming! You are freaking me out! (pausing) Go on, treat us like shit. It’s not like you are the first one…

Pain shakes her head in disbelief.

Mr. Time: Great! Thank you for being honest. Yes, I can read your thoughts. Don’t worry, child, a lot of people are usually too cocky to admit that they are:

  1. Scared of me;
  2. Do not like me;
  3. Want a piece of me for themselves.

Pain opens her mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

Mr. Time: Yes, I know, I know. I talk too much and I need someone to take all that power away from me (sighs).

Pain falls down, right on the chair opposite relaxed Mr. Time.

Mr. Time: Ahhh humans, it feels like being on the Earth all over again WHILE knowing what will happen to it. So predictable. (pauses) Well, let’s start why you are here. Because I didn’t invite you, lil shitty arse.

Meanwhile, in The Kingdom of Mara…

Bou feels as if some kind of a strange cloud is forming a volcano, and Pain suddenly disappears. He is frightened and after making a few punches into the air, turns and runs downhill, to The Market, shouting for help.

x x x

Space Shuttle. Cash is holding a gift box in his hands.

Cash: Please, don’t be angry with me.
Alma: (curious, flirting) I am not angry. What are you up to?
Cash:  This is for you…I don’t want to ruin our Christmas time.
Alma: (big yes, laughs) Christmas?
Cash: Yes, it would be right now, if we’d still been on the Earth. (he holds a wrapped gift in his hands) Ignore the bad wrapping. Go on, open it.
Alma: What is it? (she tears it and opens the box)
Alma slowly lifts a dark blue dildo, incrusted with diamonds.
Alma: It’s beautiful…I guess… Is it what I think it is? How did you find it?
Cash: At the dark market Shmoase, on Pluto. I couldn’t resist. It reminded me of you. It was kind of like a sign or something…
Alma: (angry) A sign?
Cash: (with hope in the voice) Fate?
Alexis: (slowly enters the room, clapping her hands) This one is very special. Just out of my vagina into yours. What a fate! Ha ha!
Alma:  Nonsense, and liar!!!
Alexis: I am always telling the truth, I am an advanced mechanism…a robot. (walks past mad Alma’s eyes and irritated back of silent Cash) Make me a cup of coffee, girl. I had a rough night last night…
Alma: Kiss my butt bitch!

Alma punches Alexis. Fight.

 x x x

Circle Rulers.
Faro stripps off his shorts, leans down and take Elin’s dry surprising hands in his… Elin resists.

Faro: What is wrong? You haven’t asked about my appointment with the doctor this morning.
Elin: (bored) How did it go?

Faro stands up, leaves the room. He can’t get past the suspicion circling in his head.

Faro: (shouts) I know what’s going on!

Elin freezes.

Faro: Have you got something to hide from me, Elin?
Elin: (protests) That’s ridiculous. What do you mean?
Faro: Wow! I am impressed, you finally learn-e-ed how to…

The doorbell rings.

Elin: (irritated) My God, who is it?

The doorbell rings again.
And again.

Faro: (sarcastically) Somebody is very anxious to get here.

Elin opens the door and sees two ‘advanced’, Boop and Beep – very famous guards of “Oakwood” hotel on Netericus.

Boop: This ‘couple’ is going to be yummy delicious!
Beep: I hope you are right, BUT… we aren’t here to kill them.

Faro: (steps forward) What can I do to help, gents?
Boop: (to Faro) We are here to collect new Biao Mei for Mr. Daw.
Elin: (worried, looking at her partner) What does it mean, Faro? Did you know about it?Beep: (to Elin) Just relax, ma’am. Take a deep breath. Mr. Daw will be happy to spend quality time with such a nice lady. You look, mmm (checks her old khaki t-shirt and black dusty shorts, smiles) – fantastic?
Elin: (angry, to Faro) You are not surprised, are you?
Faro (hugs and whispers to Elin’s ear): Just a couple of days, darling. I’ve messed up, forgive me.
Elin: (loud) Oh yeah. SURE! Then you won’t mind if I’d ask you to fuck off from my life. I don’t want to see you again when I get back. IF I get back…
Faro (silly smile to Boop and Beep): She is kidding. Her moods swing from hot to cold all the time. Say ‘hi’ to Mr. Daw from me.

x x x

Pearl – The Kingdom of Mara. Pasadena Room. Queen Vega and 3 other mutants (soldiers) are in the room, waiting for Mara.

Queen Vega: Where’s my Dante? I want to see my boy. Each time I’m visiting, he is either on a mission or saving a Kingdom. I want to meet him. NOW!
Rai: He is speaking at the seminar for … cosmic designers.
Queen Vega: (wistful smile) Ah, he is so smart, my little angel.
Rai: (doubtful) Truly…
Queen Vega: I want him at the dinner on the 33rd Sund Movement, applauding my humble decision to remarry Bremmer, my dedicated and faithful magician.
Rai: Congratulations! (worried) I don’t know though, how much applauding he’d do, considering he is out of reach.
Queen Vega: (grumpy) But the seminar is not forever, Rai. (pauses) I was mad at him for soooo long, but he is my son. I know he was mad at me too.

Mara: (suddenly appears near Rai) I’m going to put my cards on the table, Queen Vega. Dante left The Kingdom 3 slotts ago, he is the leader of Exodus now.
Queen Vega: (pretending she is shocked) Not my boy, it is impossible!
Rai: (crouching) A long shower would help to revive the spirit, lady Vega, and hm, (notices the magician’s head behind) gents.
Mara: Let’s start with a glass of chardonnay, shall we?
Queen Vega: (freakishly) Only if you’ve got my favorite eye-crackers…
Rai: Everything is in order!

The words are echoing in The Queen’s mind. She stops, turns to Mara. The head of her magician is right behind her.

 The Head of Magician Bremmer: (slowly) We spoke with the soul of Marcel, the fashion designer who lived on the fourth floor of Marc Chagall’s building. He remembers you.
Mara: (with caution) So?
Queen Vega: He was also a witch. He told Bremmer that he had chatted with you a couple of times. He told us he remembers your handsome partner. (pauses) You promised me, Mara, that you’ll never, EVER, use crystal on him… look…
Mara: (interrupts) Ah, he is such a stunner, your Dante. People always notice him. Well, I’d be delighted to find him and bring him back. However, as you know… Exodus is moving. It doesn’t have a coordinate or place.
The Head of Magician Bremmer: That is not quite correct. All you need is his mutant ID – a drop of Dante’s blood.
Mara: I may help with that…

Mara and Rai leave. Queen and the shadow of her magician remains in the room.

Queen Vega: What do you think?
The Head of Magician Bremmer: We are ready, my Queen. Just give me a sign.
Queen Vega: (hatefully) Destroy it! 

x x x

Dead Lake, Belarus. 1988.  

Goe: Is it lavender?
Vasil: It is.
Goe: This smell will be forever saved in my mind, along with the rest of the memories.

Vasil sits on the edge of the stone, with the look focused on the water.

Vasil: (sad) She asked me to do something. I mean, Mara…
Goe: (with hope in the voice) What exactly?
Vasil: To kill you.

Suddenly, Vasil jumps in the water, dives in. Goe is waiting outside, patiently. Vasil is wet… he laughs and turns into Mara (or her reflection?).

 Mara: I’m usually having more fun when I’m telling this story for newcomers looking for my death. Maybe if we play it again – I can do it better. The question is only:  …dead or injured, Goe?
Goe: (with a sarcasm) Do I have a choice, Mara? You have fooled me, again.
Mara: Ah, no. You don’t, but I’m telling you – you’d love being dead. 

She laughs and pulls in Goe, inside of Dead Lake.

To read full story – The Pearl Territory

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