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Why am I breaking myself into pieces striving to please everybody and pretending I agree with their bullshit? Why am I trying to save these cynical, arrogant and cruel creatures who call themselves “advanced humans?” Am I weak? Am I deluded?

I was born in Kyota (Japan) but grew up in Fort Saskatchewan (Canada). I’m the youngest of four children. At the age of 6, I attended Sherritt private school in Alberta. As the most skilled kid in math and physics, I was transferred to the North-West Agrium International University at the age of 14.

What can I say about my childhood? From a very early age, I sacrificed my sleep and rest to study. I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, called SCRAM: my brain attacks the immune system and I feel like I can’t move, think or talk. But despite that, I traveled the world, went everywhere I could without allowing myself a moment of peace.

Because there’s no peace.

I made connections with a like-minded people, joined a group of students against political corruption and became a member of the powerful party Earth Aid. Back then I was only 18-years old.
I participated in each attack on the old government and especially in demonstrations against AI.

Do you remember the one on July 7 (year 2700)?
Hell, yeah!

After Maat’s breakthrough in science, when space travel advanced superfast, our lives changed drastically. I have to admit, I volunteered for the expedition to Netericus, because Earth Aid wanted access to the heart of their mission: information about a new-build Martian colony. We needed an insider in Pain’s group. Well, I was quickly accepted, thanks to my robotic background (education). A couple of years… and X-ray hit the Earth.

That day is called Black Sulfur.

We tried to warn the world, to prevent the disaster, but no one listened. Let’s hope all those negative experiences and emotions will help us learn… because we have to learn if we want to fix all the damage we’ve made. In 2023, we told them “stop the pollution and global warming NOW” – and they laughed in return; in 2308, we started a month long strike in 95 countries, we protested when the AI became President of the U.S. – ha, they just stumped their we-know-better-how-to-rule foot in our faces; in 2697, they found a new kind of energy – and look, here we are, on Mars, in the middle of suffering and pain.

Pain is our drive.
Anxiety is our power.
It pushes us forward.
It makes us change the way things are.

The EA group is quite extreme: we believe that only a tremendous blow (or death as the end result), without any doubt, is the solution to stop destroying this Universe. For many years we had been taught to face madness of any kind, even bullets and torture. We know that being dead is not the end of an idea. Ideas continue to breath, continue to infect other minds, continue to punish the flaws of our artificial disaster and irresponsible politics.

To be killed is what we expect.
We are ready!

People I hate the most on Netericus? #1 Pastor Hoff – I’m sure he is the mind behind all crazy ideas of the Advanced Way Church (father Callum is too stupid and too greedy); #2 – Flo, my sister, the head of AXA Bank; #3 – Goe… ah, my wonderful Goe. The biggest liar. The sweetest soul representing evil. He is so good at hiding his dark abilities, at pretending that he is, absolutely, a normal human being. Well, the day when I’ll whip his wizardish ass is very near…

Closer than you think, love!

We believe in smart technology – we do – but we desire to see Earth full of people again, and if it is impossible, we’ll spend our lives trying to make it so.

Did you ask why?

Look at the horror of life on Netericus! The ever-growing list of mad rules… it must be ended! The controlling Demon of Advanced Technology should exist only in fairytales; it can NOT and should NOT represent our society. So here it is, my answer to your why – for our next generations, brother!

War is our blood.
Death is our voice.

There are 280 of us on Netericus. Some work as scientists, some are engineers, some grow the food. We are working in teams of 5: we don’t know each other (names, faces), but we are bounded by the vow – to save the Earth.

Because our wonderful rock is alive. The Earth has survived.

P.S. About Gin Palace. Yes, I’m violating Netericus’ laws by selling Seneca drug, the direct threat to the existence of advanced humans. But if you ever tell anyone… I’ll deny it. And I’ll kill you with my bare hands.

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3 Responses

  1. Wow, Victoria Ray. Serious guy.

  2. Jerry Laiche says:

    Wow, are you in your dark cycle? Or is summer in Sweden the realm of Loki? BTW the writing is looking good. And you say its steam of consciousness? You go girl !

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Thank you! Well it was a stream of consciousness but then I edited it 🙂 and sent for proofreading. There’s a revolution ahead of us…I have to create a leader for that lol 😂

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