“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 10 #dialogue

Quite raw piece, 2000 words. I’ll attach the edited variant (in Word) later this week. 

Circle Impro. Two silhouettes are sitting and drinking whiskey (in the private room of The Church ‘Advanced Way’). 

Father Callum: …this is how our Universe works, Richard. If we’ll live in accordance with the laws, our life will come into a flow state, and we’ll be able to enter the infinite consciousness of God’s mind. You may heard that some ‘primitive’ bastards call it a Divine Matrix. 
Richard Daw: Well, I understand that, Father. (pause) So what do you really want from me?
Father Callum: I need your vote in the Ellipse Hall next week.
Richard Daw: What for?
Father Callum: For my invention – “Naked Service”.

Richard Daw is spilling his last drink, laughing and coughing at the same time.

Richard Daw: Naked WHAT? Excuse me…
Father Callum: “Naked Service”. I’d like to add one more rule to Netericus’ Laws. Flexible rule, Richard, #6981. It’s a good thing to do, believe me, people need it. And I promise, it will improve relationships and save a lot of lives. As my loyal friend, you…
Richard Daw: Loyalty is not identical to stupidity, Father. But as the most powerful church on Netericus, the one that dare to make us believe… mmm, in the future without The Earth.

Father Callum: I’ll take it as a ‘yes’. Thank you, my friend.
Richard Daw: My father always told me, “Make friends with people who want the best for you”. I believe this is what you are. Am I right?
Father Callum: Of course.
Richard: More wishes down in your sleeve, Father?
Father Callum: No…no…

Father Callum gives Richard a long puzzled look. Then he closes his eyes and raises his chin. Richard Daw glances at the priest, then – his watch: gets up and walks to the door.

Suddenly, Father Callum is starting to sing.

Down, monsters
I said and I meant it.
I won’t sleep,
Until you are crying,
And for no reason…
Down, monsters,
I said and I meant it
Drink my poison,
Too late to move out,
Be still and quiet…

They are standing and looking at each other.

Richard Daw: A-R-E Y-O-U OK, Father?
Father Callum: (quickly, in one breath) I need 22 girls. Young. I know you can arrange that.
Richard Daw: It’s a cheap trick, Callum. I ain’t scared of you. (long pause, and he continues) Okay. No problem at all.

x x x

Circle Rulers. The house of Bruck and Eliza.

Eliza: (reading) When someone does something you are trying to get them to do – reward them. High None, text 23:17 Where are you going, babe?
Bruck: (he is fully dressed for the job) To meet Faro, we have to prepare Ellipse Hall for the meeting of ‘Nine’.
Eliza: What about daily sex? Sex – the antidote to Martian Chaos. Walk with me, love, walk with God, through the unknown, to our bedroom, to my hidden waterfall…

Bruck is frozen, his heart is thumping: up & down, down & up.

Bruck: But we had a nap together, darling.
Eliza: (hugging him) You have to sacrifice yourself to the highest good, Bruck. And it doesn’t mean to suffer silently while fuckin’ me from behind, but to work willingly, to demand more, and to offer every piece of your distant soul in return.
Bruck: Do you mean – there’s no any escape from IT?
Eliza: Love your wife as you love your job…

Bruck is grabbing her waist, pulling her as close as possible, and then pounding her with his hard ‘pistol’ before settling into long and boring rhythmical trance. A wave of pleasure is shaking Eliza’s body.

x x x 

The home-gallery of Chagall, 1957. Paris.

Marcel: You could be more than you are, Marc.
Marc: But I’m already a painter. And quite accomplished one. And, please, darling, if you’ll meet that woman again, do not trust her.
Marcel: Loise Bonnard? Who is she?
Marc: Just someone.
Marcel: Someone?
Marc: Someone I knew before you and Valentina. (he sees a reflection in the window. He understand, that she left her ‘mirrored Self’ in his house. He whispers.) It is too late, god, too late…

Marc is standing against the wall, blinking, looking at the Shadow of Loise Bonnard (or Mara), in shock. All what is left from his lover Marcel…- is the warm spot of blood.

Mara: Scratch him from the floor. What is his name again? (she’s is laughing) And get the portrait in suite 121, hotel La Réserve. Latest, tomorrow morning.

x x x 

Exodus village. Shon and Mimo are sitting outside, near the green cold fire.

Shon: Tell me everything about your land. And your dirty secrets too. The truth can set you free, they say.
Mimo: What a great recipe for salvation. You should talk with Father Callum.
Shon: Who is he? The King?
Mimo: Noooo!!! Never mind… But I’m telling you, I never heard about any crystal. How could we possibly know that there’s a life here, on the Ninth Planet? It took years to find this magical rock.
Shon: (looking at Dante, who is passing by). He is escaped Eternal Emptiness. It is a prison. Nobody had escaped it, only Dante.
Mimo: How? And what is his real story?
Shon: He was Mara’s assistant, and she fell in love with him. At least some part of her.
Mimo: Is she capable of love?
Shon: I don’t know. But I heard her speech 2 Moons ago and she said, “When you love someone, it is not despite their limitations. It’s BECAUSE of their limitations”.
Mimo: Wow…
Shon: Let me tell you this amazing love story.

He is telling her the story of love between Dante and Mara.

x x x 

Pain, Bou and Zero (one of Mara’s personal guards) are walking around, enjoying the views of the Kingdom. There’s a huge, blue, tube-alike building on the hill of Dunadd, without any doors and windows.

Pain: (reading the words on the dirty greenery of the building) This room cannot be entered.
Bou: Liars. Let me check.

He is touching the walls, trying to get inside.

Zero (guard): There’s no doors. This place is the Utility of Non-Existence. It’s our prison for enemies. Outsiders call it Eternal Emptiness.
Bou: Non-existent prison without any entrance or exit. Fair enough.
Pain: How do they get in? Those enemies?
Rai’s voice: Let suffering be. Accept it… this is the only way in. As well as out.
Pain: Total mayhem. Where are you, Rai?
Rai’s voice: Ha ha. Just enjoying your human conversation.
Bou: I think this damn Kingdom lack some tools.
Rai’s voice: My doves… ho-ho-ho, I won’t argue. What tools do you need, Mr. Powerful and Eclectic? Please, Zero, provide everything that our brave boy wants.

x x x 

The house of Brian Kottler (famous doctor). Three in the hall.

Brian Kottler: We’re trying to keep people from getting hurt. That’s all.
Jacob: (smiling) I understand. And they deserve to know that you are trying, doc. But in case if you would like to keep it quiet… I mean your involvement in producing of “Seneca”-drug…
Elin: (stepping out from the darkness) How much?
Jacob: Let’s start with a blowjob.
Brian Kottler: Ridiculous! Sex in exchange of your silence. Wake up! If you need sex, I’d take you to San-Francisco. Tonight!
Jacob: (angry) I want her! (to Elin) And I want her to scream in pain… (to the doctor) Nothing in this life is free. You kill ‘advanced’ – you have to pay.
Elin: Okay. I have a question for you.
Jacob: (frowns) What is it?

In this moment Brian Kottler sticks deadly injection in Jacob’s neck. The face of Vault’s Officer looks like he might cry. Last breath… Jacob dies.

x x x 

The Pearl. On the space-shuttle.

Alexis: (reading) “She craved men’s bodies to quell her lusty passions, but her lovers were trapped in a web of mobster terror…”
Ichi: Just like you. Always horny.
Alexis: Like you know…
Ola: Drop the veil, sis. The whole Netericus knows you, tooooo well.
Alexis: You two are so depressing. Where’s Cash?
Ola: Your favorite ‘dicktail’? I saw how he duded up and left to the Suck & Jump Party. To Alma’s room, ha ha.

Ichi is laughing too.

 Alexis: (to Ola) I ain’t mad only because I know you hundreds years, cave man! (to Ichi) Well, let’s check your Gin Palace.
Ichi: (cautious) We don’t have one. Pain’s rules: she is strictly against the drugs.
Alexis: (leaning toward Ichi, until the edge of the table is pressed into his chest, cutting a line into his white t-shirt) But you can get one, right?

Ichi is silent, thinking.

Ola: (grinning) Com’on! Just do it, give us the cookies… I promise I’ll wash the dishes, ha ha.

Ichi is leaving. He is standing in his private comp (room), holding the forbidden drug in his hands: black oil inside of gummy pipes.

x x x 

After the ‘Naked Service’ at the Church “Advanced Way.”

Carnelian Snabb: I’m going to have a heart attack. Such a beautiful service, Father…
Father Callum: You need to start ‘exercising’ more. Would you like to try that girl, mmm, tonight?
Carnelian Snabb:… in white socks? A little bit too young.
Father Callum: Sally! Come closer, my angel. (when a young naked girl in the white socks comes closer, the priest continues) My child, Mr. Snabb is your NS-father. That means he is going to stay in your room tonight, and teach you…
Carnelian Snabb: (interrupting Farther Callum) … and possibly tomorrow too. (pauses, to the girl) For observation of your beauty!
Father Callum: (with half-smile/half-shrug) Absolutely!
Carnelian Snabb: (whispers to the priest) It was a high price, Father. I mean the membership of your Naked Service. I’d like to get a taste of everything. (to the girl, loud) Let’s go, I’m going to give you what you need.
Sally: (looking at the hairy belly in some kind of a trance) No, please, father, no!
Father Callum: (waving to Eliza) Help me, Ellie! No, no… we don’t need THAT. Just tie her to the bed and put a red rubber ball into her mouth.

Eliza is dragging the girl to the private section N. Two more girls are helping her.

Carnelian Snabb: (feeling guilty) I’m not feeling well right now, Father.
Father Callum: (angry) Quit acting like a baby! (and then with a smile) I’ll take care of you, just follow me, my friend. 

They are leaving the room full of naked men and young girls in different socks.

x x x 

The Pearl. On the space shuttle. 

Alma: (with a pleasure) Yes, yessss, don’t stop.

Cash lifts her up: her legs over his shoulders, her butt on the desk full of metallic pads.
He is furiously attacking her wet soul with his tongue, pushing it harder into her.

Richard Daw is sitting in his office (San-Francisco club). He is also having sex with Alma, via ‘experience-hand’ attached to his body (access is granted by Cash himself).

x x x 

The Pearl. Two voices are chatting in the darkness of the comp (space shuttle).

Voice 1: ‘Twice a year, mysteriously, the Pearl rises and falls. Beware of ‘Tides of Pearl’… It looks like a warning.
Voice 2:… considering this text is known about 330 BC. (silence) It’s very helpful, thank you, Trotta. Keep me updated in case you’ll find out more! Anything new on Mars?
Voice 1: More rules. Father Callum is getting paranoid about the future and Pearl’s mission, or so I heard. With a counted possibility of the distance and time we probably won’t see you guys… like ever.
Voice 2: Why? SciTech’s prognosis is max 16 years.
Voice 1: Well, there’s also nine dimensions of space and three of time. It also seems that the axis of Pearl is changing its orientation in space by about 3 degree every week. Let me tell you this – the Ninth Planet is absolutely unpredictable.
Voice 2: Can it affect us? I mean Netericus, and Earth, of course…
Voice 1: Maybe. But it does not change anything. You have to finish the mission: *No absolute space, no absolute time*.
Voice 2: *No absolute space, no absolute time*. I’ll do my best.


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  1. Excellent piece 🙂

  2. George F. says:

    Love the dialogue and I need 22 Young Girls too. Great religion. Too bad I can’t find one like it near home. Anyway, great dialogue and very intriguing!

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      To tell you honestly, I need those 22 girls too… lots of cleaning in the house 🏡😂😂.
      Yeah, way too Advanced* religion for the simple Earth. Let’s hope we’ll survive X-ray & wake up on Mars, or directly on Pearl, preferably in a hot bath 🛀 with a glass of wine 🍷 or …a bottle 😂

  3. kinkyacres says:

    Need a church (situation) that leans more toward experienced girls! Great read!

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Thank you 🙂 I don’t know. I probably not made for this – to write “full length” books, Kinky. I was compared (my novel) to The Hazel Woods & Stranger Things & I’m not sure what Hazel Woods is, and seems my language suck…kinda “absolutely” lol & I shouldn’t write at all. Thinking about changing my main business product: from books to => cookies. Are you in? 😂😂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stop it! Your language skills are awesome! Your accomplishments in writing are super!
    Now, your “cookies” would be top notch, however they would never be able to ‘touch’ folks as well as your ‘pen’ does!
    Lastly, I’m in for any of V’s baked goods!! 🙂

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Well, my new mantra – my language skills are awesome! And my writing is almost like my cookies 🍪 – fresh & tasty 🙂
      If you are in…I’ll go to check if I have a cherries 🍒😂🕺

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