“The Pearl Territory”, ch. 26 – #dialogue (18+)

#dialogue 1500 words

Two men, one hologram, and a woman are sitting inside of the little Martian bar with a view of red mountains, drinking some sort of beer.

Bill Mercey (scratching his jaw): And how am I going to get inside of his damn Church?
Doctor Kottler: Shield? Present yourself as a ‘wild, young, and innocent’ girl.
WoodWord: (smiling) Or divine messenger?

Bill looks so small and lonely that Doctor Kottler feel guilty for a moment… but he reminds himself – not for the first time today – that Bill is a criminal, no more – no less: he was ‘made’ for this job.

 Bill: Good Lord mate, listen to yourself…
WoodWord: It’s AI-world – we all are bleeding in our own way.
Bill: Ha! Created by whom?
Elin: Can I say a few words? For months, I have watched Father Callum, Pastor Hoff, and Richard Daw’s actions destroying our community. It was a traumatic but enlightening experience. I believe a lot of good people are trapped inside of Arvid’s net. Evil and the desire to be Gods is the motive that drives the Nine. We are all aware of David’s suffering, right? I fear that they’ll destroy everything good we created here. We have to stop them! And you are a very important part of our plan, Bill.
Woodword: As long as we are not drawing attention to ourselves as a group – we should be all right. The Nine and Arvid does have excellent hearing, but so far, I have been able to control it.
Doctor Kottler: Ok! Let’s go out and perform our best!
Bill: Easy to say, you won’t be squished into meat pie between two old tongues. Or maybe a dozen… I can die!
Elin: (with a sad, deep voice) …then good-bye forever!

x x x

 Cash is inside of the shuttle, in the middle of the silent conversation with Pastor Hoff.

Pastor Hoff: Now you know…
Cash: (nodding) Yes.
Pastor Hoff: I hope he isn’t dead.
Cash: There’re times when I…

Alma walks in, counting: Six… five… four… three… found you! Your free time is over – now you are mine!!

It takes almost five minutes to build up his usual speed. The feeling is euphoric: he is sliding in and out from the front and behind at the same time.

Cash: I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna last. I’m also in the middle of a very important conversation.
Alma: Don’t stop! Press on my volcanic spot – it will give us the night of pleasure.

Pastor Hoff is clapping his hands, trying to distract Cash via the contact line. No reaction.
Pastor Hoff: (to Cash) Sweet Jesus, what has that girl done to your head!? Bitches make us weak! They are like a rat poison!

Cash is doing his best to keep going…

Pastor Hoff: (to Cash) … say good-bye to your glamorous exotic bitch RIGHT NOW! (whispering: “amateurs”)

Cash (to Alma): Babe, I have to report our latest findings to Mission Control on Netericus. Give me a break of 5-10 minutes, and then we’ll continue.
Alma: Contacting Mission Control is more important to you than me?
Cash: It’s not about you or me! We’ve been searching for this place for many years, and now that we know for sure that humans can breathe here … Alma, luv, we can’t throw our chances away.

Alma is leaving, slamming the door.

Pastor Hoff: I have no more energy to explain… the task. Just focus on finding Goe and his amulet.
Cash: If he refuses to give it to me?
Pastor Hoff: You are such a child, Cash. Kill him!
Cash: Isn’t it the law against that, in your Bible? And you said he is a witch…
Pastor Hoff: What is your price?
Cash (after a pause): The head of Bruck, the guy who killed my sister. I want his head drowned in his own piss…
Pastor Hoff: I’m in the mood to entertain such feeling. I have been thinking all afternoon of exactly these… it will be the greatest crime in the history of Netericus! Ahhh…
Cash: (puzzled) What do you mean? Hey! Hoff! 

Pastor Hoff doesn’t answer.

Ola (hiding behind the door, to himself): Is he talking to Hoff? Is he going to kill one of us? Me? Hm. I have to warn Alexis.
Cash (opens the door, smiling, to Ola): How about a drink before you go, my friend?

x x x

Circle – Junk. Elin wakes up on the floor of what seems to be a hotel; the inside has the most luxurious room she’d ever seen. The piles of glowing batteries are flying around her. Arvid is preparing to attack her body and mind. Despite her efforts to stand up – she can’t.

James Garrett (the new leader of Circle Energy): I wouldn’t try. You are in Pompei. Torture comes in bursts. The next is due in 3 minutes.
Elin: (weak voice) Why?
James Garrett: You are an enemy of Netericus…. My job is to make you suffer for your betrayal.
Elin: I’m not an enemy. What have I done wrong?
James Garrett: (showing her recordings from the Martian bar) You thought you could fool us, admit it. Planning attack on the best heads of our colony with that dirty bastard Mercey!
Elin: (whispering) Where is Woodword? I can’t see him.
James Garrett: What did you say? Woodword? He’s dead. Killed a long time ago… His hologram was faked, by Arvid.
Elin: No! Impossible! He is alive.

Head of Energy is studying Elin’s blue, tired eyes, gazing at her well-trained legs, pouring more martini in his glass and saying: It’s all right. I won’t kill you… yet.

James Garrett is unzipping his pants… and this is the first time that Elin sees how it looks like – the real advanced cock. A loud moan escapes her lips as the Head of Energy buries his hard rod deep between her hips. Elin is wrapping her legs around his head. The man is starting to go faster and harder.

James Garrett: You have to be quiet, okay?
Elin: Your ‘toy’ is making me crazy.

He is pulling out some sort of weird ring from his pocket, placing it on the most advanced part of his body and smiling: Surprise!! Meet Mr. Gravedigger!

x x x

Shuttle. Alexis (working with the water-tests from Pearl’s lake, and masturbating):

God, why am I here? I thought he’d be dancing all day and night with me… but it is always only a one-hour stand, without touching the ground. I thought I’d see him between my legs every morning: hard, strong, and full of love… but my cave is punished to perform alone and quietly, again and again. He doesn’t care about me! My devotion is only a joke for him!

x x x

Inside the crystal.

Time: We are ready, boy.
Goe: Shut up, you are confusing me. I told you, only I can speak – no one else. Is that understood?

Time is nodding like an electronic toy. Goe stops his head, saying: “Enough!”

Goe (to Pain): I still can’t believe the night passed without any weird incidents.
Pain (looking around, bewildered): Look, the crystal is changing! Such overwhelming beauty! Unreal, like in a dream. Listen… there’s music.
Goe (turns to Time): Who plays the music?
Time: I hear no music, but I’m tired of standing, so let us return to our couches…
Elsa/Chair: Yeah, I’m not feeling well.
Time: (to Goe and Pain) She has that flower-like delicacy, you know…
Goe: What? She? Elsa is as strong as a horse!
Time: You are the monster! I won’t tolerate it… (he is instantly scratching his head, belly, buttocks, neck, elbows, legs and ears)
Pain: I have heard enough for today! Please guys, stop!
Time: (moves closer to Pain) Let me put my arms around your boobies… and I’ll stop! I need support for my sore knees.
Pain: Old bastard!

Goe is reading (in a trance) magical words from the Book of Arr.

x x x

 Rai and Dante are in the transition tunnel. Dante is in chains.

Dante: Why are you serving Mara? She is the evil-mouthing hyena, spreading emptiness and rivers of blood in which her ugly soul bathes.
Rai: Ah, sweetie, she’s not a Hitler.
Dante: Who is Hitler?
Rai: Never mind… just a guy we met recently, during our travels.
Dante: I’m sure she is worse! She is a step back in the Freedom for this Kingdom. She goes against Time, Independence, and …Love.
Rai: I like this monopolist vs. proletariat talks, but I will ask you this, why do you fuck her … Seems to me, the greatest danger here is not Mara, but your wild mutant-ish cock.
Dante: It’s all my fault! My family is dead; we are too weak to stand up against Mara alone; we need help. Humans?
Rai: HALLOOO! Are you listening to me? Stop your deadly vendetta of self-destruction and look at my present for you.

Rai is dropping his pants to his feet.

Dante: What is TH-A-A-T?
Rai: Where?
Dante: That weirdly shaped object… behind your back.


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  1. You go against time, Mrs.

  2. Yes. What is that? Fun VR

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    Two things here……….A head drowning in piss! The rest is like a typical day in Los Angeles! Forward and backward at the same time?????

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      lol its just funny, dont you think?
      – about forward and backward at the same time. I love the grotesque of it, made me smile haha

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      I guess Mars, Earth, Sun… doesn’t matter where we’ll live – it will be just like a typical day in Los Angeles

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