“The Pearl Territory”, ch. 22 – #dialogue

Short version ch. 22 – #dialogue (1000 words)

x x x

Cash, Ichi, and Ola are standing near the lake, a couple of miles from the shuttle.

Cash: Here you are, my Pearl! A dream planet! I still can’t believe we are breathing without our masks. It’s all that matters, guys. (laughing) Do you understand? We have finally found a new place to start over… look at the water. It’s OURS now!

Ola is walking near the edge of the lake where Pain and a part of her team had disappeared.

Ola: Looks more like a grave to me. Let’s give it a name – what about ‘Bloody Kidnapper’?
Cash: …you are so wrong, bro! We are not meant to live on Netericus!
Ola: Everyone on Netericus says the same things. We are manipulated by Nine. That’s how it feels…
Cash: (shaking his head) First – stop being so negative and pessimistic, second – let’s take water/ground samples, and third – as long as we are doing it my way, everything will be fine.
Ola: Gggrrreat. Should I jump in, to pull the bodies out?

Cash is standing with his back to Ola and Ichi, scanning the water around: his face is tight, eyes are flashing a warning. He doesn’t know why, but he suddenly feels terrified.

Ichi: (breaking silence) As far as we know, they are not dead…

x x x

 Exodus-village. Mimo is playing with her new discovery – Mara’s weapon. It looks like the lasso or snake.

Mimo: Hm. It smells funny.
Snake: Nonsense. We have no smell at all. The green part is just the form.
Mimo: Is this a joke? Who is talking? Am I going crazy?
Snake: I need more blood. Mutant blood. Give me that…
Mimo: There’s something wrong with me!
Snake: Anaemia. Your heart is fine. I am not a medical laboratory, but if you want to know more – take off your dress.

 x x x

The shuttle. Alexis is talking to Cornelius Snabb in a private room.

Cornelius Snabb: (on the screen, worried) Have you been able to track down any information about the crystal yet?
Alexis: No, not yet. That’s my next step.

She is switching off communication and leaving for the deck, to find Alma.

Alexis: I just dropped by to see if everything is all right, and perhaps to help with that bottle of scotch.
Alma: (drinking, alone) I am fine, a little bit tired. I think I just need a nap.
Alexis: Maybe a short walk before a nap? It is so stuffy in this box.
Alma: We can’t leave the shuttle. The guys are outside, and…
Alexis: (puts on a smile as she approaches) Shhhh, my lonely bird, my troubled and caring heart.

 Her fingers are tracing down Alma’s back, reaching her butt, squeezing.

 Alma: Holy. Fuck.

 Alexis’ tongue is trailing down, to her breasts, stopping at each inch to suck and nip. Alma is spreading her legs wider; she wants more. A sense of peace is surrounding her body. She is licking the thumb of Alexis, the advanced human she hated the most…

x x x

Exodus- village. Mimo is outside, dressed in a strange dark green dress. She is looking at the hills full of oranges, apples, carrots, and cucumbers.

Shon: (running towards her, shouting) Help! Here, here, inside!
Mimo: (following him) What happened? How bad is it?
Shon: Bad! I hope you can fix it…
Mimo: Seems I am the local ‘fixer’…

Mimo is inside of the mutant’s crib: she is glaring at the enormous belly of a huge hairy man.

Mimo: All I can say is – help him adapt to a moderate diet. The more you feed it – the more it will demand.
Shon: (angry) No, no… not that! What do you think it is? Are you dumb? He is pregnant!

x x x

Dead Lake, Raiser, 4 B. C.
King Arr is relaxing in the castle. His son Mara is sitting in the same room with his father, drawing on the floor.

Mara: What is chaos?
King Arr: Our world. There are no laws, no order.
Mara: I thought you are the order, Father.
King Arr: Right! I am. Order 24/7 might be very disturbing though. We don’t want to make more enemies than we already have…
Mara: What is enemy?
King Arr: Those who love that damn order. To save lives. They don’t understand that people don’t want to be saved. They are happy as they are, in that bin of garbage. Look at you – ‘one happy child’…
Mara: Hm, if they are happy, then why they are shouting outside?
King Arr: There’s nothing wrong with that. They are bored. Drink your beer and go to bed…
Mara: Do you love me, Father?
King Arr: Do you ever chill, kiddo? Yes! I do. To the very top and back…

x x x

Netericus Colony (Mars), circle – Rulers. Bruck and Isobel (Cash’s sister) are driving to pastor Hoff’s Church.

Bruck: Take my advice – adapt to the place. Pastor Hoff is a hard man.
Isobel: I am afraid I am not made that way… to stay silent.
Bruck: Yeah, I heard that’s a talent of yours!

Isobel is smiling.

Bruck: If you want, I could drive somewhere quiet and make love to you. In a bath. The last time… Always been a dream of mine.
Isobel: Are you nuts? (laughing loud) It was so unexpected, sorry.
Bruck: Don’t act as if this is all ‘new’ to you…
Isobel: All right. Why not? Let’s go!

Bruck’s bathroom.

Bruck is squeezing Isobel’s flesh, looking for a reaction in her eyes, but there is none. He is slipping his hand inside her tiny dress, pinning her to the ground, tying the arms behind her back, forearm to forearm (in a painful position), pushing her to the cold bath and tying her hips with more rope.

Isobel: You are so violent. I’m starting to wonder what is going through your mind right now?
Bruck: (mechanically) There’s no one here who can answer your question.
Isobel: What does he want from me? I mean, Hoff.
Bruck: (sarcastic smile) To talk about art and music, that sort of thing.
Isobel: Drugs? Sex? What about his two congenial wives?
Bruck: I know so little about it. I am just the delivery boy.
Isobel: Ah, so honest! And yet you are leaving me in the jaws of the wild animal – so-called Mr. Netericus, Mr. Advanced Leisure, Mr. Martian Paradise…
Bruck: (calm) He knows how to make happy a dangerous criminal.
Isobel: What do you mean?

Bruck is grabbing her from behind, pinning a knife to Isobel’s neck…

to be continued

Full story is here – The Pearl

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12 Responses

  1. Sorryless says:

    Finally, an undertaking (pun intended) that’s more problematic than sex. Science fiction sex! Holy fucking Christ why does it turn me on so? LOL

    And Bloody Kidnapper is a great name for a band.

    Where do you come up with this stuff? And don’t stop!

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Bloody kidnapper for a band? 😂 too funky :)!
      I don’t know. I’m usually kvetching “Pearl” = no plot, no heroes list. But illl make it more smooth & yummy before publishing:)
      Sci-fi sex… is the next step of the sexual revolution 😂😂 ah, & maybe u r one step ahead of us, poor humans 👁👣

  2. Fascinating as usual, VR. That Bruck is some romantic, huh? Geez.

  3. Hyperion says:

    I feel like I just peeked into the future and it looks like it might be fun. Ropes and gropes seems like a great way to pass the time in the future to avoid boredom. I think I understand why the loud hollering outside the World King’s castle. Everyone is having future fun and batteries are no longer a problem. 🥰🤖

  4. kinkyacres says:

    You go Bruck!! 🙂

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