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I am a deeply religious non-believer. Let me explain what I mean by that. My journey started in the year 2693… when I had been sent to the famous Hoff’s monastery outside of Lund, in Sweden. The reason for my exile (at 9 years old) was due to the crime that my mother committed, which resulted in a death sentence for her and an exile for myself. Her name was Kambu; this means ‘similar to the sky.’ She was kind, but often absent or busy planning the attacks on the president and RAP (The Royal Advanced Palace).

Pastor Hoff was a passionate dogmatist and a personification of God on Earth. A lot of people I knew would die for him and even kill for him. I see you wonder – why? what is so special about him? Ah, we often ask the wrong questions… The right question to ask is – how. How he became the resource of everything people ever wanted? How he gained his power? How he was able to turn human flaws to his own advantage?

The religious behavior is a one-side street. First, you pick your God, next – you create the illusion, and then – you are extremely grateful He exists. I spent a total of 12 long years in Hoff’s monastery, and I learned the most important life lesson that I’m sharing with you today – DON’T TRY TO CREATE A PERSONAL GOD… because in the end, all that is left is a ‘by-product.’

Hoff’s monastery was very strict. Main prophecy is Pastor Hoff’s writings: “High-Speed Paradise Road,” “Three Laws of Body Devotion,” “Suffering is hard to measure,” packed with the rules like:

  • Question nothing
  • Value Hoff’s night-blessings
  • Do to others what they want/ask you to do to them

Our ‘draconian’ daily schedule:

5am – Weeping Prayer
6:15am – Pastor Hoff’s book reading
8:00am – Naked breakfast
8:30am – Personal studying/assignments/prayer
1pm – Whipping Lunch
2pm – Pain and Pleasure Prayer
2:30pm – Field work
4:15pm – Pastor Hoff’s book reading
6:30pm – Dinner-Trial
8pm – Silent Prayer
8:30pm – ‘Leaving the world’ practice.

Most of the monasteries died away after 2710, but Hoff’s monastery has survived all governments, any advanced technology, all doubts, and suspicions. It’s hard to imagine now, but our beliefs were centered on a messianic figure of Hoff: bleached blond hair, dull dark eyes, delicate tiny arms, and mummifying facial expression.

When I arrived on Netericus as a part of the program “Transform Humans into Extraordinary Beings,” I had no hopes. I knew Hoff arrived on Mars with a clear goal – to build a powerful network that would serve only his sick needs.

‘Our spiritual compass,’ they called him.
‘The sacred way to the better race…’

His teachings were strange but addictive. It worried the Nine (Happy Team Government on Mars), but Hoff had spread his single-minded vision to each group on Netericus and to the men in power.
Happy Team decided to share Netericus with him (or maybe they were scared to lose it?) in the hope that Hoff will vanish one day, but The Advanced Way movement grew stronger.

After x-Ray hit the Earth, people were damaged. It affected both races – primitive and advanced. I left Hoff’s program and started to work in the Circle ‘Seeds’, with kids. Pastor Hoff supported this decision because he needed access to David, the boy with strong magical abilities.

Sometimes I ask myself: can we live peacefully, be good to each other without the image of God, without the craving of Hope, the necessity to follow ‘the next Jesus-alike-freak”? The roots of Evil are covering Netericus with an increasing enormous speed. A couple of years from now and Hoff’s Advanced Way will dominate the whole Galaxy.

Are you scared yet?
Because I am.

There’s something breathtakingly horrific in the way ‘happiness’ is presented in the new Church. People are disappearing. People are sacrificing lives, bodies, souls, emotions for the greater good.

A small part of me still wants to be a part of all that. This is how deep Hoff has planted his roots in our hearts. But the larger part of me (probably smarter and more experienced too) want to go out and scream, kill, destroy, stop…

What can I change? And how? All I know that Hoff is looking after the crystal, and if he ever gets it, we can stop worrying about God, science, religion, and revolution… Maybe this is the right answer to how – to find the crystal before Hoff.

Yes! This is the answer!

And one more secret for you. My mother told me that Pastor Hoff is my biological father. I hope she was wrong; I really do…

x x x 

Blurb and all chapters are here (as a first draft) – click to check

a nun from the future

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  1. Sorryless says:

    This was so Goddamn hot! As it turns out, I didn’t need my Rob Zombie workout OR my industrial strength coffee this morning after reading this up.

    Gracias RNB.

  2. Loved the schedule. Could just imagine what “Leaving the World” practice was all about. Enjoyed this, Victoria Ray

  3. Rebecca says:

    Such an interesting read! I like your perspective 😀

  4. kinkyacres says:

    I guess to be a ‘fly on the wall’ during the daily activities! Nun fetish is worth looking into! However, Pastor Hoff, is a scary person!

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Lol that’s why you are Kinky 😂😂
      Pastor Hoff says hi 👋 & you r welcome to visit his Advanced church (preferably night time 😂👻)

  5. Wow that’s some writing. Thinking about it never read a book featuring nuns.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Yep, like they doesn’t exist 😉 …

      I love nuns – very unusual, quiet and ‘dangerous’ character 😜😎😮

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