“The Pearl Territory”, ch. 20 – #dialogue (18+)

x x x

The place is full of stars. The most dominating light is shining from the old chair. The chair is spinning in the middle of the room. Mr. Time is walking around, sometimes speeding up and disappearing from sight. Pain is sitting on a small orange sofa, feeling dizzy. 

Mr. Time: (looking around) Do you like my office? Yeah, very lovely. By the end of the day, if there’s any end at all…
Pain: (interrupting) The lighting sucks.
Mr. Time: Many thanks. Made to burn those who don’t like it.

They hear the odd noise. It is coming closer… Pain is trying to hold her breath, watching how the bright light of the stars is changing its colors… and then it happens again – the noise. The triangular door right above them is spitting out a human body. At first, Pain is thinking it is Mr. Time’s doings, but then she realizes it is her old friend Goe, wet and in shock.

Pain: Goe??!! What the hell are you doing here?
Goe: (whispering) Good Lord…Pain?
Mr. Time: Hello! (nobody notices him, so he is shouting in despair) HELLOOO! I beg your pardon, who are you? We’re dying from curiosity here.
Pain: (to Mr. Time) It is Goe, my old friend.
Mr. Time: (to the chair) Elsa, we have an unexpected guest!
Elsa-chair: You are damn right!
Pain: (closing her eyes) It is only a dream. It is only a dream…
Goe: (heavy breathing) My name is Goe. Are we already dead? Where’s Mara?
Mr. Time: I’ve been living here for God knows how long and never had any guests, and look – here you are, two at once. (suddenly drags Goe up) Open the door, Witch, and get out. GET OUT!!!
Goe: (trying to fight old Mr. Time) I don’t know HOW. The last thing I remember – Mara had tried to drown me in the Dead Lake.
Mr. Time: (dropping Goe down) No, no, no! (flying in circles) I don’t understand. Have you been invited in? Hm, that door hasn’t been opened in my lifetime. I wouldn’t call it the door. (suspiciously look at Goe) I don’t like him, Elsa…  (pausing near the chair) I’m not just talking about sex appeal. He does this sad thing with his mouth…
Elsa – chair: Time, cut the slack. (whispering, to the side) I have a house full of lunatics!
Pain: What’s going on, Goe? Do you know Mara? Where are the others? And our shuttle?
Goe: It’s good to see you, Pain. Fuck, it’s good to feel alive!
Elsa-chair: Sounds wonderful, but ANSWER HER QUESTION!
Mr. Time: Troubles. This is who you are. Well, I will have to kill you. Both of you!
Goe: (with sarcasm) Very optimistic start!
Mr. Time: Anyone on Mara knows that no place is safe in the Universe. Only the crystal. But the crystal is not really an actual part of things or place, or matter or anything you’d see, or touch, or dream about. It is an idea, the color of life…
Pain: I don’t want to live here, okay?
Mr. Time: Me too. Do you mind shutting up and letting me think? 

Elsa-chair: I’m bored. Let’s play while the old man is thinking. I’ll let you see the Earth if you’ll answer my questions correctly. (pauses) One to Pain. What is the best thing in the world?
Goe: Love? Sex?
Elsa-chair: Did I say ‘Goe-the-weak-witch’?
Pain: Balance… wait, faith?
Elsa-chair: Why is that?
Pain: It’s all about the balance. Energy. The life itself. On the universe level, energy is always balanced – some kind of equilibrium of positive and negative.
Mr. Time: (appearing behind them) Do you want to know the truth, boys and girls? The best thing in the world is a dream. It always belongs to you. Do not let anyone tell you what to do with it.
Goe: YES, SIR.
Elsa-chair: Well, what is the worst thing in the world? You can answer, Goe.
Goe: Your company?
Mr. Time: (with a fit of sudden anger) Trying to be sarcastic!? Aaaaa, where’re my omelets and forks, Elsa?
Elsa-Chair: Gone. They sacrificed their lives for an idea.

All four are laughing.

Mr. Time: (serious) Look, you are inside of the crystal, inside of the Moon, in the middle of the Kingdom of Mara. Endless kilometers of shiny shit…
Elsa-chair: (continues) Mara is the most horrifying demon. The key to her death and to the secret of controlling the crystal is hidden inside a very old medallion.
Goe: (curious) What do you mean? And how does it work?
Mr. Time: If that medallion comes into Mara’s possession – our Galaxy will be fucked at almost light speed. The collapse! Total sterilization! Every atom destroys itself…
Pain: We have to go home, Goe. Now!
Mr. Time: Listen, somehow you two are important, if the crystal invited you in, Pain, and saved your ass, Goe, that means …
Elsa-chair: (interrupting) What he is trying to say is that the ‘Home’ you both knew before entering this crystal does not exist any longer.
Mr. Time: (witty smile, to the chair) Awwww, is it Adam and Eve all over again? What do you think, Elsa? (to shocked Pain and Goe) Well, Miss Wanna-Go-Home, the crystal lets you go when it’s ready to let you go. (whispering to himself) Maybe never…

x x x

Netericus. San Francisco club. Soft jungle light and the song on the background:

Bags in your room
Heavy breathing all night
The world is your doom
Violence is your right

 You are a treasure
Then, now and always
Give me more pleasure
Burry down my sadness

On the toooop,
Kickiiiingggg my sheettttsss,
Perfectly ordinary
But so dreamy and yummy
Mister Poisonus Shiiiitttt…

Faro is lying in the black tube, made of marble, surrounded by the smoke and fast-vanishing images of hot young ladies. He is choosing the one he met once at Pastor Hoff’s house. It is Eliza – the partner of Bruck (his collegue).
The girl is leaning over him; her tits are bouncing in his face. She isn’t jumpy or loud, but intent. Short, tight strokes – simple perfection. He is breathing faster and faster, losing control.

 Faro: You are a fuckin’ slut and a divine blessing…
Eliza: Shhhh. Not a word. All in this world is created by God’s Grace.
Faro: I didn’t say anything, pretty angel.
Eliza: Make a wish.
Faro: You and me all night long.
Eliza: What a simple wish. And … it has just come true.

Eliza begins to lick his body again, whirling her tongue around his nose, biceps, and toes, until he is ready.

Eliza: We are in the middle of very difficult times. Things are not always as they seem. Nor are people.
Faro: (grabbing her hair, pushing in another inch) Oh yeah! Make me alive again!
Eliza: I ask only what you can do…Repeat after me: All that I am, all that I have, I gladly give in the name of Pastor Hoff.
Faro: (groaning) As you wish…
Eliza: And now, my wonderful ‘brother’ – one more blow job.

Faro is looking up, powerless to stop what is coming. Two more girls appear from different sides. His heart is soaring. It doesn’t matter what anyone might do, think, or say…

Pastor Hoff is sitting behind the screen, patting the real Eliza on the head, and watching.

Pastor Hoff: Who is the player?
Eliza: Julio. Julio Diaz, father.
Pastor Hoff: (his cold fingers on her neck) Tell him to visit me tomorrow. Ah, Julio, you and me – on the bed of white snow… perfect.

x x x

Venus. Worship Hall. Two naked bodies on the bed. They are looking very tired, dark circles under the eyes. Flo Kottler is shouting like a demon – ‘more, harder, more, haaarrrdeerrr!’

Doctor Brian Kottler: For god’s sake, shut up! There’re other couples around…
Flo Kottler: (with her butt up, covered in bruises) We’ll get a bigger score, dummy.

Brian Kottler is shrugging and continue performing the act. 34 senseless eyes of advanced humans are watching the process. They are located on different planets (& in different Galaxies).

One of 34 adds: Nice looking cock, Doc. What a delicious torture for your partner!
Flo Kottler: (staring into camera) It is like a brick. (to husband) Ah, darling, you are my hero!
Brian Kottler: Don’t talk. I’m losing my erection.
Flo Kottler: I didn’t want to distract you. (hissing) Keep it together!
Brian Kottler: (whispering) I can barely move, bitch…
34 in 1 voice: You are not very friendly, Doc. But we like your performance. The decision is made – 2 days in Nirvana is granted for your couple. Enjoy!

On the following evening, doctor sent the message to Trotta: “The happiest, the unhappiest, and the most peculiar day in my life – but, I did it, Trotta. I’m finally going to Nirvana!”

x x x

The Kingdom of Mara. Green tunnels under The Naked Hills. 

Queen Vega: There’s too much mutant blood inside of me – I have to fight.
Dante: All right, mother. Be careful; we can’t trust anyone. I don’t want to lose you…
Queen Vega: I’ll burn this damn place down! Magician Bremmer will help us, luv.
Dante: What we do is ‘Us,’ mother.
Queen Vega: What we do is…  

Everything is changing in a billionth of a second. The meteor is coming down, flying through Queen’s body, making a hole the size of an apple. Dante is turning around. It’s Mara, wiping blood from her hands: You can’t kill what was never alive, mutants… 

x x x

Netericus – “Oakwood” hotel. Richard Daw is sitting on the bed in the hotel room. Elin is standing near the window.

Richard Daw: You must swear you’ll never tell anybody what I just said! Or I have to kill you.
Elin: Please, let the boy go!
Richard Daw: He want to help. He know more than he is telling us, Elin.
Elin: He is probably lying. He is just a child.
Richard Daw: (to Boo & Bee, his guards) Bring the damn boy…

David (still shacking) is entering the room.

Elin: (to David) My poor child, how do you feel?
David: Mr. Richard told me he’d let me see my mother if I’d tell him how to find the crystal.
Elin: But you don’t know anything about the crystal. You told us that many times.
David: You see… I had a vision. I know how to get inside.
Richard Daw: (greedy) I told you! That’s my boy! Spit it out!!
David: ‘Goe’ is the only way.
Elin and Richard Daw: Goe? From Pain Berchpull’s team?

Next post – poem of mania-ac OR “The Pearl”, chapter 21, Elin – #privatejournal


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