“The Pearl Territory”, ch 17 – Unknown (18+)

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Another fuckin’ day. Do you have any idea how tired I am of having to go through yet another damn day? Of course you don’t. Your human scope is too limited. I don’t envy you, but I do.

I don’t because:
A) such limited appreciation of the fine details would make me clingy, unnecessarily sentimental. I said sentimental, NOT emotional!

Very in tune with my emotions, I am. It’s being overly mushy, nostalgic, sticky sweet and precious that I’m not.

I do because:
B) limitations engender appreciation for little things.
More fuckin’ A… without them, the small moments become intangible, they wash away in the tide of greater things.

Eh, it would be nice to lose sight of the Big Picture for a change.

You should see it… The Big Picture. It’s everything and nothing, all at once. Random chaos and order, patterned purpose. It’s beautiful and it’s tragic. It’s hilarious and infuriating. It peels back my eyelids, tapes them open, and makes me take it all in -makes me realize that it’s all there ever was, all there is, and all there ever will be.

It’s so all-encompassing that I forget to be. Ah, I am so complicated! What moments have I for the little things? Did I eat this morning? Not important. Did I sleep last night? Irrelevant. Would it be nice to get my brains fucked out once in a while? Immaterial.

Yeah, The Big Picture! You really should see it sometime, human. There are things that can’t be learned without seeing… but I’ll try, in my own small way, to give you some advices, based on the endless years of being here (just hanging around, you know):

1) Don’t listen to or follow any of the bullshit advice I’m going to give you (including point #1… I bet you are confused now. Shit, I’m confused too!).

Would a bird tell a fish how to live?
No. Their lives, their paths are too dissimilar. 
But I love giving advices… 

2) Remember that everything dies. Case in point: Earth meets X-Ray. BOOM! So, hang onto things, people, as hard as you want. Just get it through your thick skull that it is actually utter madness to do so because everything, every single living thing and every inorganic thing, breaks down, decays, and dies.

Welcome to Reality! 

3) Remember that life goes on. The end is never the end. The end is always the beginning of a new cycle. (Or is it the same cycle? A loop? Might be. So much has changed. So much will change. So much always changes. Is always changing. But then it happens again, patterns repeat, and… it feels good being ALIVE.)

4) What was #3? Fuck me on a bed of ice, I forgot. No seriously, I wish someone fuck me on a metric fuckton of ice. I don’t have a physical body, but it’s so cool – to dream…

5) Know that you are special. What? I’m not being some overly saccharine and doting grandparent. It’s the truth! No two people are alike. Out of those differences grow attraction, revulsion, conflict, harmony, new ideas, and all the rest of the never-ending good and bad. It’s how it works. If everyone was the same, thought the same, do you think there’d be a Mars colony? or Me?

6) Break free. Whatever is holding you back – fight until you’re free. WHAT? I don’t give a backflipping shit how hard it is! (Hmm. I wonder how hard it is to backflip and shit at the same time.)

Claw your way out!

7) Don’t let the past repeat itself. If you study the BP (Big Picture) like I do, you’ll see how many times people ignore the warning signs, the ominous portents, the bad omens. Do you really think there wasn’t more time to prepare for X-Ray?

Don’t be stupid! 

And remember that stupid can manifest in many ways: a rush to judgment, angry action, naïve thinking, and sappy love that blinds you to another true character – all of that falls under the umbrella of ignorance and foolishness. 

8) Embrace the future. There’s no sense fighting it. It’s coming whether you like it or not. The future, progress, salvation, freedom. You will take two steps back with every advancement, yes, but where you find yourself will be in a quantifiably better place than those who came before you. This, too, is a pattern of the BP.

There’s so much more I could teach you, if you could only take a step back and see IT (or me). I suppose, my final advice is: 

Look up!
Think Big!
Move forward!

Always yours, Mr. Time.


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11 Responses

  1. You are a talented soul 🙂

  2. Loved this, Ray. Fuck me on a bed of ice indeed. 😂

  3. Scarpoe says:

    Oh yes. the “Fuck me on a bed of ice” line is gold, true gold!

    • Victoria Ray NB says:


      • Scarpoe says:

        Hey Victoria, I’m going to send a little porcelain your way when I make it back to the midwest. Carefully of course, need an address. It’s a small thank you for your wit, charm,and sweetness.

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        Thanks alot! 😀✌️ I’ll send via mail later…

  4. kinkyacres says:

    I’ll have to move away from the ‘bed of ice’ and say well done on the backflip and taking a sh*t at the same time!

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