“The Pearl Territory”, ch 16 – #dialogue

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Circle Rulers.
Faro sits near the bed, crying. The cold body of Father Callum is hidden in the bathroom. Pastor Hoff knocks on the door. He is not alone. Behind him stands James Garrett, the new leader of Circle Energy.

James Garrett: Who is in that bloody bath? In those yellow heels?
Faro: (crying) F-f-faa-th-eeer Call-uuuuum.
Pastor Hoff: This is good and bad at the same time.
James Garrett: What is good about it? One of us has been killed. We have to report it to the Law.
Pastor Hoff: Laws comes and goes; opportunity stays.
Faro: Oppo-what?
Pastor Hoff: (to Faro) Your knowledge of words is fascinating, my son.
Faro: (crying again) I neeeeeed heeeeelp!!!!!
Pastor Hoff: There’s no shame in needing help.
James Garrett: So how would you like to proceed in this situation?
Pastor Hoff: (looking at the yellow heels, stroking them with his thumb) Ahhhh. He was so sweet and meaningless, like a fine bottle of liqueur.
James Garrett: He liked vodka…
Pastor Hoff: And look what vodka did to him!
James Garrett: What do you mean?
Pastor Hoff: Call Doctor Brian Kottler, and say that Father Callum drowned in the bath… Mmmm, after wild night out.
Faro: (carefully) …But this is my bath.
Pastor Hoff: That’s your fault. I can’t move the bath out of your house. You should party less, my boy!

On the way outside, Pastor Hoff turns and says: Get back to your daily tasks, Faro… And I’m expecting a full confession tonight.

x x x

Mimo looks at the long green branch with a tiny spider head, hairy lion body, and long bat wings. The creature, or weapon, changes color and form depending on the movement and approach of another body. It also attacks: blue color – you feel like you are strangled to death; red color – you feel like all the blood is drained from your body.

Mimo: Fantastic! I’ve never seen anything like this before!
Dante: It looks like a branch or grass.
Mimo: Great tactic, don’t you think?
Dante: Can I touch it without being killed? I never seen it before… I mean, when I worked for Mara. It’s new tech.
Mimo: (slowly shaking her head) Or magic. I’ll stay up a while. I need to think. Maybe by morning I’ll figure out what to do with it.
Dante: Sure.
Mimo: Mmmm, I just need a drop of your blood…

x x x

Space shuttle. Ichi, Alma, and Goe are playing hide and seek.

Ichi: You are very good at hiding, Goe, but I can feel your energy.
Alma: He is not here.
Ichi: Not where?
Alma: Not on the Pearl. He told me he has to leave for a while.

Ichi looks at Alma with an open mouth.

Alma: Don’t pretend you don’t know. He is a witch.
Ichi: Soooo??!!!
Alma: He said he has to talk with someone at the Dead Lake. About the Pearl, and Netericus, and his amulet.
Ichi: And you believed his bullshit?
Alma: Hallo! He is your lover, not mine! Show a little bit more trust and support! We are one team after all… (after a short pause, she continues) I believe in Goe. He is trying to help us. At least someone should try!
Ichi: What do you mean? That I’m not doing enough, right? My darling, while you are busting your ass on that advanced dick, I’m…
Alma: Piss off! Ok? You are living in the darkness and can’t see shit! Sometimes I wonder who you really are, Ichi Vara…

x x x

Circle Rulers. Faro is naked on the bed.

Faro: I need it so badly.
Elin: I have to leave 10 minutes from now.
Faro: You know me, 3 minutes is enough.

Bruck and Maggie Finn (nurse) are outside, knocking on the door.

Faro: (jumping, mad voice) WHAT? WHO IS IT? I’M FUCKIN’ MY WIFE! Leave us alone!
Maggie Finn: (behind the door) Well, I’m sorry, but I’m here to accompany you to the office of Mr. Kottler. I hope you know why…
Elin: (worried) Are you sick?
Faro: No, nothing serious. Upset stomach only, too much vodka last night.
Bruck: Can we come in?

Faro opens the door.

Faro: (to Bruck, sarcastically) And what are you doing here? Helping with the transfer to the doctor’s office?
Bruck: No, just wanted to talk, bro, but it can wait until tomorrow.

Faro and Maggie leave.

Elin: (to Bruck) So much turbulence lately!
Bruck: Maybe I can help?
Elin: How?

Bruck places his left hand on Elin’s hip and his right hand on her lower back, bending her over into a strenuous position, checking, as her head tilts closer to the floor.

Elin’s voice: (from the floor) Why?

The combo is so orgasmic: she feels absolutely defenseless.

Bruck: (heavy breathing) Gives me maximum penetration… and speed.
Elin: I think I might call to my work and tell them I’ll be late.
Bruck: Take a day off!

From Bruck’s notes: “It was bliss, and it only fueled my crazy thirst. All I remember is how I plunged harder and harder, deeper and deeper, slowly relishing in her eyes. They dared me to go faster and I did…”

 Elin was still soulless, but Bruck didn’t know that.


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