“The Pearl Territory”, ch 14 – #dialogue

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Pain Berchpull and Boulder Jackobs sit outside under the moon tree eating grapefruits. The moon tree reminds them of a big ash tree, with branches up to the end of the sky. Considering there’s no sky, the branches are shrinking and hanging back, sprouting into the ground around Mara’s Palace.

Bou: I haven’t eaten grapefruit in ages! Yummiest fruit ever!
Pain: You hate grapefruit.
Bou: Yeah, but the last time I tried it was on Earth. So, this one triggers good memories.
Rai: Anything for our human guests. Would you like more?
Bou: …There’s MORE? Can you get it? Like right now?
Mara: (appearing behind them) We can get anything. Any time. Anywhere. The power of Mara’s Kingdom has no limits.
Bou: What about people?
Mara: More difficult, but possible. Of course, if they are alive.
Pain: We don’t know if they are alive. They had been left behind. On Earth.

Rai runs in circles, squatting and jumping.

Rai: OMG! OMG! We have unexpected guests, Mara. The delegation from SundBro 66 is waiting in the Pasadena Room.
Bou: South Pasadena? Ha ha, I’ve been there once…
Mara: Let them wait, Rai.
Rai: I can’t, can’t, can NOT. It is the Queen Vega, Dante’s mother, and her magician, Bremmer.
Mara: (frowns) We’ll discuss grapefruit later.

Mara and Rai leave.

Pain: Do you think what I think?
Bou: Mmmm, I think Mara is scared of that Vega from Planet 66.
Pain: I wouldn’t say ‘scared,’ but ‘troubled.’
Bou: What is the difference?
Pain: (sighs) There’s a book: “For Bou, the Biggest Dummy in the Universe.” You should read it instead of shaking your girls on Mars.

They sit, looking at the fields of endless greed buildings and walls around them.

Bou: Right. Here’s another fine mess you’ve got us in, Pain. And anyway, at the end of the day, I’m the biggest dummy ever. How is it even fair?
Pain: Ha ha, I guess it was a prepared speech. And don’t hide, I see how excited you are, Mr. Grapefruit-Lover! You just adooooreee Rai and his soft, juicy grapefruits!

Bou laughs.

Pain: (serious) Now, when we are left alone, let’s find the way out of this Kingdom…

x x x 

Netericus Colony. Elin is waiting in the lobby of the Soul Respiratory Clinic.

Zana (advanced with the red eyes): Are you sure you wanna do it?
Elin: I’m so dead tired. Only for a couple of days.
Zana: Okay. It will take only 10 minutes. Go to the SOS room.

x x x

“Pandera” Bar – a special meet-up for the first-time-soulless. Leda, the local barman, slowly sips his drink.

Leda: Looking for someone?
Elin: Just a good ol’ scotch.
Leda: Let me get you a special blend. (shouting into the darkness) Arno, come over here…

Arno is a tall, dark, muscular guy. He grabs Elin from behind, giving her a light spank. “Good girl,” he says. “Now place your legs on my shoulders.” The barman watches while Arno pushes his entire length inside Elin’s body with one thrust. Then he pauses, letting his manhood marinate for a while, deep inside of her soulless being… Suddenly, Arno pushes Elin to the barman. And the carousel of Pandera starts to spin.

From Elin’s private journal: “Barman from Pandera and his friend Arno f@cked me for hours tonight, bringing me to orgasm too many times to count. It feels so good to be soulless…”

x x x

Ellipse Hall – after party.
Team Happiness is still in the dining room, enjoying soft music. Eight men, one old woman, 22 girls.  

Father Callum: I told you it would be a success!
Richard Daw: I see. Did you read “The Six Sins of Martian Church,” published by Pastor Hoff last month?
Father Callum: I did. Well, the man is too smart… Or maybe he just envies us.

They walk downstairs to the cigar room. Faro is already there, drunk or high, lying on the leather sofa.

Faro: Don’t you think some girls looks like mice and some like frogs?
Richard Daw: You are too high.
Father Callum: And he’s not supposed to be high, because he is THE LAW. Ha ha ha!
Richard Daw: (annoyed) At least he won’t remember this… (Richard sticks a knife in the heart of Father Callum.) This is for the monster, Father!
Faro: (watching in astonishment) Rhythm is important. Rhythm is essential.

He suddenly picks up the knife and stabs Father Callum over and over again, in a trance.

Richard Daw: (whispering) It’s perfect, my boy. Keep going…

Richard leaves the cigar room in a hurry.

x x x

Circle Junk.

Bill (aka Mercey Jones, old and skinny): Why so squishy, Is?
Isobel: They are moving me to SSC (Safe Seed Center) today.
Bill: Mmm, still better than Pompeii.
Isobel: F@ck off, ok?
Bill: You are so weird, Is. At least you’ll get a warm bed for a couple of days.
Isobel: If they touch me, I’ll kill myself.
Bill: With what? Your nails?

They sit in silence.

Isobel: And what about you?
Bill: Going to the same center, but not sure why. Who wants my seeds, right? Ha ha.

Two people, male and female, enter the room: one of them is London, the chief of Safe Seeds Center, and the other, Chloe Valais, the head of Pompeii Prison.

London: We are here to provide you the best possible service to be remembered forever, before you’ll be dispatched into the sea.
Chloe Valais: Please, leave your clothes on the floor and proceed to the Blue Room.
Bill: I’m not going there. No way! I heard about a guy who got a tail after your blue shower. And what is it with this ‘dispatched’ thing? Are you going to kill us? For what, exactly? We know Martians laws!
London: Mr. Mercey, or should I call you Mr. Superhero, please … Move your naked ass to the Blue Room or I’ll transfer you to the Jellyfish Facility. They’d suck the chromosomes 2, 7, and 17 out of you per-fect-ly.
Bill: (already naked, to Isobel) I think they are planning to create new mutants.
Isobel: (to Bill) Right, that’s why they need us both.
Bill: Not funny. I’m serious. I told you one day all humans will be extinct. I can see it, so damn clear: the world of fully-advanced and advanced mutants.

Chloe Valais’ voice: Thanks for this amazing piece of information, Mr. Mercey, but we are waiting…


!! The chapters are a little bit shorter than usually, blame summer 😂🕺 To check full story -> Pearl Page

Still writing without any heroes-sheet, plot, outline or idea where we are going… well, we’ll see 🤪😱

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