“The Pearl Territory”, ch 12 – #dialogue

x x x

AXA Bank, the conference room.

Flo Kottler: Human beliefs and values play a decisive role in our behavior. Remember, Steve Jobs once said, “We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them.” If you win the hearts of your customers – they’ll come back for more.

Trotta is smiling. Mr. Welch is scribbling.

Flo Kottler: So… what are our last possessions?
Trotta: From Mr. Erh, I got a 1954 Jaeger le Coultre Atmos clock.
Flo Kottler: Wow, that’s nice. But I’m asking about other ‘achievements.’ Any useful information?
Mr. Welch: Pastor Hoff left his childhood fantasies, at least that’s what the box is called.
Flo Kottler: Ah, you are so dedicated to the course of this bank, Mr. Welch. (pauses, then walks around the table in the room) The most basic question to ask yourself when you see a potential or new customer: how we can seduce him or her into using our services?
Trotta: Triggering long forgotten memories.
Flo Kottler: Right, always works…
Mr. Welch: To play with a customer? You told us, “The taste of the selling person – a multi-sensory experience like no other!”
Trotta: …but hey, we are working at the bank, not at the club.
Flo Kottler: My message is quite clear. Concentrate on satisfying your customers. See you next week! Go, go, go… time to work!

x x x

Mr. Welch is sitting in the security room. On the screen – the entrance to the AXA Bank, Netericus colony.

Mr. Welch’s voice: Go out, hurry up! He is watching. I’m 100% sure he is a new customer.

Trotta is standing near the door (entrance to the AXA bank), ready to go home.

Trotta: What do you mean? The guy outside of the building?

Mr. Welch’s voice: Yeah, he is looking right at you. I’m sure he is stroking his dick as he’s watching you. Ha ha.

Trotta is leaving the bank, walking down the stairs, smiling at the bald guy.

Trotta: Are you sure? He is holding a book in his hands.
Mr. Welch’s voice: I’m sure. Unless he’s an idiot.
Trotta: Okay, I’m outside. Unsnapping my bra now.

Trotta is topless, standing in front of the man near AXA Bank. Mr. Welch feel absolutely happy.

x x x

Evening. The house of Florita and Brian Kottler (doctor).

Flo Kottler: Darling, what are you doing? Where’s your bag?
Brian: Bag?
Flo Kottler: Did you forget? Again? It is a Worshipper Day, rule #33!
Brian: God, you look so sexy just standing there.

Flo is removing her clothes, turning to the mirror and starting to move slowly to the bathroom, giving Brian a nice view of her back.

Brian: I can’t think about any worshipping when I see you walking like this…

He is fishing out his rock-hard-extra-member-of-the-family, almost ready, watching each move of his partner.

Flo Kottler: No, no and NO! I’m wet only on Wednesdays. Please, pack your bag, Brian…

x x x

The Earth, 2718. Underground Station “Columbus,” 59 survivors.

Anton Karlsson: We still have food for 2- 3 years ahead and we can also grow some veggies.
Thalia: Don’t forget the solarium and my ability to create an online session with the Martian colony.

Voice 1 from the crowd: Do you mean we won’t die because of the D3 deficit?
Voice 2 from the crowd: Ha! Mars? They don’t care about us at all!
Voice 3 from the crowd: I bet they are scared because of the level of radiation…
Voice 4 from the crowd: It is easier to leave us here, in this damn hole… to grow your crazy veggies…

The crowd goes wild.
Next day: there’re only 47 survivors at the underground station “Columbus,” Earth.

x x x

 1957, Hotel La Reserve, Paris.

Loise and Dante are sitting on the balcony, eating strawberries

Loise Bonnard: Our friend’s enemies are our friends.
Dante: Do you mean Galicia?
Loise Bonnard: Yes. Her hate of Aquila Planet is so fascinating.
Dante: It might be a trap, love!
Loise Bonnard: …but you’ll resolve that, won’t you?

Knock on the door. Dante opens.

Marc Chagall: I left it downstairs, in the lobby.
Loise Bonnard: What a joy to meet you again, my friend! Thanks for your amazing present!
Marc Chagall: The only reason I’m giving you my painting is because you are treating to kill my family and friends.
Loise Bonnard: (suddenly standing near the window) Come here, Marc, let me show you something.

He sees himself outside, without a t-shirt, dancing around a bonfire. Suddenly, it starts to snow. A big green sword is growing from the frosty sky and cutting him down… like a tree.

Marc Chagall: (to Dante, frightened) How can you stand this bitch?
Dante: Watch your language! And I’d never betray my queen.
Marc Chagall: She is the devil herself!
Loise Bonnard: Drunkenness, sexual excesses, not to mention the murder of your friend Marcel… and you think you are better than me?
Marc Chagall: I didn’t do that!
Loise Bonnard: Didn’t?

His left eyelid is twitching, the face convulsively shuddering and his body is falling back. The eyes of Loise Bonnard are still fixed on Marc’s face, with an expression of diabolical wickedness.

Loise Bonnard: Sleep, baby, sleep. (to Dante) Clean up, and let’s meet downstairs. My soul is craving a party and red wine.

x x x

Exodus village (Ebisu movement against Mara’s Kingdom). 

Mimo: You are wasting your time.
Dante: Just take a look, maybe you can help. Don’t you want to see your friends again?
Mimo: I know nothing about Mara’s technology. Seems it’s all just pure magic. (pausing) Do you think SHE can see us?
Dante: No, not here. But she is always around somewhere.
Mimo: This is not helpful. At all.
Shon (opens the door) Good morning, sexy! You were so bad last night…
Mimo: I hope nothing TOO crazy, because I don’t remember anything.
Shon: Just kidding. But I sound just like humans, right?
Mimo: Almost. Note for the future, Shon: I’m usually using my vibrator. At least he can’t talk.
Dante: (with suspicion) Who is it?
Mimo: Ah, nothing, never mind. Some kind of a bullet; it’s shaking your body, from the inside.
Shon and Dante (with a hope in their voices): Can we use it against Mara?

Mimo is laughing.

x x x

The house of Pastor Hoff. He is sitting in the library room, near the digital fire. His two partners, Anna and Nour, are here as well, knitting. 

Pastor Hoff: Wolpert would have been surprised to find that after his death, his careful observations of human brains would be yoked to machine computation, not to speak of Jeffreys schism between mind and body.
Anna: You are SOOOO smart. What is ‘schism’? Could you ‘schism’ me please tonight?
Nour: I am still here, sister.
Anna: He can ‘schism’ us both, right, darling?

Pastor Hoff is moving closer, touching Anna’s upper thigh, sliding his hand up to the neck, and then down to her hips. He is repeating it for Nour, his second partner.

Pastor Hoff: Done!
Anna and Nour (together): Orgasmic! Such a pleasure to be a part of your family.
Nour: Do you need anything else?
Pastor Hoff: I’d like to be alone, and please, bring me the lotion… I’m going to write my new speech.
Anna: Is it a speech about hormones for the ladies at the church, dear?
Pastor Hoff: (screams) Exactly! That’s why I need my lotion. Immediately! 

His two partners are leaving the room in a hurry.

x x x 

Chat-line between club San-Francisco, on Netericus, and the space shuttle, on Pearl.

Richard Daw: You look like Picasso’s Weeping Woman. What happened?
Cash: Nothing, couldn’t sleep last night.
Alexis: Boss, he upsets me. We had no sex… like in ages.
Ola: (smirks) She means – a day.
Richard Daw: I’ll make sure that you’ll get all you need, and even more, but right now the main task is to find Pain Berchpull and the rest of her team.
Cash: We are working on our strategy.
Richard Daw: (with a sarcasm) Really?
Ola: If we won’t check everything before we leave, then we are not smarter than the salmon swimming upstream. I don’t want to be caught by a bloody shark or a magical rod.
Richard Daw: I didn’t know that a brave team like yours, Cash, could be easily discouraged by a small obstacle. Let me remind you the motto of the greatest – “Keep Buggering On!”
Ola: Whoever said it is simply a dick. And what does it mean?

Richard Daw sighs.

Alexis: (mocking Ola) Persist and persevere, dummy. (laughing) Go and celebrate, you have finally learned a few new words today!
Cash: (smiling) We are almost ready. We researched everything we need for “environment”, “strategy “ and “operation”, but…(he is looking around) we have to work more on the “stuff” section.
Alexis: Ha ha ha
Richard Daw:  All right, but next time I need results. Or bodies…

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  1. She is the devil herself! Nice line.

  2. Buggering on. 😂

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Churchill had a phrase that he used at the start of each day and at the end of every phone conversation: keep buggering on… well, trying to steal from those who knows best 😂 #RaysWay

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