The most poetical topic in the world

 Inspired by:

“The death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world.” Edgar Allan Poe 

XXI. Husband and wife. Night. Bed. 

‘All I can offer is death,’ – he whispered.
‘What’s the point if I won’t be able to see you there,’ – she smiled and sent back ‘being-tough’ vibes. 

‘I am a good company,’ – announced Death. 

‘Who said that? There’s someone here,’  – she jumped up from the bed.
‘I know. I hope it is my freedom. Drink this. It will calm you down…’
‘What? What is it, in the glass?’

‘What’s wrong with the freedom?’ – asked Death. 

‘I have no fuckin’ clue, okay? I’ve just lost my wife, ’ – the man lifted the body, carrying it outside.

Time stopped. 

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  1. What brand of car do you think EAP would drive if he were alive today? I think that a black, Mercedes hearse would suit him down to the ground.
    You have a deep and intricate mind. Maybe even a little twisted. I notice that there are no walls in your story. 😉

    • He doesn’t look like the dude who would drive. I think he’d live somewhere far from people (scaring lil kids and old grannies just by ‘being’ in the town or around).
      Lol knotty-style 🙂 lets call it so.
      No walls in the story. It is arrived from nowhere so I just wrote it down 🙂

  2. Confused on ‘what’ he was as opposed to ‘what’ he did……..seems he provided generations with great reading!

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