The magic of Awareness or How to become immortal

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If, then, I were asked for the most important advice I could give, that which I considered to be the most useful to the men of our century, I should simply say: in the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you. 
Leo Tolstoy, Essays, Letters and Miscellanies

To be aware…How important is it? How we can access it and what does it mean?
I’m inviting you to dip your intellect and your body in awareness. Today.
I’m inviting you to feel alive, to expand the dimension of your mind to a new level.

First of all you have to understand: awareness is what you ARE, not what you DO. You are aware = you are alive. It is “something” what connect you to the creation and allows you to be fully conscious.

You are awake.
You are sleeping.
You are dead.

All that are just different levels of awareness.

You are sleeping and suddenly somebody trying to wake you up. The whole world come back to you in a single moment! Thats a huge thing. Think about it, you just re-created the whole of existence. The world pops back in 1 second, not in 7 days.

How do you know whether the world exist or not? Only by your experience. There’s no other proof. So, awareness is that which can either create or obliterate this existence.


One last thing, please, understand, you are a magician. You truly are. You can pitch your awareness up to different levels. Dont try to be aware. It will not work. Just keep your body, thoughts, emotions and energies properly aligned to stay alive or to become more alive than you are right now.


Once you are in touch with your awareness, you don’t have to try to accomplish anything (thats the answer to people who often ask me: what do you want to accomplish with that?). You dont even have to try to wish or dream, because the best possible thing that can happen to you – WILL HAPPEN.

What exactly does that mean? This means that once you distance yourself from the compulsiveness of your own ‘genetic’ and ‘karmic’ information, life becomes unburdened, flexible. This is the intelligence of the existence itself, in which life always happens exactly the way it should…

If you are aware at the moment of death, you will be aware beyond death also. You can start practicing with a sleep (as a temporary death): at the moment that you move from wakefulness to sleep, make an attempt to be aware. If you can be aware of the last moment when you make the transition to sleep – you’ll be aware throughout your sleep. If you achieve waking with awareness and moving from wakefulness to sleep in awareness – you are deathless.


Author: Excerpt from the book of Sadhguru 


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