The Last To Fall

As you know, I’m writing “The Pearl Territory” only because I saw Pain with her team in my sleep – like a dream – and I usually don’t see any dreams. I had to share it and I think the story is going to be BIG. And crazy. In a good sci-fi way.

“I had a dream, which was not all a dream.” Lord Byron

Why am telling you that? Because I saw a dream. Again. Gosh… yeah, I woke up and I wrote the text. The text will be used as a prologue to the book.

Genre: Sci-fi, apocalypse
Working title: “The First Si” OR “The Last To Fall”
Idea: Singularity
World: Earth

Now, understand, I don’t know shit about this topic – ‘singularity’, but when I woke up, I knew I’m going to write a story about it. You are wondering: how you can write a book about something you know nothing about?

FuckMyWritingLife, I DON’T KNOW HOW.

However, I’ve seen a part of the plot in my dream. It is already ‘something’. To add more knowledge to my absolutely empty head, I’ve ordered a lot of NON-FICTION scientific books about ‘singularity’. I’ll share reviews later in February/March.

The prologue (sketch only) is here. Let me know what you think.

As long as I remember, we are driving. I’m sitting at the back of a car, squeezed between three men. Two in front of me. They are terrified. We stop only to sleep. Last night we lost one again. I’m not sure how it happened. All Earth is Death: tombless, holy, chaos of dust.

As long as I remember, we are driving in silence. No one is talking. I don’t know why. I’m not the one to ask questions, because I am mute. Most of the time I don’t need any reason to speak. Or ask. Or hear. Or know. Or understand.

The men in the car don’t talk to each other. Their eyes are empty. Insane. The cold stare of death.

“You can’t talk with me in the car.”
“I understand.”
“She can notice that you aren’t one of us.”
“I’ll sit near the door…”
“I’m not sure it works.” 

No, it doesn’t. I am mute, not dumb. I turn my face and look at the man who is sitting near the window. Dirty sweat is slowly moving down his neck – it is glowing in the sunlight. My hand is changing: three thin threads are forming the dancing petals of Si. A piercing joy!

“This is why you had to die.”
“He was just a boy.”
“Secrets that we can not keep, tears that we can not hide… His mission is done.”

We are driving. But now only five of us remain.

“In this world, you have to die to find peace.” D.J. Molles

Next post – “Dulcinea Lovinescu – the code girl”


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    • Thank u 🙂 i have to say tho…I have no plans to write it before the end 2019- beginning 2020 🙃 but I can study the subject:))

  1. I’m already a puppy jumping up and down waiting for you to set down that big ole bowl of Sci-Fi Ray singularity word goodness. If you dreamed it, you gotta write it. We only dream stories that are awesome and necessary. My Agony of Ecstasy story started as a dream that was connected to my ancient ancestral past. So I wrote a few pages and suddenly I’m 60 pages in and no end in sight. The intro to your story is mysterious and captivating. I instantly want to know more. Strange enough, Singularity is more than a single concept. It encompasses many things in the Universe, in science fiction, mathematics, human and artificial intelligence. So, you have a lot to work with but mostly, stick to your dream. Inside of Ray’s head is the best story.

    • Yes, singularity is quite difficult concept, but I’ll focus on black holes issues & nanotech. 60 pages & no end in sight? Sounds good 😉😄 that means u r fully enjoying the story/heroes etc
      I dreamed “Pearl” too, so I’m going to finish it first. But I’ll study the subject of singularity during 2019 🙂

    • The thing is …I don’t know what happened next 🙂 it was just a sketch, I wrote it bcz I saw a dream.

  2. Great opening! I’m captured and waiting to read more! A lesson in art, and I’m taking notes! As Hype stated, the Singularity encompasses quite a bit, but most associate the term with black holes. You go, I can’t wait for more!

  3. The prologue is fantastic! The imagery you invoke in your work is something I’d like to own as a sci-fi book.

    The title: The First Si. You should title that into your upcoming sci-fi book. Trust me…people would be curious of the title and the whole story.

  4. My understanding of a singularity. Mathematically it is defined as any variable divided by zero…which (so far) is undefined. In physics, it is an infinitely large amount of matter packed into an infinitely small amount of space. So, in this case, there is infinite density.

    Of course, we are talking about matter and space. I don’t know if that fits into your story, but perhaps a similar idea could be used in an abstract sense. Hope this helps. And, if it doesn’t, feel free to discard.

    Happy Writing!

    • My question is…can you “get back” from zero? 🙂
      I’ll focus on black holes matter & nano tech. I need to study it, but I have time, no rush, I have no plans to write before I’ll done with 2 upcoming books (publishing).

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