The Hero’s Journey

“The Hero’s Journey”

Entries may be in any literary style.
The competition is free to enter and submissions must be between 300 – 4000 (max) words in length.
The winner will receive 200 $. 
Two runners-up will receive 50 $.

The entry should be send from the new mail-box (anonymous).
The story won’t be accepted if your name is on the mail-box.
Write the name of the contest in the “subject” field.
The deadline for entries 3 june 2018.
Please expect a response within 4 weeks of the deadline.
Send your entries to:

It will be 2 judges, probably 3. The names will be announced later. 


On the first page: write only the answers to the questions 1-5.

1. The name of your hero.
Create a hero (fictional).
The name – hero from your favourite book (any); the last name of the hero – any common word.

Example: ‘Becky AllInclusive’ = Becky (Sharp) + the word All-inclusive

2. Give your hero a motto: 1-2 sentences (no more!)

3. Give your hero a purpose: 2-4 sentences.

4. Give your hero 5 qualities (as a minimum):
Quality 1 –
Quality 2 –
Quality 3 –
Quality 4 –
Quality 5 –

5. Describe the core idea of your story: 4-5 sentences

On the second page:

The drawing, sketch, photo – anything (your own or from the Google) that gives the idea how your hero should look.

Next => Add your full story/or poem/or flash. Send it.

More info coming later.