The hardest month to swallow – November

I can
almost understand

Said Bukowski about November.

Bukowski: I’m glad you noticed that, Ray!
Ray: I’m an expert in swearing, bridges and Novembers.
Bukowski: Damn, what about popcorn and buzz?
Ray: I’m a very dedicated fan of popcorn and almost untouchable by buzz. ALMOST.

Ray, you are nice today.
Much nicer than yesterday.
I mean, almost worth my attention.

Ray: Frankly, I was horrified that you forgot that I visited you yesterday…
Bukowski: Yesterday? Did you?

I wish you
With your memory.
It is November?
Senseless Hell
Of foggy sheets,
Drinking my blood.
But it’s still nice –
to live. 

x x x

After a small chat with my bro Charlie – enjoy the pictures from my last week. Read the descriptions under the pictures! And share your thoughts, poems, quotes, wishes about November 😉 

Roses from my yard…its amazing, I still have roses in November
the proof lol
my fav morning-spot
How to learn any language quickly? Invite a hologram inside of your house…
‘fika’ in Sweden is a LAW
Ray by day…
Ray by night…
Halloween…the swedish WAY!
books and more books
visiting local market
green and greener… #trees
Foggy autumn, 1pm
what makes people happy? yep, shopping lol
time for a break…
no life without candles
yay, my new wool socks from the market
cooking BeetRoot/Carrot/Olive pie. The question is – when she is studying? lol
Let me add myself to the company: Ray. NotBardbury.

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  1. What a lovely post! Enjoyed the photos! And the commentary – I agree that November’s a mixed bag, in which is my birthday, Thanksgiving (*days which culture assumes are Fun and Warm but are not always) – and of course this month the ads and shops are pushing the holidays already. It can be cognitively dissonant for those who do not feel the joy that seasonal media tells them everyone else experiences. So your post was a great reflection! 💕😊

    • thank you 🙂 glad u enjoyed the post…i agree, lots of happening in November (we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in sweden tho, but black friday is always nice haha)..its just most foggy-no-sun-ever-month here 🙂 but cool with a birthday!!

  2. RNB,

    I didn’t realize you were pals with Charlie, how cool is that?!

    Here in the states, Fika SHOULD be a law. Alas, it’s more of a suggestion for most peeps (myself included). But I am all about signing a petition to change all that!

    And lovely captures! As per usual . . . 😉

  3. I don’t know about swallowing, but is truly a month I don’t look forward too!

    The pictures are great! The “Fika” smells delicious!

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