The Door to Hell


His mouth are standing in the line to the Gate. The hunger is dropping on the floor, surrounded by the awkward silence of the similar mouths. Waiting.
The queue is moving. Slowly.
He’s trying to practice on the way to the doors, shamelessly biting the fingernails between the moments of fear. He is across the chair. He is next. Is it the fire? Yeah, the fuckin’ fire.

‘Really, Jason? I never knew you thought of me that way,’ – she is touching his hand.
He is blushing. The sound of the name on her tongue!
He is trying to suppress a smile, like a sheep, but …
“Well, here you go,” – she is pushing him down. 


Oh crap, am I here? The Earth? No, God, Noooo…
I screamed inside of my head. I was born. Again.

Written for the daily prompt
The word: Awkward
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  1. Nice rendition of life after death. I’m hoping there is a longer break in between, or a flipping choice. I’d rather not come back lol

  2. Wow. That’s clever. I had fun reading that. I want more of it, a part 2, maybe? I envy your imagination, I want to write something like this in the future as well. Wow. By the way, can you please try to follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. I would love to connect with you. 🙂

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