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The Bank Of Ideas

Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Let’s stretch our brain, people! Here is the page dedicated to the new ideas, thoughts, maybe even quotes, comments, photos…because this is what gives us ‘the food’. Someone said that the food of life is MUSIC. But I’m telling you – “The food of LIFE is An Idea”.

If you are following this blog you probably know that most of my stories based on your ideas (inspiring posts or silly comments lol). Half-Plagiarism? Mmmm, don’t think so. You are simply too blind to see it. Or probably you are too lazy to pick up and transform it. Or you are not crazy enough to write about it the way I do 🙂 Admit it!
But, hey! You can always write your own! Mention me, I’d love to read 🙂

The plan for next week:

  • Black Melancholy – Freud (I’ll try to be funny)
  • The kinda girl I am…
  • A story about some of Rincewind’s pin-ups -> Check Here
  • Luke is Guru
  • A play or a poem (I know you’ve missed them lol )
  • Any suggestions welcome

If you want I can write a story about some post on your blog, just mention it – I’ll go and take a look. Do it only if you are BRAVE enough to read it after 🙂 because they are rarely ‘romantic’.

Cheers! Stay Happy!

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