The Ark Of Sanity

The Ark of Sanity
Chapter 1

And then Ray said:

Bring me ‘hope’. Hope is a combination of the empty brain and a woman’s heart. It has a purpose. To save you. But instead it kills each wrecked silence of your soul, because Hope is horny, scared and lazy. Just as you are.

Bring me ‘love’. Love is a fucking mess. A combination of chemicals and the shallow hugs (add pain and pleasure). It likes vendetta. Or a shark-blow-job. True love starts with the heat. And then dies…a few nights later. Leaves your ironed out heart on a Canadian football field.

Bring me ‘kindness’. Kindness is a combination of the strip poker and a social nourishment. It leaks the acid right out of you. Slowly. A powerful tool to save the world. Mercifully smiling. It always cares until it doesn’t. 

Bring me ‘happiness’. Happiness is a combination of silk and a running Brazilian boy. Not all who can run are happy equally. But if you will wait a billions years – evolution will offer you a better brain.

Bring me ‘grief’. Grief is weak. A combination of a hungry zombie and speechlessness. A wound in your present. Every fifty seconds it tries to connect to your wet and hollow ‘inside’. But you are asleep, at the wheel. 

Bring me ‘darkness’. In each of us there is darkness we don’t know. A combination of a full moon, a coffin and deep thinking. Human brain is over a fifty precent darkness. Wow!..What if the darkness is the ultimate cure for all suffering?

Bring me ‘light’. Light is Mr Incognito. It is not you, but in your head. A combination of x-ray of your smile and the wind. From behind the clouds. ‘You can do it!’ – Lights says. Your body nervously steps forward. Poor thing…

Bring me ‘God’. God is All and More. A combination of …nobody seems to know the answer. 

Ray NotBradbury
8 November 2018

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