The adventures of ghost Nari

The adventures of ghost Nari is a fantasy book for children (6-9 years old), based on Korean myths and legends.

About the book:

Welcome to the adventures of the two-coloured ghost Nari and her 3 friends: nine tailed fox, three-legged crow and a serpent who is dreaming about flying. The desire to fulfil their dreams is taking them across the magical forest Baek, where they are fighting Mo’o monster, overcome their fears and never give up until they win.

The obstacles on the roads of Silla Kingdom teach them that everyone is special in his or her own way. Some are invisible, some can’t fly, and some just had been born with a crazy coloured spots.

And you know what? They learn the most important lesson: “Each of you are unique and special. In the whole world there has never been anyone exactly like you!”


  • It’s okay to be different!
  • Celebration of individuality
  • Love yourself and be kind to others

  • Never give up and fight for your dreams

Place: Silla Kingdom, surrounded by magical forest Baek, creepy Mountain Goguro and dangerous Black Lake.


Nari – two coloured ghost
Nari’s mom
Mrs Rhino – Nari’s aunt
Yong – a serpent who want, but can’t fly
Kumiho – the nine tailed fox
Aspis – the three legged crow
Mo’o – the monster of Black Lake

Illustrations: by Victoria Ray

Publishing: autumn 2019

Stay tuned! 😎✌️



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