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“The Pearl Territory”, ch. 26 – #dialogue (18+)

#dialogue 1500 words Two men, one hologram, and a woman are sitting inside of the little Martian bar with a view of red mountains, drinking some sort of beer. Bill Mercey (scratching his jaw): And how am I going to get inside of his damn Church? Doctor Kottler: Shield? Present yourself as a ‘wild, young, and innocent’ girl. WoodWord: (smiling) Or divine messenger? Bill looks so small and lonely that...


Chunky Burger, 18+ (humorous absurd horror story)

PART 1 Heroes: Mr. DareToKill – co-owner of Chunky Burger restaurant Mr. CruelMemories – co-owner of Chunky Burger restaurant Mrs. WetHope – cleaner and account Mr. FlashOfSexBrilliance – a rich mogul Mr. WideOpenMind – secretary of Mr. FlashOfSexBrilliance Mrs. PromiseOfLove – wife of Mr. WideOpenMind Mr. AgainstTheRules – a drug dealer Place: a small town “PerfectlySafeStop.” x x x Being the owner of a business has its rises and downfalls....