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Murder in the Hot Cocoon Hotel, part 2

Part 2 (read part 1 – here) Mr. BuriedInHerMouth hadn’t written his wife that morning. He made a mental note to send SMS when he got back to his room. There was no use crying over spilled milk – the sun shone through the tropical waters, the fish and plant life were unspeakably beautiful, and hey, look at that finely-sculpted bottom of freshly-build Ms. Winnie… Later on (between ‘Sliding Panties’ and ‘Die...


Murder in the Hot Cocoon Hotel, part 1

Part 1 HEROES: Mr. Stick BuriedInHerMouth – British man Mrs. CatchAGlimpse – wife of Mr. BuriedInHerMouth Mrs. SlidingPanties – bartender Mrs. OddFart – old sick aunt Ms. Winston Che EuphoricWiggle – lady-guest Mr. PinchingAndGrunting – crime detective The Hotel Manager PLACE: Maldives, island “DeadlyDesire”; hotel 4* “HOT COCOON”    x x x December 23rd Mr. BuriedInHerMouth boarded the plane to the Maldives with butterflies in his stomach and a heavy...