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What’s up, Ray?

“What’s up, Ray? Why so quiet?” asked no-one ever… because Ray is too damn active, over-social I’d say, but only when she is ONLINE. The latest news: my blurb for 42 Degrees of Truth (Amazon) is ready – read below my book cover will be posted next week Ray is going to the Festival of Literature (Sweden), in the middle of October Ray is going to the class ‘How to...


“The Pearl Territory”, ch. 21 – Elin

#personaljournal I am a deeply religious non-believer. Let me explain what I mean by that. My journey started in the year 2693… when I had been sent to the famous Hoff’s monastery outside of Lund, in Sweden. The reason for my exile (at 9 years old) was due to the crime that my mother committed, which resulted in a death sentence for her and an exile for myself. Her name...