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Dare to be – short story #scifi #romance

Time: 2099 Heroes: Kanslan – female (means “feeling” in Swedish) Skrecken – male (means “fear, terror” in Swedish) Djuret – male (means “animal” in Swedish) or Känslan/Skräcken/Djuret Place: Imorgon – city (means “Tomorrow” in Swedish) New words to check: Trunk – bed Jen – a memory pod for uploading thoughts/images Nimbus – radiance around the body Palaver – some kind of council Scanner – installs to scan personal compatibility Ward – house AA – a warm drink/food...


I am a product of endless books

News 1 Dulcinea and The Death Code (Child Of Illusion Series, book 1)  Genre: young adult, fantasy and adventure (+ horror, romance, mystery, sci-fi) Chapters: 33 There’s always something happening in the world, or around us, that we can’t pin down with words or thoughts. My version – what you see is not here. It is both… The e-book is finally available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle – click to order (paperback is online on 9th June 2019) News...