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The Silent Psycho

Very short stories “The Silent Psycho” Inspired by nothingtoinfinite on wordpress  We had a conversation in the comments about – who we are. And he described himself as “The Silent Psycho”. Story 1. Outside. Winter. Man: Psyyyyyychoooooooo!! Psyyyyyyychoooo! (screaming) A girl (walking by): What happened? Man: I’m looking for […]

Sad Poetry, age 20+

We had a conversation with Rebecca (a blogger) about her poem (erotical) and I told her I can’t write erotic. I think to write erotic, you have to be a very romantic person. That’s definitely not me. But I told her I can write ‘harder stuff”, kinda ‘porn-ish […]

To the last drop…

Pump the blood out… Let the fury inside of you destroy the tenderness of soft and glimmer skin. Take all fluid you can, With bitter sorry smile. Don’t stop your ‘hunger’ On the half-way of the heartbeat. We don’t belong together… Yes, I know. Because Your sphere is […]

The love is shaped like you

Quick ‘shot’, totally in my style. No rhymes, no rhythms. Haha Inspired by crazy morning-timeline of wordpress. Im outta, ppl! No more. Was enough “depressed or non-depressed valentines” for today.  Everybody’s crying about love,  about lost, infinite valentines. Everybody want to be the one, to find the one, […]