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Take a look at my promotional video for Dulcinea and The Death Code.


“The Pearl Territory”, ch 12 – #dialogue

x x x AXA Bank, the conference room. Flo Kottler: Human beliefs and values play a decisive role in our behavior. Remember, Steve Jobs once said, “We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them.” If you win the hearts of your customers – they’ll come back for more. Trotta is smiling. Mr. Welch is scribbling. Flo Kottler: So… what are our last possessions?...


Dream up a book on Monday, publish it on Friday…

Where are you going on vacation?” “Nowhere. I’m going to read. I love reading.  Marjane Satrapi I have some news to share. My Goodread’s challenge for 2019 is complete. That means I’m leaving Goodreads for a while. I’m planning to spend all my free time writing and living (= having fun). It’s summer, after all! 💃😜 I ordered a promotional video for Dulcinea and The Death Code (length – 1 min),...


“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 11 – Ichi

Ichi #privatejournal  Why am I breaking myself into pieces striving to please everybody and pretending I agree with their bullshit? Why am I trying to save these cynical, arrogant and cruel creatures who call themselves “advanced humans?” Am I weak? Am I deluded? I was born in Kyota (Japan) but grew up in Fort Saskatchewan (Canada). I’m the youngest of four children. At the age of 6, I attended Sherritt private school...


The Worms

inspired by Charles Bukowski “Burning in water. Drowning in flame” I sit among the worms
 Telling myself: this world is upside down
 And tomorrow When I wake up Everything that stinks and crawls inside of my head Will die. I sit and wait. My heart is hanging from the mouth for so long It has forgotten how to behave when the hunger begins and the sorrow eats you up. Just disturbing, you...


Book cover alert!

I’m planning to change my “Absurd” book cover, because (so far) it sells better than Dulcinea. And Dulcinea got a professional cover already. So, there’re 8 variants. Look at the first 4 below. What do you think? I liked the cover with the red hair (girl), but I said to May (designer) it is ‘TOO GIRLY’ 😱🤪💃💃, so she provided 4 more variants. Help! 😂😂😂 and 4 more: WHAT DO YOU...


“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 10 #dialogue

Quite raw piece, 2000 words. I’ll attach the edited variant (in Word) later this week.  Circle Impro. Two silhouettes are sitting and drinking whiskey (in the private room of The Church ‘Advanced Way’).  Father Callum: …this is how our Universe works, Richard. If we’ll live in accordance with the laws, our life will come into a flow state, and we’ll be able to enter the infinite consciousness of God’s mind. You...