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Left Hand Clara (part 2 & 3)

Part 1 – click here to read * * * The safe house is dirty, cramped and right next to the sewers, but so is Imee’s old home.  RSP (Revolutionary Society of Philippines) is only a public front in forms of protesting students and anti-government publications. Or so it seems in the beginning. They do have a theme colours though – black & red – to signify the bloody revolution...


Left Hand Clara (part 1)

Info: Shabu is the term for crystal meth in the Philippines. It is the drug of choice for 90% of the Filipino drug users. Shabu is commonly made from cheap medicines containing ephedrine. Police in the Philippines say that Shabu is often made in industrial style labs capable of producing over 1 ton per day. Rizal Park s one of the largest urban parks in Asia/Manila/.  Imee  – the meaning...