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“The Pearl Territory”, ch. 24 – #dialogue

#dialogue – short version Paris. 1957. The house (living room) of Sara de LaMonter – a famous French actress. Sara de LaMonter: Have you heard the news about Marcel Klee, your art dealer? Marc Chagall: (panicking) Nooo… Valentina and I were in Florence last week, sort of a modern art conference – very odd, almost in Picasso-style, but as you can imagine, my wife loved it. We were staying quite...


Book cover ALERT! 🤡

What do you think? (May swapped ‘truth’ with ‘truths’ in the last two examples, but right now it doesn’t matter, she’ll fix it later). I think the last one (purple) is interesting, but a bit too empty (space above). My husband liked the one with the blue skies/face – but it looks TOO spiritual (or too military?) to me. It’s so difficult with a cover for poetry book…aaaaaa 🙀😂